Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Too ‘Greedy’ for Malaysia, Too Proud for China, Too Dirty for Singapore, To F**ked up to go Elsewhere

The Independent of UK has this to report: 
Immigration rules leave stateless Malaysians in limbo
Misleading legal advice has stripped people of their nationality, leaving them unable to stay in Britain or to work in their home country
Hundreds of former Malaysians have been rendered stateless after being told an obscure British travel document would make them UK citizens.
Up to 1,000 Chinese Malaysians are now blocked from returning home while having no legal right to stay in Britain after receiving misleading legal advice. They were told that a combination of a British Overseas Citizens (BOC) passport – a relic from the UK's colonial past – and the formal rejection of their Malaysian identity would be an easy ticket to becoming British.   Instead, the Home Office has turned down their applications to stay in the UK and Malaysia refuses to recognise them as citizens. This has rendered them unable to live or work legally in either country.
It is likely that many other nationalities are also affected, as the BOC passport can be issued to people from any Commonwealth country.
Most of the Malaysians affected have been in the UK since 2002, when a law was passed that made it harder for those with BOC passports to become British. Some have been deported, only to be sent straight back to Britain on the return flight. Others arrived in Malaysia to be granted 30-day tourist visas which left them unable to work and forced them to leave the country every month.
Malaysians are not allowed to hold dual citizenship, which is why many were advised to make a formal rejection of their Malaysian nationality. They were not told such a decision would be irreversible.
Kenny Chin, 29, has been given only 30-day visas since being deported from the UK last August. He renounced his Malaysian citizenship when he first came to the UK eight years ago. The former restaurant manager has been told he will not be able to regain his citizenship, so he is forced to travel to the Thai border every month and cannot work legally.
"I knew they wouldn't recognise me in Malaysia because I'd been given a formal letter saying I was no longer Malaysian," said Mr Chin. "The Home Office just said 'keep quiet about the letter and it will be fine'. But when I arrived in Malaysia I was only given a tourist visa and when I went to try to get a new ID and passport the authorities said there was no such application. The British government doesn't want to take any responsibility – I just don't understand why it still has these BOC passports if they mean nothing."
Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, was outspoken on the issue when he met a stateless, former Malaysian, Tracy Koh, at an election event last year. He said: "Everyone here would agree that what Tracy has told us is simply unfair," before describing the immigration system as "inconsistent, bureaucratically incompetent and administratively chaotic".
Critics say the coalition has done nothing to change that situation.
Neil Jameson, the executive director of Citizens UK, said: "People like Tracy have been left stateless for too long. We need The Deputy Prime Minister to act quickly to rescue them from limbo so that they can get on with their lives and contribute to British society."
A spokesman for Mr Clegg said discussions were "ongoing about how to resolve this issue". The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes MP, said he would raise the issue again with ministerial colleagues.
"This should be seen as a distinct issue, separate from the general question of immigration," said Mr Hughes. "The numbers are small and it makes pragmatic sense to try to deal with all these types of cases in one go, as a matter of policy."
A report by the think tank IPPR for the Foreign Office, which is due to be released at the end of the month, singles out Malaysians duped into renouncing their citizenship as examples of "special cases" which would be most easily resolved by allowing them to stay in Britain.
Don Flynn, the director of Migrants' Rights Network, said "This complex situation has arisen from the legacy of the UK's colonial history, generating confusion and anguish. It would be helpful if the UK authorities could show some imagination and compassion and come up with a solution to finally resolve their circumstances."
Again, it is the Chinese that we are talking about here - the Chinese who thinks that they are too good for this country and that Malaysia doesn’t deserve them - the Chinese who believe with all their hearts that they would be better off elsewhere than in Malaysia.  What’s funny is that their ‘elsewhere’ doesn’t include their forefathers’ land. They didn’t choose to go to Singapore also, as the country could be a little ‘too clean’ for them. 
So..they’d rather go ‘elsewhere’ where there are no vernacular schools and no chinese language newspapers and not a chance to become a cabinet member - than in Malaysia.  Using the BOC argument, they chose to go to Great Britain!
The fact that these Chinese have dropped their citizenship, proves that all these privileges that they fight for in Malaysia, are all hypocritical.  They don’t need or even care for any of those privileges. They are just throwing tantrums because they don’t want to be ruled by Malays. 
We have had enough of the Chinese telling the world about them being discriminated and treated like second class citizens.  We have had enough of their unending ridiculous demands.  We know for a fact that nothing would ever be enough for them, not until they sit on the Prime Minister’s seat.
At least, those 1,000 ++ Chinese had chose to do the right thing, that is to drop their citizenship altogether.  I bet that when asked by foreigners about why they chose to do so, they would say that Malaysia didn’t treat them right and that the bumiputera privileges have closed all opportunities for them to prosper.  And the Muslim’s morning prayer calls make their lives miserable.  And the Malay-government is so corrupt that they hardly can do a decent business. 
In fact, you don’t have to be a foreigner to hear all these whining.  I hear it every day at the office.  Yet, this same race boasts of holding the economic power, thus, the Malay-politicians. 
The contradiction in their own statements never seemed to ‘strike’ them.  They would be as hypocritical as they please and any rational, factual debate would not do any good.
I have come to a conclusion that you cannot deal with irrational Chinese as they will never play fair.  You cannot discuss with them as they cannot digest anything that doesn’t spell ‘profit’ or ‘money’ for them.  
With the Chinese, you can only learn to control them and to do so you must remember that history is always the best teacher. 
Therefore, you have to study about the rise and fall of the Chinese Dynasties throughout the centuries.  You have to study how Mao Zedong managed to get the Chinese to be so loyal and how Lee Kwan Yew managed to teach them hygiene. 
Malaysia has had enough problems with these greedy, disloyal, unpatriotic, racist, chauvinist Chinese.  Having 1000 of them dropping citizenship is a blessing and their ended up becoming stateless is not and should never be our problem. 
These Chinese have gone to UK in the spirit of hatred towards Malaysia.  They have abandoned Malaysia at their own free will.   Should anybody wants to help them, then it should not be at the expense of Malaysia’s pride. 
Now, DAP is trying hard to help them but instead of helping them to become British citizens, the party is trying to get their Malaysians citizenship back!  Didn't these people have made it clear that they don’t want to have anything to do with Malaysia anymore?  Why help them stay?  Unless, DAP knows that they will vote for DAP in the next election…
This is why I feel sick in the stomach when I heard that the UMNO Home Minister is already ‘preparing the red carpet’ to welcome them ‘home’ – probably with lanterns and firecrackers, who knows? 
While the Home Minister is thinking that he is being ‘politically brilliant’ by playing the good guy and that the Chinese would appreciate and thank him later on, he is only providing hard-evidence of UMNO’s weakness and the more reasons for the Chinese to ridicule the government. 
It seems that the Malays can never learn from mistakes.  Somehow they love to repeat mistakes and even ‘perfected’ them to the extent of losing everything. 

Well, we always get what we deserved.  The greedy may eventually lose it all but the idiots will always get shits.  


  1. You have managed to say everything right about the chinese especially the X chinese .

    About the home minister he is dumb if he dicides to reinstate their citizenship or what have you.

  2. They are no longer our citizens. Why should we bother? No shame licking their own vomit la ...

  3. We don't need chauvinistic, disloyal, unpatriotic, greedy people to be the citizen of this country no matter what race they are.. Its a shame ... At least they should feel proud of the land that their mother shed blood.. (land they were born).. Lets write a letter to the Home Ministry to reject outright any reinstatement of citizenship to these unpatriotic people

  4. Wow, i do really love your writeup guys. Let' s oust these people for good. Thanks.

  5. LOL. you'll do nothing of the sort. britain says they come back. hishamuddin asks 'how high?' and its done.

  6. Q : It seems that the Malays can never learn from mistakes.

    Correction : It is not the Malays in general but some of the Malays who have become leaders elected by Malays they detach themselves from being 100 % Malays.

  7. I believe the world 'Malays' in the original text refers to every Malaysian. This is a common mistake by foreigner to call a Malaysian - Malay.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This article is rather interesting. I wish to add a few more details. When someone made a mistake, we should always try to rehabilitate. Offer one an opportunity to redeem themselves. Every race in Malaysia has made mistake.
    Chinese Malaysians are some of the most educated and economically successful race in Malaysia. Without Chinese Malaysian, Malaysia is no different from Indonesia. You won't have the opportunity to be blogging, you will be working as a maid in Singapore or Hong Kong. Chinese contribution to Malaysia is tremendous.
    After reading this article, I think we should declare Penang an indepedent state. We can all move on with our lives and not get dragged DOWN by the Malays. We can be the Singapore no 2. Kelantan, terrengganu, and Perlis can be Pakistan 2. You can implement full Hudud Law and amputate each other. In 2014, we believe in science and techology and more secular. We are a secular race and society. We shouldn't get dragged down by the Malays. Next time, we might even employ you as a maid.
    We should now how a referendum and contact United Nations and USA for consultation. We have clearly different human values.

    1. In fact already Done that ! Go Singapore ,go there,where you belong,citizenship are being issues like Toilet papers,you need that for daily hygience cleansing.Even the prostitute from PRC chinawomen easily can get Singapore Citizenship.

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