Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MH370: They Rest in Peace, We Live in Pieces?

The word ‘ended’ was chosen carefully by the PM as there is no better explaination to offer on what really happened. Nobody knows whether the flight crashed or glided and sunk into the ocean. There is also no way to tell whether it exploded or hit into something at mid air.

What is confirmed is that, the flight ended right in the middle of nowhere and went into the water. Taking into consideration of the time, the depth and location of the ocean where the 'debris' was detected , it is only logical to say that there are no survivors.

The only favouring news is that the search team now knows where to look for the wreckage. Finding the black box, however, could take years or perhaps, forever - which means that we may never find the answer.

The world mourns for MH370 but somehow, there are some who just don’t have the empathy or humanity to feel sad or sorry. I can understand frustration in times like this, but not rage. Not to the extent that you will make placards and t-shirts and curse the people who have done all they can to help.

Unfortunately, this is what happened in the case of MH370. The Chinese relatives of the passengers of the flight are now calling the Malaysian government, murderer. Talk about ungrateful people…

We were not born yesterday to not notice the obvious. We have seen too much of people marching down the streets to condemn the government. We have seen how the western media and our Oppositions have been consistent in turning the issue into the ‘weakness of the Malaysian government’ rather than the ‘whereabouts of the flight’.

If we had earlier brushed-off any suspicion towards the Malaysian Oppositions in the case of the missing flight, we may need to rub it on again because what we are looking at here smells so much like the work of the Oppositions.

Why would the families of the chinese passengers be accusing the Malaysian government of any hidden agenda for something that is handled wide-openly, with 26 countries involved? Why would they come to such conclusion when the government and every party involved is doing all they can to help – catering to their every needs when it was really not necessary? The MAS can always say no to bringing the families to Malaysia but it did, regardless of the cost and the ‘burden’ that they have become.

Why would Malaysia go through all the trouble if we are heartless murderers?

These people must have obviously been persuaded, manipulated or lied to, to be able to stage such a stunt when they are supposed to be mourning and praying. Who in the right mind would be thinking about placards and t-shirts and slogans in times like this?

Well, the Oppositions can, just look what Kit Siang and Khalid Samad have to say:

Kit Siang must point fingers to the government even though the investigation is done by the international team of experts. And can you believe it? Kit Siang is demanding for some evidence! How stupid can this guy be? Maybe the search and investigation team should throw Kit Siang into the Indian Ocean to grab the evidence for them. That way, there will be no more complains.

The AAIB, NTSB and the Australians are the ones doing the real search and investigation and whatever the PM announced was only based on their advice and information.

But I’m sure Kit Siang and Khalid Samad knows this as well. They pretended not to know simply because they breathe on hatred and aim for destruction.

Anyway, it is still Anwar who said it the loudest. It almost seems as if he is calling all western media to bash the Malaysian government. ‘Weak’ is the word of the day.

So, it is just too obvious that the Oppositions are the ones putting all sorts of negative ideas into the heads of the relatives of the passengers. Every word they say only hinting that Malaysian government has something to do with the missing flight.

But, why would the Malaysian government put itself in such a mess and gave the bullet to the Oppositions? Motive? None.

It would be more logical to look at it the other way around, that is: The missing of MH370 is the Opposition’s doing. Motive? To gain political mileage and foreign support to put the government under pressure. Why now? Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction.

Now, do we see foreign support and the pressure it is giving the government? Yes.

Therefore, things are going the Oppositions’ way, no? There…if we want to point fingers on this matter, it makes more sense to point it at the Oppositions, isn’t it?

Even though the western media is persistent in trying to show otherwise, MH370 has shown us the worst of the Oppositions, and the best of our Government.

I hereby would like to record my highest respect and gratitude to all Ministers, Officers and all that are involved in SAR and my deepest condolences to the families of passengers and crews of MH370.

While they rest in peace, we too, must be at peace and accept the closure.

Do not let the Malaysians Oppositions drive us overboard and don’t ask me why our Oppositions must do what they do because that is just what devils do; they will not let us be at peace, they want to tear us into pieces.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

"I Was Not Mistreated, The Malaysian Police Was Protecting Me" - Mother of A Passenger on Flight MH370

We have had enough of the western media manipulating stories about the missing flight. It looks like they are having a great time painting the bad picture on Malaysia. And where else would they get the right colour to paint, if not from Anwar Ibrahim.

However, it is relieving to know that not all western medias are liars. It turned out that CCTVAmerica has been very responsible and professional in reporting news that they took the trouble to interview the subject directly, rather than quoting from someone else's mouth who picked the stories up out of thin air:

Slim Chance for BN in Kajang, Better Chance in Balingian

Tomorrow will be the polling day for Kajang by-election - an election that marks the lowest point for the Opposition in terms of integrity. By making the former Representative resigned for no good reason, the Oppositions are clearly mocking democracy, a ‘religion’ that they have been preaching.

As it turned out, the election is designed to fulfill Anwar’s lust as he tries to find ways to escape prison time. This is evident in last night’s grand campaign which carries the ‘theme’, Reformasi 2.0 instead of ‘For the People’ or ‘For Kajang’ or something like that.

Now, everything about Kajang by-election, smells Anwar Ibrahim.

I was told that during the grand Reformasi ceramah, Wan Azizah was ‘presented’ as a symbol, rather than a candidate.

She was sat down on a chair with spotlight showering her while all other lights were off, making it looked like a theatre play rather than a political campaign. The rest of the ceramah was all about Anwar, and Anwar’s dearest foreign media and the ‘evil’ BN. It was also about Anwar should have been the one handling the MH370 press conference, and heading the SAR. It was all about Anwar knows better about ‘radar technology’ and the economy. It was about Anwar and the reason why he should be in Putrajaya.

In short, this is what Kajang by-election is all about: Anwar.

As crazy as it may sounds, we must admit that Pakatan stands a better chance than BN in Kajang. With 41% Chinese serves as the winning factor, BN almost definitely will lose. Aas what we can see for ourselves, the Chinese can no longer be rationale and they will vote anything but BN.

Should PR puts a retard as candidate they will vote the retard against BN any time. The question on whether or not the retard can serve them, has never crossed their mind. That is how blinded by hatred the Chinese are, towards BN.

However, taking into consideration this what we called, a ‘chronic Chinese’s racism’, they might give their votes to Mei Fun, a respectable, well-mannered BN candidate. Not that they will vote her for her qualities, but simply because she is a Chinese.

There is also a chance that the Chinese are already tired of Anwar Ibrahim and his puppet wife and party President, Wan Azizah. The Chinese, as we know, are comfortable enough with Khalid Ibrahim as the Chief Minister who is more than happy to serve and defend them in thick or thin. I heard that all Chinese contractors are ‘thick’ in the pocket as long as Khalid Ibrahim is around.

If what I heard is right, then even if Mei Fun didn’t win, she might be able to reduce PR’s majority drastically. (The former PKR Representative, Lee Chin Cheh had won the GE-13 with a majority of 6,824).

BN is believed to be in a much comfortable position to win Balingian’s election which is scheduled on the 29th March. There are 13,366 registered voters in Balingian constituency, of whom 60 per cent are Melanaus, 30 per cent Dayaks and the rest Chinese and others. Balingian has always been a BN’s stronghold in the state and the party has successfully maintained the support of voters for many terms.

Former assemblyman Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, considered the Melanaus' paramount chief, was given that confidence with 6,210 votes in the 2011 state polls.

PR has been very open in stating their lack of confidence in Balingian. PR’s candidate Abdul Jalil Bujang, was said to have nothing to say during campaign and only ask for the people to give him a chance. I think, it would be wise for the party to not contest at all.

Although BN is almost certain to win big in Balingian, a setback that may cause the people to be cynical is the classic ‘BN goodies’ for election. I don’t know why only now that the BN can allocate some RM79 million to build a secondary school in the Balingian sub-district and rebuild the primary school at Kampung Tellian in Mukah. BN is also repairing a bridge in one of the villages, so I heard. The Balingian people must have appreciated this, and they should.

But then, the rest of the country, especially the urban voters are raising eyebrows and giggling at BN’s classic goodies. Therefore, in the long run, these last minuste election goodies may not be able to help BN as much.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Anwar-CNN: Lying To the Liar?

If you think that the western media is more reliable than ours, think again.   

A journalist friend of mine was once on duty in Peshawar, Pakistan where he learned the truth about western journalists.  One day, as he went back to his hotel panting after missing a bomb that killed a boy whom he just bought his food from at a market, he came across an American journalist on the stairs and had a chat.  He found out that the white guy had been updating progress and writing stories from the comfort of his little room.  

The white guy didn’t even have to leave the room for stories, while my friend had risked his life manipulating his way into the Taliban camp just to get some stories to send home. 

My friend lost his respect towards the western media there and then. 

If you have watched the video about Fox News that I posted below, you must already have some idea about the ignorance level of some of the western media.   Just because they are white, doesn’t mean that they are more reliable or knowledgeable.   Because the whites believe that they are ‘smarter’, they refused to do homework on the subject that they are supposed to be reporting.  They are confident that their audience is as ignorant as they are.

While Fox News doesn’t know that Malaysia is a Muslim country, the CNN doesn’t know that Kuala Lumpur is in Malaysia.   CNN actually thought that Kuala Lumpur is in Indonesia:
I don’t know why CNN chose to interview Anwar Ibrahim about MH370 unless they believe that he knows something that the team of 26 countries didn’t know.   I was laughing out loud when Anwar talked about radars and CNN passed his nonsense as factual information.   

Now, before the western media continue to make a fool of themselves while reporting on the missing MH370, let’s make some facts clear to them:   
1.      Anwar is not part of SAR team, so he doesn’t know what is going on
2.      Anwar is not leading the SAR team, so the team doesn’t report to him
3.      Anwar is not an M.A.S employee, nor is he on the board of company
4.      Anwar is not the Minister of Transport
5.      Anwar is not the Prime Minister of Malaysia
6.      Anwar is not an aviation expert

There, with these facts in mind I think the western media should at least have the common sense, if not the intelligence, to realize that they will not get any new or significant information from Anwar about the missing flight.  As for now, Anwar’s guess on what is happening to the missing flight is as good as any man’s on the streets.   So, why would anybody with the right mind, interview him? 

I assume that CNN is at least aware that the SAR team includes the FBI and a bunch of white experts including Colleen Keller, the American Scientist who had led the search mission for AF447 in 2009.   With that, the CNN should have also figured out that the Prime Minister’s knowledge about the missing flight is as good as the FBI’s or any of the white expert’s.  

Therefore, if the CNN insists on hinting that the Prime Minister might be holding back information from the world, then it must first question on whether the white experts are holding back any information from the Prime Minister.  If the CNN insists on hinting that Malaysia is slow and incompetent then they must also accused the whole team, including the FBI and American Navy as slow and incompetent. 

Why is Malaysia the only one to blame when it is obviously a team effort?

You see, the problem with the western media is that they not only like to assume and fail to study the subject thoroughly, but they could just lie in our face by making-up stories from a hotel room which would then be published as news and be taken as facts by the whole world.

Now, I don’t know what to make of this: 

Anwar admits that he knows the pilot and that the pilot is related to him in some distant way.  He also acknowledged that the pilot is a party activist.  In the same breath, Anwar is also saying that the pilot is a member of the ‘ruling party’. 

Well, as far as the world is concerned, the ruling party in Malaysia is Barisan Nasional.  How could the pilot be a fanatic of Anwar and an activist of PKR but a member of Barisan Nasional?  Malaysians know for a fact that the pilot has signed up as a PKR member for life.  That is how fanatic he is towards Anwar. 

So, what did Anwar mean by saying that the pilot is a member of the ‘ruling party’?  Is it a twist of tongue or a twist of mind or simply a downright lie? 
The picture below shows Anwar in action.  Well, what do you expect? Anwar is a drama king and a drama king needs to practice.


A drama king needs to be in the lime light. He needs to be a hero. Somehow, anyhow, Anwar wants to be a hero in ‘The Case Of The Missing Flight’. Clearly, he can only achieve that with the help from CNN.

Maybe CNN should stop doing the news and start doing soap operas instead?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MH370: Collateral Damage?

In a grand conspiracy, there only needed to be a select few people at the top of the chain of command who knew exactly what was being carried out, where and how to create confusion, and why.-- (http://www.911hardfacts.com/)

*** ***

I have previously stated that I don’t believe in co-incidences, especially when it comes in a series. I only believe in co-incidence should it involved only the Malays. I’m sure the Malays who are reading this are all ready to give me a punch but I just can’t help it. I have to say it just as it is.

The Malays don’t think ahead. They live one step at a time. They believe that everybody else live the same way. They are good in politics and they too, can conspire but their conspiracy and politicking are short-lived. They can only focus on a plan that goes as far as themselves. And their focus is always about money, position and pathetically…women! Once they get there, all they did was made a fool of themselves, and proud of it.

Now, the missing of MH370 is obviously a conspiracy and the government had already made a clear statement on that. The question now is, who can pull a conspiracy so huge and perfect, and obviously, ‘EXPENSIVE’? Who can help a pilot fly across the oceans and the skies of so many countries and yet managed to avoid being detected by all the radars and satellites? Well, I’m sure we all, including the Malays, know the answer, but whether the Malays want to believe in the answer or not, is another question altogether.

The conspiracy theory of MH370 is based on the following points:
1. The pilot being Anwar’s fanatic
2. Anwar’s verdict
3. Anwar’s denial of having to know the pilot whereas the pilot is a family member of his daughter in-law
4. The pilot’s social network includes a few ‘stunning’ figures from SUARAM
5. The U.S seemed to be watching us a little too close regarding Anwar’s verdict as we can see in their Embassy’s official statement
6. The Opposition’s overly-eager and insensitive response towards the incident,
7. The integrated effort by the western and the Opposition’s media in belittling the government.
8. An interview with the co-pilot by CNN that ‘co-incidently’ took place just 17 days before the incident

From here, it looks like MH370 is not a very difficult puzzle to solve but yet we still do not have a clue of where the flight might be.

Still, the simple Malay minds would say, “not in Malaysia. People don’t kidnap or kill people for politics. Not 239 people!”

I say, oh yeah?

For your information, there is no such thing as Malaysian politics anymore. It is now called global politics. Malaysian politics only exist in the minds of the Malays. The politics today goes like this:

When we talk about DAP, we are actually talking about Singapore.
When we talk about Singapore, we are actually talking about the U.S of America.
When we talk about the U.S of America, we are actually talking about the Neo-Cons.
When we talk about Neo-Cons, we are actually talking about the New World Order.

Now, at the same time, back in our little tiny country:
When we talk about PKR, we are actually talking about the U.S of America.
When we talk about PAS, we are actually talking about DAP.
When we talk about MCA, we are actually talking about DAP.
When we talk about MIC, we are…well, we better wait and see.

But when we talk about UMNO…I don’t know what we are talking about already. And that’s the problem.

With that being said, I don't think I have to explain the theory of how the missing MH370 could be linked straight to the Neo-Cons.

Like it or not, UMNO is the one that can pace the way to wherever we are going. Should UMNO be lost, then we will all be lost. If we want to be safe, then we must first save UMNO. Unfortunately, I can’t do that because I’m not ‘qualified’ to be an UMNO member.

MH370 should be a wake-up call for all Malaysians that this is no longer the era where you can enjoy life and not use your brain. We have no choice but to be smart in order to survive. You may not see it, but we are under attack.

This is the time where we evaluate our strength and weaknesses. This is the time where we stop posting stupid jokes on social media. Politics could be fun but there is nothing funny about losing our sovereignty or maybe, our lives. And there is absolutely nothing funny about being stupid!

The Arab Springs was started by the social media. All that was needed was a few teams to mess up the peoples’ minds through their social media. Agents are planted into the government to help mess things up some more until the people don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore. It is only a matter of time when the confusion eventually takes the people to the streets.

It was the social media too, that led to the killings of the Rohingyas. The Modus Operandi was all the same. Mess-up the media, mess-up the minds, mess-up the country.

When the country is in a mess, people tend to forget what is important. The messier the country is, the more emotionally vulnerable the people would be.

Just when the emotion is at its peak, tell the Prime Minister to take his wife out shopping while a plane is still missing and the people will hate him for being ‘insensitive’ and ‘lavish’. Give it some time and launch an attack on the economy just to make things shake a little harder. Better yet, make it a terrorist attack, let the leaders sweat and let the emotions of the people run chaos.

From there, nurture the hate and anger through the social media and before you know it, Voila! What seemingly an innocent act of ‘shopping’ would turn into a bullet that shot straight through the head.

The only way to stop this from coming is to not fall into the trap. The leaders should start ‘assessing’ the people around him and start thinking ten steps ahead from the conspirators. In times like this, the leaders should trust no one, especially the ones closest to him.

The people too, must not fall into the trap. Remember that all the conspirators need to succeed is for the people to be divided. So, if we stick together, they will have a hard time achieving their objectives. In times like this, we can’t afford to be confused. We must stand our ground and know what is right.

Of course, this is just a theory, but this is exactly how conspiracy works.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

MH370: How Deep is Too Deep Into Our Territory?

As stated by the PM himself, Malaysia has been putting MH370 first before national security. I’m sure he is referring to the fact that 14 countries having access to almost every corner of our sea and freely flying over our skies - using their best military assets, mostly designed to locate things. In a week, they could have a perfect map of all our military bases and a complete evaluation of our assets.

In fact, I have been silently and guiltily questioning whether it’s worth jeopardizing our national security and sovereignty for 38 passengers and 12 crews of MH370. At the same time, tens of thousands of us are forced to endure the suffocating haze because all the planes that could be used for cloud seeding are being used in the search mission.

I am not saying that we should relax on the search effort but this is a vital question that the leaders must be asking themselves, that is, how far is too far and how deep is too deep?

Some of us are still very reluctant to believe in conspiracy theory. Well, let me tell you one thing. When we say U.S could be behind it, it doesn’t mean that the U.S Navy, the NTSB or the British’s AAIB are all involved. They could be as innocent as we are. I believe most of them are honestly helping us.

Conspiracies must never involve so many people. All it takes are a few significant people with access to most significant assets.

The fact that China has the most to lose in this incident is a thing to ponder. In every intentional crime, the first thing to ask is who will benefit the most and who will lose the most.

Remember, ¾ of the passengers on MH370 are China’s citizens. The dispute over the territory of the South China Sea that saw China trying to push its side of the border further, could be what attracts its rival into the region. Now, who is China’s greatest rival? I’m sure we all know who.

Malaysia is clearly stuck in the middle whereby, we are, in a way, forced to show our stance between the two rivals. The way that the western media is playing us down and trying to bring China against us makes the theory even more believable.

The government has already stated that ‘hijacking’ is the most likely answer to the mystery. As we all know, Boeing 777 is a very sophisticated aircraft, equipped with all kinds of emergency signals that could be activated automatically. We also know that the US has the most sophisticated assets and a powerful satellite that could not have missed such a big plane. The fact that the plane was able to avoid satellites and radars only raised more suspicion over the world’s superpower.

With 153 China’s citizens on board, we expect China to do anything they can to save them. Naturally, China uses all the assets they have in order to find the aircraft.

However, China has failed, and that, must have given the U.S some idea of China’s capability.

U.S wanting to rule the world and China wanting to give them a challenge is a fact well known to all. Therefore, I just cannot understand why some of us still having a hard time digesting a conspiracy theory.

As long as we keep brushing off complicated and complex theories, we will never get to be a first world country. If we want to be a first world nation, we must think like a first world nation. No theories are brushed off. Nothing is impossible. Never underestimate the enemies. Better be paranoid than failed.

The pilot, Captain Zaharie is known to be a hard-core Anwar’s supporter, which takes us to the theory of his psychological state. He could have taken the plane away just to ‘punish’ the government over the court’s decision to convict his idol. But then, there is also a theory of the Uighurs hijacking the plane just to ‘punish’ their government.

For me, if ‘hijacking’ theory is true, then whoever is behind it cannot be doing it alone. Hijacking such a big and sophisticated aircraft for days without leaving a clue, is just too perfect even for the most brilliant pilot or a couple of terrorist.

A hijack like this will need the hijacker to plan way ahead. It can never be an impromptu decision because you will need to identify a place to land. And you cannot land the plane just anywhere without first, surveying the area and make necessary arrangements to hide it.

But most importantly, you must know how to avoid the satellites.

Remember, you have 239 people to control. If you plan to let them live, then you will need food and water. If you plan to not let them live, you will still need to get away and disappear. In order to do that, you will need people to help you with transportations and places to stay. You will probably need a fake passport.

All these need money – lots and lots of money…and assistance – professional assistance.

However, some Malaysians prefer to take it simply. They actually believe that the pilot or some terrorists could have pulled it off on their own. The theories are just too complicated for their little minds to digest.

And here I am, trying to tell these Malaysians that a bomb didn’t land on a hospital in Iraq by mistake. It was a mistake because it was planned to be a mistake.

As we are having a fun time with the social media, putting all sorts of craps in our peoples’ head and laughing it out as the blog ratings shoot up, they are planning and strategizing and implementing. As we are becoming ‘stupider’ by the day, they are becoming stronger. The next thing we realized, we are already gone and the Malays would be the first to go.

Fortunately, I am not a Malay.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MH370: Accident, Terrorism or Conspiracy?

Since modern airplane was invented, there had been quite a number of air disasters recorded. Every accident was thoroughly investigated in order to determine the cause. Most investigation takes years to conclude. The answers to each accident could save millions of lives. Even though airplanes are the safest way to travel, the fact that 50% of your life depends on ‘nature’ and 50% on the hands of the pilot, makes airplanes travelling somewhat ‘flimsy’.

Air accident could have happened because of one little tiny screw is out of specification by less than 0.01 mm. It could have happened because of what seems like harmless mistakes if happened on other transportation, such as insufficient lubrication of the jackscrew assembly as in the crashing of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 into the Pacific Ocean on 31 January 2000.

However, there has never been a case where a flight just gone missing without a trace even after half of the countries in the world is looking for it with hundreds of manpower and experts equipped with the most sophisticated rescue assets – as what is happening to MH370. The most similar incident could be the case of Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June 2009.

MH370 and AF447 were flying around the same height when they lost contact with air traffic controllers, that is, 35,000 ft and 38,000 ft respectively. Both lost contact suddenly at cruise altitude. Both never send any distress signal.

Bodies of some of the victims of AF447 were found after two days. The bulk wreckage was finally found after 2 years. While MH370 has been missing for 4 days with not a clue to begin with.

In the case of AF447, France requested two "towed pinger locator hydrophones" from the United States Navy to help with the search. The French nuclear submarine and two French-contracted ships trawled a search area with a radius of 80 kilometres (50 miles), centred on the airplane's last known position.

And right now there are 40 ships searching for MH370 with a radius of 100 nautical miles or 115 miles or 185 km, from the last known location of the flight, and they have so far found nothing.

I think everybody would agree with me that this is the most mysterious air disaster ever - which brings us to speculations and theories. Everybody is asking, is it a case of terrorism? Hijacking? A plain but strange accident?

Or is there a conspiracy?

I admit that I’m a spy-movie hardcore fan. But don’t worry, I’m not the crazy-conspiracy-theory weirdo. I don’t blame everything on the Jews and I don’t see Freemason in every pyramid shape thing and I don’t see illuminati in every ‘eye’.

Still, that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that the operations ‘covert affairs’, ‘regime change’ or ‘New World Order’ isn’t real. For the record, I do believe that the mission to create a totalitarian-one-world-government is ongoing.

How can it not be real when our NGOs are being financed by the OSI or NDI or NED (I’m not going into detail on this because I want you to go dig it yourself. And while you are at it, you may want to google King Faisal Foundation, Anwar Ibrahim and Youseff Nada).

SUARAM, BERSIH, COMANGO, whatever they call theselves, they are being represented by the same group of people and it looks like they are all here for one reason: To change the government. Their M.O: Demonize the government and create chaos. Their cause: Democracy, human rights and freedom.

The only problem is, Malaysia is already a democratic country. The only parties that are mocking democracy are the Oppositions, as we have witnessed in DAP CEC election and Kajang By-election.

Human rights is never a problem in Malaysia whereby even those who claimed to be ‘oppressed’, are the ones living above ordinary standard. One must be the greatest hypocrite to not see the common sense here.

Every Malaysians are free to say anything on the social media nowadays. You can provoke other religion or race and even challenge the constitution and the law, and no action will be taken against you. The only parties that don’t practice freedom of speech or freedom of press are the Oppositions. They burned newspapers and disallowed reporters to ask questions. Sometimes they banned journalists from the mainstream media from covering their events.

So, just because a theory is too complicated for your mind to figure out, doesn’t mean it is impossible. What happened to Bosnia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya etc…didn’t happened by fate alone. In order to understand it, we need to see who benefits the most from the fall of these nations.

Now, could the MH370 be the victim of a New World Order conspiracy too? Could it be the beginning of the end of our nation?

Some guy has laid out the conspiracy theory of MH370 disappearance for you here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/al-faedah/pesawat-mh370-red-flag-atau-false-flag/482901128498552

Here’s a summarized facts from his article:
1. A CNN reporter, Richard Quest had interviewed the young co-pilot, Fariq Abd. Hamid of MH370 just 17 days before the catastrophe, that is on the 19th of February 2014.

2. The interview took place on the very same flight MH370

3. Richard Quest covered detail information of every aspect of the flight during the interview, as he is supposedly an aviation ‘expert’.

4. Richard Quest’s background is Law, not aviation

5. Richard Quest had once been arrested for drugs possession on April 21, 2008.

6. He was caught red-handed with drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy inside his boot.

7. Richard Quest is gay

8. While reading the news on the missing MH370 on CNN, Richard Quest ‘slipped’ and said ‘Coordinated Attack’, instead of ‘Coordinated Attempt’.

9. Richard Quest was obviously trying to justify his presence on the cockpit of MH370 just 17 days before the tragedy, by stressing on the word ‘authorized interview’.

10. The co-newscaster was also seen as desperate in trying to justify the same, by stressing on the word ‘co-incidentally’ when referring to the interview.

11. As the news broke, CNN was fast to hint that the National Transportation Safety Board – NTSB, needs to step in.

12. MH370 tragedy will put Malaysia in between U.S and China, the two superpowers that don’t see eye to eye.

13. USS Navy Guided Missile Destroyers is in operations around the South China Sea during the incident.

14. US 7th Fleet Radar in the South China Sea could never have missed MH370 at any height.

15. The slow progress of the investigation is pushing China’s patience.

16. Malaysia-China relation might be shaky.

17. Malaysia will be forced to choose side.

CNN is famous for its conspiracy theory, only their theories never involved their own personnel.

Some years ago, CNN ‘happened’ to have posted an interview and video of a New York group, Revolution Muslim, in which Younes Abdullah Mohammed (a Jewish-American convert to Islam) spoke outside a New York mosque, saying that U.S. troops were "legitimate targets", and that Osama bin Laden was their model.

‘Co-incidentally’, hours later, Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S Army Psychiatrist opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center of Fort Hood, killing 13 people and wounding 29 others.

The Revolution Muslim group whose video was just published by CNN earlier, posted a support for Nidal on their website. They described American soldiers as "slain terrorists in the eternal hellfire”.

The word, ‘co-incident’ seems to be very synonym to CNN. Apart from these co-incidences, CNN was said to have interviewed the same witness in three different incidents: Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, and Boston Shootout. It could be just a ‘co-incident’ that the same person had witnessed all the three terrifying incidents but the Americans started questioning whether all the incidents were ‘staged’ by their government.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in so many co-incidences. You see, a country don’t become the world’s superpower by going through a series of co-incidences. To gain that much power, all things must be pre-planned and strategized. But first, they imagine.

They imagine ruling the world and they strived for generations to make it happen. The Malaysians, however, sadly, we don’t even imagine. And we brushed-off such ideas as impossible just because it is too damn complicated to even think about.

Our minds and their minds work differently, which is why we are a thousand steps behind them.

For example, when Newton saw an apple fell from a tree, he figured out gravity. But when Ahmad saw the apple fell, he can only think of eating it and when Ah Guan saw the apple fell, he only thinks of how to sell it.

When the Wright Brothers dreamed of flying, they invented a flying machine. The next and next and next generations of the Americans then improved their invention until one day, there is this super safe jet, Boeing 777, named MH370 that took 239 of innocent passengers away or at least, most of the passengers must be innocent.

If anybody can make such a jet disappear, it must be the same party who had built it. Therefore, how sure can we be that the controversial, questionable, Richard Quest, happened to be on the jet, interviewing its co-pilot, 17 days prior to the disappearing, was all just a co-incident?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ignore the insensitive Bangsa Malaisia and Let’s Pray for MH370

I would like to offer my prayer to the passengers of flight MH370 and their families. I have friends of friends and families of friends, on the flight. As I heard the news, I could only gasp in shock at what happened. It was only when a friend called checking on another friend who is a MAS cabin crew and whether she was on the flight, that I realized it wasn’t just some news from a distant country, but very real and very near to me. I started calling and checking out her whereabouts and was just too relieved that she is safe and sound.

I was about to update the blog on Anwar’s conviction when I heard the news. The worries and the shock took my mind off of Anwar’s conviction almost completely. However, as I follow the news on the missing flight, I couldn’t help noticing the insensitive comments from the Oppositions and their supporters. I hate it that in all these sadness, they managed to lure my mind back to Anwar Ibrahim and the madness that he brings to Malaysian politics.

So, Anwar is guilty as charged. No element of surprise there. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was found not guilty either. Really, nothing can surprise me anymore in Malaysian politics. I am not even surprised that Anwar supporters trying to relate his conviction to the missing flight or try their very best to put Anwar first, before the victims of flight MH370.

Reading the comments in Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, the ultimate source of information for the group who call themselves ‘Bangsa Malaisia’, I cannot help but feel scared for Malaysia. I don’t think I have to paste their comments to you here as I’m sure you have come across the same insensitive remarks from these ‘Bangsa Malaisia’ in your Facebook, twitters or whatsapps too.

I know that some are faked but I also know for a fact that most are true because I am friends with these people too. Let me warn you that the hatred of these ‘Bangsa Malaisia’ is real.

If Malaysia ever fell into the hands of this group, there will surely be a lot of oppression, injustice and chaos. By their comments, it is obvious that these people aren’t capable to love, respect and tolerate. They are not capable to even talk about it decently. And I am sure they can’t even feel sympathy.

Remember the video of a 3 year old boy being hit and ran over by cars again and again that went viral on youtube some time ago? The drivers and the people passing by just chose to pretend to not see the boy because he wasn’t their son. Well, that happened in China but you know what? That’s how heartless these ‘Bangsa Malaisia’ are.

Imagine when the whole world is expressing sympathy towards the victims of MH370 and their families, these ‘Bangsa Malaisia’ can only express hatred against the government. They can say a prayer and swear in the same breath, which reminds me of how Teresa Kok was capable to wish the people Chinese New Year, in the spirit of revulsion.

Now, Anwar is finally going to jail. But with these ‘Bangsa Malaisia’ around, Anwar’s jailing will not make much difference. With these people around, it is not just the Malays that is under threat but Malaysia’s identity, history and culture are also under threat. On top of that, we are also under threat of losing our moral values and humanity.

As I’m writing this, there is still no sign of MH370 except for unconfirmed statements from this morning’s news from China, about debris spotted in the west coast of the peninsular, believed to be the wreckage of the plane. As for now, the information remains ‘unconfirmed’.

7 countries are working together to help find the plane and all search and rescue and aviation professionals are still trying to figure things out. With that in mind, it may not make sense for those in grief that the plane is still not found.

However, if we take a step back into history of airplane disaster, we have to accept that humans’ ability is limited and there is really no need to play the blame game here. Remember that when Airfrance Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in June 2009, the wreckage was only found 2 years later. However, let’s not go to that.

In the meantime, let’s just ignore the insensitive ‘Bangsa Malaisia’, let’s stick together and pray for the best for MH370.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The End of Anwar Ibrahim?

I don’t like to give Anwar Ibrahim the limelight that he always craves for but I can’t help sharing my thoughts on the latest progress of his trial with you.

After Anwar was acquitted in 2008, I didn’t think he will ever be going back to jail again even if he was caught red-handed. I don’t know why I said this but I can sense something very complex about Malaysian politics that it is too unbelievable to discuss.

I hate politics, honestly.

Anyway, I must admit that Anwar is the center of it all and his story is too juicy to not follow through. DAP, PAS, PKR (PR) are bonded by and through him and UMNO, MCA, MIC (BN) are forced to play along with him. Kajang has to go through a by-election just for him and the government has to spend millions of ringgit just to ‘entertain’ him.

Malaysia is in a mess because of him. How can you not agree with his wife that he is truly a ‘Gift’ from God? Like it or not, we must admit that in a way, Anwar rules the country.

…Or is he? Have you ever asked, who rules Anwar?

The case of Sodomy II started in 2008, the trial started in 2010. Ever since, Anwar has always has his way. He treats the court like a game of make-believe.

And for God knows what reason, Anwar has been trying to disqualify the Lead Prosecutor, ‘the’ Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah - with no avail. And now, Anwar is forced to face ‘da man’ in court.

‘The’ Tan Sri Shafee had these pointed out in court yesterday:
1. The trial judge had made a crucial mistake by deciding that the tearing of the plastic bag containing the sealed samples amounted to tampering.
2. Not a whisper of an alibi was produced. The defence is dishonest when confronted with the video; they dropped the entire defence without a whisper.
3. Anwar’s statement was a bare denial like reading an Agatha Christie thriller.
4. It is only in the final two points, the judge decided to acquit.
5. There was no accusation of conspiracy. And if there was, where will Jude get the accused’s sperm? … I have never heard of raining semen.

As a loyal ‘spectator’ from this side of the PC since the very beginning, I agree with the Tan Sri that the evidence was overwhelming and I was surprised when Anwar was acquitted.

However, I must disagree with the Tan Sri on Agatha Christie’s thriller though, as I think that this is more like a Stephen King’s kind of thriller – ‘Living Dead Sperms’? Sperms finding their way out and into someone else’s rectum? Ugh..what a sick thriller novel would that be.
Only this thriller revolves around politics and where there is politics, there is always a mastermind. Now, who is the Mastermind of Malaysian politics? The US? or DAP? Or both, overlapping each other here and there?

I was made to understand that Karpal didn’t have much to say in court yesterday. It looks like Anwar is suddenly not so significant to anybody anymore and most likely he is going back to jail. Imagine, after years of getting away with all sorts of ridiculous reasons, finally, the judge can say ‘no’ to his attempt to postpone the trial again.

What a co-incidence that all these happen when DAP already has Khalid Ibrahim on one side, and Khairy Jamaluddin on the inside to count on, in their fights for Chinese political power. And of course, there is also Zahid Hamidi.

Well, we all know that the ISA was abolished as per DAP’s demand. Thanks to them, now everybody can provoke everybody in the name of ‘freedom of speech’. Just recently, the police already giving the Chinese special privilege. And it looks like Khairy is on the way to make sure that BTN no longer focus on ‘patriotism’.

Looks like the country is going exactly where DAP wants it to go. So why need Anwar Ibrahim anymore?

Now you know why Anwar is no longer ‘untouchable’?

You may and may not believe my theory but I’m warning you Malays, to better be paranoid than sorry.

Whatever it is, my theory could make a good political thriller novel, don’t you think? Without the ‘flying semen’, of course…. yucks!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hadi Awang and Marina Mahathir Have So Much in Common?

I don’t have anything ‘heavy’ to discuss today. So, here’s something ‘light’ to share with you in the spirit of ‘freedom of speech’.

I’m sure most of you know that PAS was once an extreme party. I can still remember back in the 80s where PAS really hated the non-Muslims - the kafirs, and those who befriended the kafirs, are considered as kafirs too. For PAS, whoever challenged their views are the enemies of Islam, thus, a kafir; fullstop.

Today, PAS not just tolerates, but embraces non-Muslims as brothers of heaven. PAS rallied behind the Goddess of Apostasy (as the Muslims call her), Ambiga Sreevanesan. PAS looked upon Lim Guan Eng as a true Caliph. And just a couple of days ago, PAS’s Mujahid Rawa, made a promise in a church in Kedah, to not be silent when Christians are being denied of using ‘Allah’ in bibles.

For PAS today, the enemies of Islam are the Muslims who denied Syaria Law. The enemy of Islam is a Muslim called Kassim Ahmad.

For PAS today, the kafirs are the Muslims.

There is really nothing new nor surprising about how PAS flipped and then flopped, turn around or doing the upside down summersault with their religion in their quest to stay relevant in the political game.

However, what struck me as interesting is the amazing similarity of PAS’s mentality and the liberalists’ mentality.

Let’s take Hadi Awang and Marina Mahathir as examples. Believe it or not while Hadi represents the Islamists and Marina represents the liberalists, they actually have the same mentality.

Why do I say that? Because both of them aren’t capable of reasoning and very quick in judging and condemning others who do not agree with them.

You don’t believe me? Have you seen how Hadi acted when criticized? If the critic is a Malay-Muslim, he will definitely call him a ‘lost and ignorant kafir’.

Now didn’t the liberalists like Marina act the same way when their ideas are rebutted? If the person who rebut is a Malay-Muslim, they will definitely call him an ‘ignorant and backward idiot’. Just go to their blogs or media network and you can see for yourself.

People like Hadi and Marina, they put themselves above knowledge because for them, they are the knowledge.

While Hadi thinks that all knowledge in the world lies in his turban, Marina thinks that the journey of pursuing knowledge ends at the United States of America. For people like Marina, the world revolves around the west and that everything the Americans does must be the right and the best thing to do. Their minds aren’t capable of going beyond or above the US’s sky and their sights can only reach as far as the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

They claim to be open-minded but they are not even close to it. Their minds only see what they want to see. Anything that they cannot see, doesn’t exist and simply untrue. If you tell them that it exists, they will get all emotional and call you ignorant, backward and stupid.

You see, there is really not much difference between the Ustazs of PAS and the liberalists. They both live in their own tiny little world, believing that they know it all.

Now, bear in mind that I’m not discussing Marina or Hadi as individuals, but rather the type of mindsets that they represent.

How do they come to this? So different yet so similar? My conclusion is that they are both extremists. The liberalists are extreme in their fights and liberal beliefs and PAS, though no longer an Islamic extremist, takes politics extremely.

The ‘extremism’ is what hindering them from seeing things from broader, deeper and different points of view.

The truth is, Hadi and Marina, Wardina or Nik Aziz, none is wiser than the other.

The liberalists might go berserk to know that I’m comparing them with the ‘low-class’ Ustazs of PAS. Surely, being compared to Malay-Muslims in turbans and robes is an insult to their ‘modern-sophisticated’ self.

But then, some of the Ustazs of PAS, especially those like Mujahid Rawa, may not mind being compared to people like Marina. In fact, he might consider it as an honour.

These two extreme groups now collided and intertwined with each other, smearing churches and mosques alike, with not a clue of how they got to be in the same boat when they are heading to opposite direction of each other.

***** updated *****

Just received this via whatsapp:

Point proven.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Bible, The Quran and Science

The title above is taken from the book written by the late Dr. Maurice Bucaille, a French scientist who took the trouble to learn Arabic in order to make sense of the scientific information found in the Quran. He later spent the rest of his life studying and comparing the bibles and the Quran through science.

He concluded that the Quran could never have been written by man and that it is true that is it the words of God. However, he declined to state his beliefs until the day he died as to avoid biased judgment about his findings. He clearly stated that he wanted people to read and decide for themselves of what is the truth through the eyes of science.

Every educated man knows for a fact that it was the Muslims who first discovered or explored science, especially mathematics and astronomy. It was when the Muslims conquered science that they conquered the world or at least most of it. From Spain to China, Islam was the way of life then – modern, sophisticated life.

But those days were over like it never existed. The Muslims today take science as a distant-subject, synonym only to the westerners. Even though they know the history of the Islamic glory days very well, they choose to leave it as it is because they believe that it’s not science that is going to take them to heaven.

They long for the Islamic glory days and speak of it with pride but they insist that there is nothing wrong with how they live their lives today, how they think, how they treat their women and how they see the world. They believe that whatever is happening to the Muslims world today is not their fault but it’s the non-Muslims’ or other Muslims’ fault.

They believe that in order to repeat the glory, they need Hudud, not science. If they cannot implement hudud or syaria law, then they will demand for a separation, an autonomy and declare war on the government. They believe, this is how the Muslims go to heaven that is by inviting suspicion, hatred, prejudice, creating tension, and eventually initiating war!

Meanwhile, the more rationale Muslims, like here, in Malaysia, they spend days and nights reciting the Quran and sharing its words on FB and Whatsapp reminding each other to get prepared to go to heaven.

None of them are interested in the science in the Quran or know what to do about it.

My questions are, if science isn’t relevant for the Muslims, then why is the Quran full of it? How come the Muslims deny technology when the Quran is all about frequency, particles, atoms, neutrons and the like?

It took western scholars to provide the scientific truth of the Quran which makes me agree more with Dr. Bucaille, that is, the Quran couldn’t be written by man and certainly not a Muslim man of post-Islamic-glory-days. These Muslims don’t even know what it means. They follow the Quran blindly even when the Quran tells them over and over to use their ‘brains’.

No wonder the Muslims are in such a mess.

I would like to share some of Dr. Bucaille findings which you might find very similar to Prof. Stephen Hawkings theory. Here’s some summarized version of the findings:


The ‘Big Bang’ and the universe
The Qur'an presents in two verses a brief synthesis of the phenomena that constituted the basic process of the formation of the Universe.

--sura 21, verse 30: "Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, then We clove them asunder and We got every living thing out of the water. Will they not then believe?"

--sura 41, verse 11. God orders the Prophet to speak after inviting him to reflect on the subject of the earth's creation: "Moreover (God) turned to the Heaven when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth . . ."

The formation of the heavenly bodies and the Earth, as explained in verses 9 to 12, sura 41 required two phases. If we take the Sun and its subproduct the Earth as an example (the only one accessible to us), science informs us that their formation occurred by a process of condensation of the primary nebula and then their separation. This is exactly what the Qur'an expresses very clearly when it refers to the processes that produced a fusion and subsequent separation starting from a celestial 'smoke'. Hence there is complete correspondence between the facts of the Qur'an and the facts of science.

The Sun and the Moon
The Sun is a shining glory (diya') and the Moon a light (nur). This translation would appear to be more correct than those given by others, where the two terms are inverted. In fact there is little difference in meaning since diya' belongs to a root (dw') which, according to Kazimirski's authoritative Arabic/French dictionary, means 'to be bright, to shine' (e.g. like a fire). The same author attributes to the substantive in question the meaning of 'light'.

The difference between Sun and Moon will be made clearer by further quotes from the Qur'an.

--sura 25, verse 61: "Blessed is the One Who placed the constellations in heaven and placed therein a lamp and a moon giving light."

--sura 71, 15-16: "Did you see how God created seven heavens one above an other and made the moon a light therein and made the sun a lamp?"

--sura 78, verses 12-13: "We have built above you seven strong (heavens) and placed a blazing lamp."

The blazing lamp is quite obviously the sun. Here the moon is defined as a body that gives light (munir) from the same root as nur (the light applied to the Moon). The Sun however is compared to a torch (siraj) or a blazing (wahhaj) lamp.

A man of Muhammad's time could easily distinguish between the Sun, a blazing heavenly body well known to the inhabitants of the desert, and the Moon, the body of the cool of the night. The comparisons found in the Qur'an on this subject are therefore quite normal. What is interesting to note here is the sober quality of the comparisons, and the absence in the text of the Qur'an of any elements of comparison that might have prevailed at the time and which in our day would appear as phantasmagorial.

It is known that the Sun is a star that generates intense heat and light by its internal combustions, and that the Moon, which does not give of flight itself, and is an inert body (on its external layers at least) merely reflects the light received from the Sun

The vegetable kingdom
--sura 20, verse 53: "(God is the One Who) sent water down from the sky and thereby We brought forth pairs of plants each separate from the other."

'One of a pair' is the translation of zauj (plural azwaj) whose original meaning is: 'that which, in the company of another, forms a pair'; the word is used just as readily for a married couple as for a pair of shoes.

--sura 22, verse 5: "Thou seest the grounds lifeless. When We send down water thereon it shakes and grows and puts forth every magnificent pair (of plants)."

--sura 31, verse 10: "We caused to grow (on the earth) every noble pair (of plants)."

--sura 13, verse 3: "Of all fruits (God) placed (on the earth) two of a pair."

We know that fruit is the end-product of the reproduction process of superior plants which have the most highly developed and complex organization. The stage preceding fruit is the flower, which has male and female organs (stamens and ovules). The latter, once pollen has been carried to them, bear fruit which in turn matures and frees it seeds. All fruit therefore implies the existence of male and female organs. This is the meaning of the verse in the Qur'an.


I cannot possibly lay-out the whole findings or comparisons here. For those of you who are interested in the subject, you may google Dr. Maurice Bucaille. I’m still reading through his work but had to stop and write this article because my mind cannot stop asking how could the Muslims claim to be guarding and protecting the Quran while at the same time totally turning their backs on it?

But before that, let me make myself clear: Like Dr. Bucaille, I’m only interested in the science and this ‘reading’ is simply a selfish act to fulfill my curiosity. I’m neither writing this for the Muslims, nor the Christians. So save your arguments to yourself.