Thursday, November 13, 2014

Justice is just Delayed for 6 years.…No Big Deal!

I believe that many of us have come to a point where hope is lost because we don’t know whom to trust anymore.  By arriving at this point, means that the New World Order is taking shape, just as planned.  Malaysia has been sucked and swallowed into the game without the slightest resistance.  We embrace the game willingly, even eagerly, almost proudly, and sometimes, unconsciously.

Every reading person in this world knows that the New World Order takes shape through regime change and puppet leaders.  Should a leader of country refused to be a puppet, he would need to be changed.  It’s that simple.  At the same time, the people of these countries must be reduced to merely confused losers or dumb-a**es to ensure that the puppet leader stays.  Thanks to the people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, their invention, social media, the internet and gadgets all are being fully utilized to produce just that - confused losers and dumb-a**es.

Foreign consultants and neo-con agents sold to the government the idea that it would be easier to control the people and maintain power if the people do not trust the social media and eventually rely only on the prime media. 

So, we see our social network become a trashing ground.  Things are created out of thin air for no clear reason at all and then spread online, stupid ridiculous stories are being made viral just for the fun of it and lies about politicians from all parties, including the government itself, are being told in order to mock the public’s intelligence.  Those who aren’t capable of thinking twice would be quick to believe everything and react irrationally.  Things get tense as the minds are in chaos and emotions run wild. 

Soon, the leaders would be more and more afraid of losing their position and in all the confusion, would submit themselves to anything that spells ‘political survival’ that is offered to them. 

I believe that this is what is going on in this country and I take Anwar’s trial as a proof that everything is now a game of the neo-cons and their goons.  

Six years and still delaying a simple sexual crime case with clear hard evidence shows that the system can no longer be taken seriously.  I mean, the ridiculousness of everything is overwhelming and the frustration is suffocating. 

And I’m not talking about our judiciary system or the judges, but the whole political and administration system, the whole political parties and its leaders!  Today, state Laws are bypassed and Christians may use 'Allah' in Malay bibles for 'God's' sake!  Not that I am pro christian nor Islam but it is as if we can almost see the foreign hands around Malaysia's throat. 

The country is now nothing but a chess board. 

The leader might have realized how he is shoved down deep into the game by now, but it’s all too late.  The people whom he thought are defending him, are actually trying to replace him with a ‘better puppet’ who promised them much more in return.  He is now even more confused than ever and is even more desperate to hold on to power.  He might survive and he might not but the people will definitely lose and the country will revert to being colonized entirely either way. 

As the game ends, it is not 1Malaysia anymore, it is 1World: the New World of the 1Eye!  

“Freedom for the wolves has often meant death to the sheep.”
― Isaiah Berlin