Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No ‘Allah’ Mentioned in 10-Point Solution

The case of ‘Allah’s name in The Herald’ now closed. The decision made was that The Herald is not allowed to use the word ‘Allah’ in its publication. Fullstop.

I do not understand how some Christians have a hard time to understand that. Soon after the verdict was announced, the Christians are already making a ‘pledge’ to continue to use the word ‘Allah’ elsewhere, except The Herald.

It is disgusting to see how some Christians PRETEND not to understand that the case was about The Herald breaking the law under Section 9, Selangor’s Non-Islamic Religions Enactment 1988, that says that the word ‘Allah’ is only for Islam and other religions are prohibited from using it in their religious activities or publication. Therefore, the Christians cannot use the word ‘Allah’ in The Herald or elsewhere in Selangor.

The Christians argued that this prohibition has gone out of the context of Article 11 and 11(4) on freedom of religion and wish to disregard the Selangor Law.

In that case, does it say anywhere in the 1988 Enactment that prohibits Christians from practicing their religion? No!

Then which part of Article 11 and 11(4) that has gone out of context?

Are the Christians’ prayers unanswered now because they don’t pray to ‘Allah’? Was it answered before? Are the prayers of the Christians in the U.S answered because they don’t pray to ‘Allah’? You don’t know. Nobody knows.

The truth is that, the Christians are only fighting for the rights to spread the religion through manipulation of the word ‘Allah’.

Well, the last I checked, manipulation is not a part of Christianity so does the word ‘Allah’.

So, which part on freedom of religion did the Christians not enjoy?

Like a stubborn child or a retard, some Christians refuse to understand. And now, they are using the 2011 10-Point Solution as a back-up argument.

I say, fine! Let’s read what the 10-Point Solution said:

Now, I’m asking all you Christians to answer this like good Christians that you say you are: Which part of the 10 points that allows Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ and bypass the 1988 Enactment? None!

Therefore, why are you doing all these my dear brothers and sisters? Why are you challenging the Law? Why do you want to create tension? Are you seriously asking for war?

Is this what Christianity taught us? If it is, then I’m out of it.

If you may see what is happening in Sudan today - a person can be sentenced to death just for being Christian. While in Central Africa, the Muslims are being slaughtered and massacred by Christians in a ‘holy’ Christian-Muslim’ war.

Now, thanks to you, the Christians are the new extremists and potential terrorists in Asia.

But of course, you will not pick up a gun and shoot the Muslims because that would be too obvious. You would rather be the ones who leak the gas and let the Muslims light the fire themselves. That way, you wouldn’t be blamed.

Like a true evil, you will stand by the side, quietly laughing as you watch both the Christians and the Muslims burn to hell.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Would the Christians who pray to ‘Allah’ please Stand Up?

Malaysiakini had published a statement by ‘Penyelaras Nasional Belia untuk Keadilan dan Keamanan’, K Sudhagaran Stanley on his plan to hold a peaceful assembly to protest against MAIS for refusing to return the Bibles to Bible Society Malaysia (BSM). Sudhagaran in his statement calls for all races and faiths, including Islam, to stand together against the Islamic Authority for the injustice done to the Christians.

He even calls for PAS leaders to join the ‘walk for peace and love’.

Another way to put this is, Sudhagaran is challenging the court for the rights to break the law. This looks no more like a political stunt by DAP to me – using an Indian to speak up against the Malay-Muslim authority while they watch and wait and heat it up in the oppositions’ media.

Before anybody decided to join Sudhagaran, can you please answer me this:

How many of the 9% Christians, particularly in the Peninsular, actually pray to ‘Allah’? I have asked the same question again and again but have not had any reply. We all know for a fact that even the newly eagerly converted Christian Chinese are not keen in using the word ‘Allah’ in their prayers.

None of the Christians I know would pray to ‘Allah’ simply because they don’t worship ‘Allah’. Many don’t even read the Bibles be it in any language.

‘Allah’ is the name of Muslim’s God but it’s not a direct translation of ‘God’ in Malay. If you want to have a fully Malay text in the Malay Bible translation then the word ‘God’ should be translated to ‘Tuhan’. Unless, you want to translate the Bible to Arabic, so maybe..just maybe, you have the rights to use the name ‘Allah’ as God.

But you have to take note that Allah for Muslims has no son. Allah for Muslims is one, and none other is associated to Him in any way. Allah for Muslims didn’t let Jesus die but saved him. Allah for Muslims is known as the All Merciful, All Loving and Forgiving.

Christians wants to include the name ‘Allah’ in the trinity concept and so ‘Allah’ for Christians is not one, but three in one. I don’t know whether the Christians is using ‘Allah’ to replace the ‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘Father’ but either way, they are not referring to the same ‘Allah’ as the Muslims for the Father has a son and the Holy Spirit is associated to both father and son. ‘Allah’ for Christians let Jesus die.

With this in mind, how could anybody claim that we are all praying to the same God?

We cannot claim that the Hindu Gods and Goddesses whom each has its own territory and capacity be taken as the same God as the Holy Spirit, Father and Jesus who is in charge of everything.

How can a boy named John who has blue eyes and perfect nose be taken as the same John across the street with green eyes and crooked nose? Can we take all Johns in the world as the same person? Just because BBC and TV3 are TV channels and both bring to us news and dramas, it doesn’t mean that they are the same body.

Some Christians in Malaysia are not up to argue on this academically or rationally. Instead, they disregard the Laws and sensitivity of others and went on with the use of the name ‘Allah’ in Malay Bibles and were ready to distribute them.

If this is not an act of evil, then what is?

It is only expected that such evil act is handled roughly by the authority. You may accuse me of betraying my Christian brothers and sisters but I’m telling you that this act of provoking and ignoring the law just to create tension in the country is an act of evil.

You see, this is what happen when you are too busy teaching Islam to the Muslims that you don’t know your own religion anymore. As a result, the Christians have become evil.

Not all though, but those who do not become evil, choose to keep quiet for fear of being labeled as a traitor to Christianity. Christians are aware that by using the word ‘Allah’ in Bibles means getting more followers among the lost souls of Malay-Muslims. And so, they condone the act of evil, believing that they are doing the right thing in the name of Christianity.

What is even more disgusting is that, there are Muslims or so they claimed to be, who choose to join this evil. These Muslims think that they are really fighting for justice in the name of ‘freedom of faith’, regardless of the fact that 99% Christians in the Peninsular don’t want, don’t need to and don’t use the name ‘Allah’ in their prayers. Perhaps, these Muslims don’t even know that.

Therefore, instead of keeping mum, the government could have approached these 99% Christians and get them to talk. Get them to tell the people that they don’t use the word ‘Allah’ in their prayers and they don’t need to. Get them to show to the people that these few Christians who want to pray to ‘Allah’ don’t represent the true Christianity.

The peaceful assembly against MAIS is supposed to serve as a challenge to the authority and the law. The objective is just to make things worse. I am sure, that they are counting on a confrontation from the Muslims which would raise more questions on Malaysia’s stability.

It looks like the evil is working hard to destroy the country. In time like this, true Christians should come out and make their presence and stance known. If the government don’t come to you then you come to the media and set things right. Tell the people whether you pray to ‘the one and only Allah that has no son nor an association’ or to the ‘Trinity God’? We don’t need to create tension just to use the name ‘Allah’ as Jesus hears us just the same.

I hereby call upon all true Christians to stand together with other Malaysians to make a pledge that we will never poke into each other’s religion just because we like their God’s name better.

Let no evil use our religions as weapon of mass destruction.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is Christian a Religion, a Philosophy or a Tool?

It has been over a week since I last updated this blog. As you know, I was away on holiday, trying to figure myself out. I even went to the Vatican City to sort of renewing my faith and I must admit that I failed miserably.

The Vatican City was crowded over summer. Hundreds of people queued to get in. Inside, there were tour guides all around explaining Jesus to their groups and I took the effort to squeeze into one of the groups to listen and digest the information, or rather, stories. Well, in the end that was all that they were to me…stories.

It was hard to take things seriously with the naked bronze Hercules staring at me. For a moment, I was asking myself, what is he doing here? It was not his nakedness that bothers me, in fact, all other figurines and paintings are naked too, but rather the fact that he is kind of a ‘God’ in the place dedicated to some other kind of God, that gives me the ‘shiver’. I was imagining thunder and lightning as the Gods fight in the Vatican. I hope they forgive me for my imagination.

The Sistine Chapel was a full-house, overcrowded as the people waited for the Pope. Too bad, that the Pope didn’t make an appearance. I was disappointed as I wanted so much to hear what he has to say although I was firmly told to never ask question.

So, I left the Vatican feeling nothing but tired as hell for the suffocating crowd and unending walkways. I guess, Malaysians are not used to walking…

One thing that interests me while in the Vatican though, is a question from a Chinese tourist about how does the Vatican get to be so rich, in fact, the richest country in the world, as stated by the guide. Hmm…talk about the oblivious Chinese and the blinded-by-faith-guide. The guide simply couldn’t answer. (No wonder they prefer the ‘no question asked’ procedure). From her look, I could see that she was thinking, “Isn’t that a stupid question. The Vatican is a blessed country that’s why it’s rich. The money is just there…showered down from heaven. Now, deal with it”.

Perhaps, the Chinese guy could read her mind because I could see him thinking about “the hen that lays golden eggs in Jack and the Beanstalk”. But then..naahh..I don’t think the Chinese ever heard about that story too.

Anyway, the population of Vatican is around 840 and all of them work for and in the church of the Vatican or around the world as diplomats and representatives. The rest of the other 2,500 workers in the Vatican are mostly citizens of Italy and live outside the Holy city. The country practically lives on sales of stamps, coins, medals and tourist mementos; by fees for admission to museums; and by publications sales.

Wikipedia listed other industries that financed the Vatican include printing, the production of mosaics, and the manufacture of staff uniforms..but I doubt there are much.

So, how does the Vatican survives economically and how come it becomes so rich? I tried to find the answer but only found contradicting, conflicting information all over google. Some say the country survives on donation and that it is not rich at all, instead it is running on a loss. Well, I doubt that too.

The ‘richness’ of the Vatican somehow reflects in the activities of the Christians in our country and all over the world. I don’t think I am wrong to say that besides welfare activities which of course, needed millions or billions of money to pull through, the Christian missionaries are also ‘buying’ people to follow the faith…well, if, it could be called ‘faith’ at all. I hear them going around approaching ‘lost souls’ and offer lots of money to be Christians and help them spread the religion. Some are provided with comfortable living and much more, including tuition fees for the kids…

Unfortunately, this ‘lot-of-money-thing’ is what led me to question ‘faith’. Why we need to buy people’s faith? Is it not enough to offer the truth? Or is there any truth at all?

Why some say ‘homosexual’ okay in Christianity today and not before?
Why pray to ‘Allah’ instead of ‘Father’ all of the sudden? Why is it okay to kill the disbelievers according to the Old Testament, but it’s not okay anymore today?

Is there anywhere stated in the Bibles that the Christian teachings changes through times? If there was, then who decided on the changes? The Vatican? Or the people who financed the Vatican?

Today in Malaysia we see the Christians purposely inciting prejudice, creating conflicts and making unnecessary demands. If the Arabs and the Africans are going crazy with the Muslims extremists, Malaysia is forced to deal with the Evangelists who cannot keep their faith to themselves and must provoke and ticked people off.

For some reasons, the Christians in Malaysia must use the word ‘Allah’ and I don’t think even Jesus knows why.

The Evangelists must pick a fight with the Islamic authority and distribute the Holy Bible in Malay with the word ‘Allah’ in it and then blame the government for taking actions. I supposed that the attack against the Islamic authority is an indirect message to the power that be, the Sultans and Agong.

But why must the Christians do all these?

The truth is, it is not Christianity that is doing all these, but the Christians in DAP.  Just look at who is stomping the ground over MAIS and JAIS, all for the 'love' of 'Allah'?  

Isn’t it enough that the world has to deal with crazy Muslims Jihadis and Neo-Con terrorists? We don’t need Christian anarchists to add to the destruction.

It is about time for the Christians to wake up and see the truth. Can’t you see that while Muslims are being brought against each other to destroy their own world, Christians are being used as a tool by the Neo-Cons to rule the world?

Why? Because it is easier to use religion as a tool as it provides an automatic immunity when confronted. As a result, Christianity is being 're-constructed' as according to the interests of its financiers.  In order to understand who are the financiers, here's an excerpt from the book "The Vatican Billions" by Avro Manhattan, 1983" : 

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual of the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars.
...The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations... The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others."

You see, DAP is using Christianity to camouflage its true colour of racism.  Of course, it would be most natural for the Vatican or any Christian society to help pump the money in for DAP in the name of Christianity.  And we all know that when DAP rules, the Singapore rules. When Singapore rules, the U.S rules. When the U.S rules, the Neo-Con rules.

So, clearly it is not about Christianity or Jesus or ‘Allah’. It is all about Malaysian Malaysia, right up to the New World Order. Therefore, should I ask, have you not seen the gog and magog that are standing before our eyes sucking away humanity?

I know that the Chinese basically have very little knowledge about the U.S conspiracy theory or the New World Order.  Only after MH370, that they started to learn a thing or two about it, but they could not make any sense of it because their minds are not trained to figure out anything else but money.

More Malays have ever heard of Rothschild, Freemason or Illuminati compared to the Chinese because Chinese are too busy being greedy to care about the world. Some Malays might be in the dark about it too, but they could digest the story better as they have been pre-warned by the Quran about the Jews, particularly the Zionists and their quest to rule the world.

What I’m trying to say here is that the Chinese should start ‘thinking’ instead of ‘breeding, roaming the earth and sucking everything dry’. Haven’t the Chinese realized that the new generation Chinese is only too eager to become Christians? Not because they believe in Jesus Christ but because they think it’s more glamorous to be one even though when they cannot pronounce their Christian names properly; Laura becomes Lola or Richard becomes Lichet.  What they don't know is that,  becoming Christians could mean helping some quarters destroy the nation, the country, the values, the cultures and the faiths, including Christianity itself.

So, if you chose to be a Christian then let it be because you believe in the teachings not because you like the idea of having a name like a Mat Saleh and celebrate Christmas.  You should know that you are following the wrong path when you are told that the wrongs are rights.  You should know that provoking and jeopardizing peace and stability is wrong.

Being a good Christian means being a good person and not go around poking into other religion’s business.

It makes me sick to see how the DAP trying to teach the Muslims on how to be good Muslims when they themselves are not even good Christians, what more good citizens. Christianity is having enough issues from within it, we don’t need to take up the problems of the Muslims to add to the confusion.

Anyway, I left Vatican and continued to look for myself in the rest of Italy but I didn’t find me. So, here I am, back home in Malaysia trying to make sense of how the Muslims in PAS and Buddhists in MCA have become the frontliners for the Christians in DAP while I myself, watch in disgust...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I will be away for a couple of weeks and will not be able to update this blog because I don't plan to take my PC with me.   Till then...  see ya!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is it with the Muslim men and sex?

Sex is clearly not a big issue in Islam but it seems that it is such a big issue, or the only issue there is, for the Muslim men. It seems that the lives of Muslim men are revolved around ‘man-woman’ relationship. We don’t have to go far to prove my point – just look at Kelantan, the so-called Islamic state or just look at most Malay men around us.

A simple honest handshake between a man and a woman is feared to have urged sexual desire or triggered ‘inappropriate’ visuals in the minds of the Malays. I was made to understand that the Islamic point of view in prohibiting ‘touching’ between different genders is said to be based on respect. If so, why all these talks about ‘inappropriate’ visuals and sexual desire? Didn’t it only mean that there is no respect whatsoever towards the women?

In the Saudi, women driving cars could also be mistaken as a slut. In many other Muslim countries, women not wearing hijab could also be mistaken as an invitation for rape.

And do you realize how Muslim men only have one ambition in life, that is to have two wives, or more? Of course, there is absolutely no love involved here, it is all about sex, sex and sex.

I’ve heard how some Malaysian Muslims got married just because they accidentally looked into each others’ eyes and that would mean that they have committed ‘zina’ and therefore must get married. I mean, these people must have ‘sex’ written all over their heads that they cannot do anything without relating it to sex. (Heck, I just looked at my assistant in the eye and was only thinking of whether she has finished the task that I asked her to do).

Whenever we hear the Muslims argue about Islam, it is always about how much flesh a woman can reveal, what could lead to ‘zina’, what could arouse the men and the sorts.

The Muslims even referred to their women as perfectly wrapped ‘candies’ and their women are to take the analogy it as an honour. My woman would snap if I ever referred to her as ‘food’ and she has the right to because she’s not made by God to be eaten by men.

Referring to women as candies shows how zero respect the Muslim men have towards their women. I’m sure many would argue on this but I have the rights to my opinions just as they have the rights to theirs. I believe that referring to women as food is totally against the Quran. It is an insult to the God’s given brains to the women.

The Quran says that women are to be respected, protected and loved, NOT eaten, whether literally or metaphorically.

Women have the rights to choose, to think, to have opinions and therefore attitude and characters. In other words, women have the rights to live and express herself through her choice of clothes and words and actions. Of course, all these are subjected to some rules and limitation of sane, civilized beings.

If the women have disregarded these rules and gone beyond the limits, the men have to treat them with respect nevertheless and protect them just the same, like sane, civilized beings.

We must treat everybody with respect regardless of their appearance, and this, I believe a the teachings from the Quran. If you teach the people otherwise, the world would be in haywire, like the Muslim countries.

I’ll give you an example, if you tell a boy that women in skirts are bad women and deserve no respect, I’ll bet that the boy would start looking at women’s legs as sex object.

And then you go on telling the boy that women in skirts are actually inviting boys to look at them. You know what would happen then? Yes, the boy then starts imagining the word ‘inviting’.

Without ‘respect’ and with the mind trying to figure out the ‘invitation’, the boy finally thinks that sexual attack against a woman is not really wrong, should the woman fits the category of ‘bad woman’. He felt no guilt before and absolutely no guilt after. The only feeling he has, perhaps, is afraid of the Law, but never of God because ‘God would understand that it wasn’t his fault at all’.

This is how rape become a ‘norm’ in a community, a no big deal, a nobody’s business but the victim’s.

And this is why the rape of a teenage girl by 38 men that shocked the nation last week did not exactly shocked the Kelantanese.

But I also heard that girls and women in Kelantan are all covered up. So, if they are all covered up, why are they the target of rape still? What happened to the perfectly wrapped candies? The men just tear up the wrapper and push it down the throat anyway… So much of ‘respect’ eh?

Unfortunately, this is how Islam is taught in Malaysia and probably, around the world. The hollier the Muslim is, the more sexual he becomes. The more ‘Islamic’ a country or a state is, the more sex-related crime there is.

Why can’t the Muslims just admit it that it is not what the women wear, but the upbringing of the men that led to sexual crimes against women.

The Muslim men must stop thinking of sex day in and day out and find better things to think of. Stop reading about what not to do to a woman and start reading about what to do in life instead - that is to seek knowledge from the universe, which I believe, is the teachings of the Quran.

The more empty space you have in your head, the more space you have for evil to breed. Your brain is the most powerful, most sophisticated creation – use it to the limit, don’t let it stay idle, which I believe is the teachings of the Quran too.

Some wise people said that sex is about temporary brain malfunction. Too much of it might mean brain damage. Maybe this is why all Muslim countries are a gone case - the Muslim men have brain damage. They think about sex all the time. They see sex in women driving cars. They see sex in women’s hair and women’s legs and eyes. They see sex in a simple, respectable handshake or in washing hair in salons.

They long to marry one, two, three and four women at a time. Oh yes, I’ve met a Muslim men with kids everywhere that he barely know them and I thought, “yikes! even my cat can keep track of its children”.

From the way the Muslim men behave, I could have mistaken that the Quran is all about sex.

Fortunately, I took the trouble to read it and I’m telling you that the Quran is not about sex but is about science! How could the Muslims missed that?