Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Comes After Obama?

Malaysians had the opportunity to watch our dearest ‘Minister in All Department’ in action during Obama’s visit last week. For those who don’t know who I’m talking about, here’s a clue: Once, the Minister played the role of a ‘dispatch’, but this time, he was playing the role of a ‘social escort’ to the President. Get it?

As we were watching him on TV, a friend of mine said, “a perfect escort he is – looking all eager and excited and proud to serve the master”. ( mind was showing me a picture of a dog wagging its tail…)

Anyway, I don’t know what my friend meant by that, but hey…it’s a free country. He has the right to say anything and mean anything. But I can’t agree with him more, from the look on the Minister’s face, I guess he must be thinking that the whole world envies him and I can tell that I was right because as soon as I logged on to the net, I saw all these pictures and postings of the dear Minister and Mr. Obama that spells ‘Hail America!’

As quarter American, I’m surprised that I didn’t at all feel the excitement in receiving Obama. All that came to my mind was ‘why ’: Why did the U.S want to visit Malaysia after all these years – since 1966? What does it mean to us? To the world? What will happen next? Or what is happening now?

Because, you see…only morons don’t have any doubts on the U.S. Only idiots don’t look at the U.S with suspicion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all Americans are untrustworthy. I know I can trust my American aunt. I’m just saying that American politics is based on, and revolved around the word: ‘selfish’.

The U.S scientists and engineers may have saved a lot of lives through their discoveries and inventions but the U.S politicians have destroyed as many lives too.

We all know for a fact that the U.S doesn’t go around visiting people just because they want to be your friend or because they care. Only Americans like the late Michael Jackson or Oprah Winfrey or Angelina Jolie do that. The U.S is not looking for friends because they don’t need one. They are looking for allies and slaves and you might be surprised of how thin the line is between the two.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the visit of Mr. Obama came to nothing at all for Malaysia. During the 3-day visit, 3 MoUs between Malaysian and American companies were signed:

1. between GE Aviation and AirAsia X for the selection of CF6-80E1 engines to power AirAsia X's 25 new Airbus A330-300 aircraft worth more than US$1.5 billion.

2. between Sime Darby and a San Diego-based biotech company, Verdezyne whereby the former is to take a 30 per cent stake worth US$30 million from the latter

3. between Ambank and Metlife, for a partnership between whereby the latter has invested approx. US$250 million to buy shares in AmLife and AmTakaful.

Hmm…USD2 Billions worth of MoUs are not worth the excitement and all the jumping around, are they? The first one, we buy from the US and so the US gets the money. The second one may bring returns but is open to risk and the US still gets the money. The third one gives no significant impact to the country in any way we look at it.
I mean, we have had visits from China that brought in much more benefits for Malaysia but we didn’t close the roads and troubled the city folks just to let the delegates passed.
I’m sure our leaders are aware of the need to think ahead and figure out the meaning behind Obama’s visit. I’m sure they didn’t just jump around happily, proudly taking selfies with Obama without wondering about ‘what comes next’.

They cannot be that naïve, and be up there.

These people surely knows that TPPA is what brought Obama here. The U.S is pushing hard for TPPA to be signed and the U.S wouldn’t do so if not for a selfish reason. The fact is that, when something is good for the U.S, it is most probably not good for everybody else.

TPPA stands for Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and is also known as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement. It is a multilateral free trade agreement currently being negotiated by 11 countries, led by the US. Malaysia is one of the parties negotiating in the TPPA. It aims to further liberalise the economies of the Asia-Pacific region. Covering a broad spectrum of areas and has 29 chapters (and counting), some areas affect our public health, environment and courts system. It is labeled as a trade agreement but only 5 chapters are related to trade.

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that Malaysia managed to survive 1997/1998 financial crisis by implementing capital control and currency pegging, and signing TPPA will disallow us to do the same in any circumstances. This means that should Soros attack the economy again, we will not be able to do anything to stop him.

TPPA will put the country in the hands of foreign investors whereby they will have the rights to sue the government bankrupt. The same happened to the U.S which put the country in the hands of the people who control Wall Street. The government will not be able to implement new policies or law without first, consulting with foreign investors. We will lose our sovereignty, without the superpowers having to bomb us back to stone-age.

As if attacking us and denying us of the rights to fight back is not enough, TPPA also ensures that we will never be able to stand back up again, ever! This is done by extending the duration of copyrights beyond the present 50 years after the death of the author. This would impact on library digitisation programmes, lead to removal of works already digitised from public access, restrict the re-use or use of out-of-copyright works; raise the prices of library materials; and lead to fewer purchase of works by libraries.

In time, ordinary Malaysians and students will also be impacted, who want to photocopy a textbook, for example. The net result is that all Malaysian’s access to information and knowledge is affected, and there will be negative impacts on the research and education sectors.

Of course there is not all bad about TPPA but the biggest concern is that its non-transparent nature.

The negotiations and the negotiations texts (the documents that are used during the negotiations process) are secret, and all TPP governments have agreed to continue the secrecy until four years after the deal has signed. Now, why would anything be done in secret unless there is something to hide? And why is there a need to hide, if it is really a good thing?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bloodthirsty Muslims, or Christians?

I used to think that Islam is a religion of terror, until I started reading the Quran myself. I stop reading the Bibles after I got confused with so many versions of it. But I do acknowledge this: both books are about peace and love, or at least, they are supposed to. The ultimate objective of these religions, in fact, all religions, is to teach goodness to all mankind. It’s that simple.

Somehow, it is not as simple for mankind to be good. There is always, pride, lust, greed, anger, dejection, avarice and gluttony to deal with. Above all these sins that make life so much difficult, is ‘hypocrisy’. It is the hypocrisy, the pretention, that brings haywire to the world.

The U.S pretends to be the savior of the Arab’s unending tribal wars when what it is actually doing, is destroying the Muslims’ world altogether. The Muslims pretend to be devout Muslims by fighting for Hudud when they are actually fighting for power. The Christians pretend to be the righteous who bring order to world, when they are actually making a mess of it all.

I just came across a blog called ‘Christians United 4 Malaysia’ (CU4M) and there it is written on the tagline, “ Allah we trust”. I have said it before and I’m saying it again that I have not met any Christians, not among my family or friends who pray to Allah. We don’t mention Allah in our Sunday prayers and this ‘Allah’ issue is totally isolated from the church.

Therefore, I have no doubt that the blog is clearly made with grisly intention, to challenge the Muslims, provoking, calling for a fight or initiating a war.

Now, why would any good Christian want to start a war? Why would any good person of any religion want to?

Then I realized that the blog is not taking a neutral stance in politics, which explains the ‘grisly intention’.

Christians make up to only about 9% of Malaysians and it is really not a good idea to start a crusade here. As good Christians would never start a war, wise Christians would never start a war, - here. Whoever is ‘testing’ the Muslims’ patience here, is definitely not doing it for the sake of the Christians or Christianity.

As a blog dedicated for Christians, CU4M should have known better than to unreservedly condemn the Muslims’ Hudud Law. Here’s why:

• Being a medium or spiritualist. (Stoning) (Leviticus 20:27).
• Trying to convert people to another religion. (stoning) (Deuteronomy 13:1-11, Deuteronomy 18:20).
• Apostasy - If most people in a town come to believe in a different god. (Kill everybody, including animals, and burn the town.) (Deuteronomy 13:12-15)
• Being a stubborn and rebellious son. And being a profligate and a drunkard. (stoning) (Deuteronomy 21:18-21)

You see, these sadistic punishments, (as the blog puts it), are written in the Bibles too. And there are many more, if only the blogger of CU4M would honestly admit.

If he would not do that, then the least he could do is not misuse the name ‘Christian’ for a political course.

The thing is, since Jesus lived before Muhammad and the Bibles came before Quran, did the Quran actually ‘copied’ these sadistic punishments from the Bibles? If so, why must we condemn Islam when Christians teaches the same things?

It seems that the Christians and the Muslims are both at lost here. So, the best thing to do when we lost our ways is to go back to basic of religion that is, ‘goodness’.

By that, it means empathy, fairness, forgiveness, peace, love. It also means that we must avoid hostility through provocation, fights or war. For what is the difference between a man who cuts the hands of the wrongdoers, and a man who provokes just to start a bloody war?

While Muslims are having problems putting ‘goodness’ above ‘hudud’, we, the Christians must not put ‘Christianity’ above ‘goodness’. After all, what is being a Christian without goodness in us? Good Christians tolerate, not provoke. Good Christians spread love, not war.

Therefore, if we cannot make the Muslims see their weaknesses, then we can at least try not to make things worse for everybody.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Disrespecting the Respectable

I have come to realize that ‘Datukships’ in Malaysia has become a common joke for the number that it represents and the reasons it is being awarded. It is said that if you grab a handful of stones on the ground and threw them into the air, the possibility is that 50% of them would fall on the heads of Datuks. That’s how many Datuks we have in Malaysia.

I don’t know whether this is true and I’m not familiar of how people get to get the Datukship. I guess that they must have done a great service to the country or the state to be granted such an honour. It kind of disturbs me to hear comments that, that isn’t the case for most of the Datuks but I choose to keep my mind open until I find some proofs to the comments.

I hope it is not true as I cannot imagine a filthy businessman or a corrupt politician being shown the same respect as the national heroes. Hmmm…. who am I kidding? We all know for a fact that the former Prime Minister of 22 years who took us to the sky and another former Prime Minister who took us down the hole in barely a term both received the same title: ‘Tun’. Both are mentioned in great honour and being praises for their services just the same.

You see, for courtesy sake, we don’t speak the truth. We lie to ourselves and others, we pretend and we accept ‘pretention’ as a way of life – a necessity, even a civilized thing to do.

Isn’t this unfair to the one that had done their best and really deserved the honour? Isn’t it an insult to their service that some good for nothing fellow also getting the same respect as they do?

A couple of days ago, Malaysians witnessed a statesman’s funeral for the late Karpal Singh.

Well, I’m not trying to be rude here nor am I disrespecting the late Karpal Singh. Like I said before, the man was a true politician, an exceptional lawyer and a gentleman but I think a statesman’s funeral for a Member of Parliament and/or a lawyer is an exaggeration, a little bit over the top, theatrical or melodramatic.

One needs to serve the country or the state in order to receive such honour. For me, Karpal may have served the party and his clients but his service to the country or state was very much subjective that I have trouble trying to list them out.

Karpal could have deserved a heroic medal as the person who first exposed Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘lust-extraordinaire’ but he revoked that rights too, when he challenged his own accusation and defended Anwar later on in his life and up to his death. This is why when people say that Karpal was a man of principle, I tend to lift my brow in doubt.

But then, I try to understand that Karpal had to live separate lives as a lawyer and a politician. It must be hard for a man of principle like him.

The truth is, everybody has the good sides and the bad sides and that’s what makes us humans. Pretending that a person is all good just because we like him so much makes us an irrational person. A rationale person should accept the good and the bad sides of others as a fact of life. There is really no need to lie, especially to ourselves.

Karpal was vocal in politics. He could be a hero for DAP but not for Malaysians as a whole. Karpal did not share the same aspiration as the majority Malaysians. Some may also see Karpal as another version of Lim Kit Siang, which I don’t agree because Karpal had never been taken as a racist. Like all DAPs who challenge our constitution, the very basic landscape that make Malaysia, Malaysia, Kit Siang doesn’t deserve to be called a statesman, and so did Karpal.

What I’m trying to say here is that Malaysians need to learn to not exaggerate things and think rationally. Just because you hate the government so much, doesn’t mean that you have to look up on every opposition leader as a hero or a statesman.

Heroes served and made impacts on people’s lives. Heroes sacrificed and stand by their words till the end of time. Statesmen lead, move masses and make significant changes. So, don’t lower the levels of our heroes or statesmen by calling every vocal person as one. Just like not every policeman deserved a heroic medal, not every politician deserved a statesman’s funeral. We don’t have to worship everybody just for doing their job.

Therefore, in my opinion, Karpal was a great man though not a statesman, but he was definitely a statement that democracy has always been alive and well in Malaysia.

Again, my highest respect to the late Mr. Karpal Singh and my condolences to his family…

May he rest in peace.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Counting on Hudud to Unite the Muslims?

Firstly, I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Mr. Karpal Singh. Karpal was not a statesman or a hero, but he was surely an exceptional lawyer, a true politician and a gentleman. May he rest in peace.

Much had been said about Karpal’s lives and death, and so I’m not going into that. I am not going to discuss about Karpal’s role in the Hudud dispute either, as one death in DAP does not make any difference in the party’s stance towards the issue.

Hudud is a problem of the Malays, and the Malays only. It is the Hudud that divided the Malays and now they are talking about Hudud as a vehicle of unity. I am just wondering how practical is the strategy?

“United we stand, divided we fall” is a universal quote understood by all.

Today, our beloved Malaysia is no longer united. The country is divided into pieces of political ideology, fanatical supporters, race and religion. Still, we boast of our growth in economy, and positive ratings and believe that we stand as strong.

The only unity that exists is among the chinese community. The chinese has always stand together through thick and thin, through right and wrong. That way, they can force everybody else to accept that it is their rights to claim their wrongs as right. And that way, they can do no wrong and others are never right.

The Malays however, is totally the opposite of the chinese. They are aware that they are divided and very much concern over it. They want to unite, but too damn ‘holly’ to do so. The Malays always find their fellow Muslims brothers and sisters as wrong. Therefore, many of them choose to be in a party that can do no wrong that is, PAS. Muslims, especially UMNO members who are not a member of PAS are judged as unIslamic or in worse cases, non-Muslims.

Through naked eyes, there is no difference in the way both parties practice Islam except that UMNO has done more for Islam than PAS, in every way. If I am not a Malaysian and looking from the non-Muslim’s point of view, I would believe that PAS portrays the true Islam and that Islam is backward, unintelligent, and even barbaric. Fortunately, I am a Malaysian and I’ve been reading enough about Islam to know that PAS is not anywhere near to Islam.

In order to justify their ‘holliness’, PAS needs to differentiate itself from UMNO. Since both are practicing the same Islam, PAS needs to find a way to stand up as the only real Islamist. And so, PAS choose to wear gowns like the Arabs and announce the fight for a total implementation of sharia law, the Hudud.

As for now, Hudud, has been the only excuse left for PAS to not unite with UMNO. It is the only reason left to argue on UMNO being un-Islamic and PAS the true Islamist. The only problem is that DAP and PKR are not going to accept Hudud - not in a million years. Without DAP and PKR, PAS might as well kiss their dream of power goodbye and forget politics altogether. PAS is not willing to do that. And so, PAS hangs on to Hudud on one hand, and on DAP, on the other hand.

UMNO has always been very clear that the party does not see Hudud as a necessity, what more a priority in Islam. I have taken the trouble to ask around and found the same answer that there are no particular, specific guidelines on Hudud. In fact, again and again I found that the Prophet Muhammad had tried to avoid having to punish wrongdoers by Hudud’s punishment.

According to Hudud, rape victims are supposed to provide 4 witnesses with no deadly sins in order to prove the crime. However, problem number one is that Islam also stated that humans are no judge of other human’s sins. Problem number two is that, any sane person, what more a non-sinner, would never let such crime takes place in front of his eyes. And we are talking about 4 non-sinners!

These problems are what we called the impossible.

Failing to prove the crime would let the victim to being punished as a liar and should she got pregnant by the rape, she would be stoned to death for adultery.

Now, why would God give such impossible cases as guidelines, unless the law is not meant to be implemented?

Hudud is a picture of a perfect world where it is possible for humans to commit no sins and no rape would ever take place. A world where humans are so true and pure that no one will ever steal anything. And if the humans ever did commit such crimes, it would not be impossible to get a confession from them. For all we know, the wrongdoers that were mentioned in the story of the Prophet and Hudud, they all confessed to the crime and asked to be punished.

Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect. Our world is full of sinners and hearing them confessing to a crime is something out of this earth, what more begging to be punished! Even religious scholars can be evil, and the Quran had specifically stated it clearly. That is how corrupt our world is.

Although Hudud is the problems of the Malays, it starts to bothers me when UMNO chooses to play the same Hudud game. UMNO starts speaking the same language with PAS in the quest for Muslims unity. What UMNO forgets is that PAS brought Hudud up not because of Islam, but rather as a political tool. UMNO should never have tried to grab or share the tool with PAS. UMNO should just stick to its original stance on Hudud that it is neither a necessity nor a priority.

By showing support for Hudud, UMNO is opening doors for the suspicious eyes of the busybody superpower to peek into our affairs. Should Hudud be fully implemented, Malaysia will not be their ‘friend’ anymore, but rather their ‘enemy’. Every step we make will be monitored and watched carefully. Pretty soon, we might also hear about honour killing or craps like that and provide every reasons for foreign ‘intervention’ as the lines between justice and injustice is blurred.

In no time, the colour of terrorism will be painted in our country.

The Prime Minister has been promoting the spirit of moderation but somehow he does not see the importance to stop all these talking about supporting Hudud by UMNO members. It seems that he gives full freedom for every leader of UMNO to say anything they like and to make their own assumption on UMNO’s stance towards Hudud. He seems to not hear the shouts for Muslims unity through Hudud.

While unity should make the Muslims stronger, unity through Hudud will not give them the same effect. A united Muslims practicing Hudud Law will only be weaker than they already are. They will be busy judging and punishing people on every little thing rather than looking at the bigger picture of living. There will be more angry and mentally disturbed Muslims and there will definitely be more social problems and more crimes. Of course, not all will be reported so as to safeguard the name of Islam.

Admit it or not, the Muslims are not striving for the sake of justice, but for the law itself – not for the sake of Islam, but for the hypocrisy of it. Therefore, destruction is almost certain.

If Muslims are serious in wanting to build up strength, they should start with mastering science and mathematics, not Hudud. Until then, no law or prayers would save the Muslims from destruction.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Too ‘Greedy’ for Malaysia, Too Proud for China, Too Dirty for Singapore, To F**ked up to go Elsewhere

The Independent of UK has this to report: 
Immigration rules leave stateless Malaysians in limbo
Misleading legal advice has stripped people of their nationality, leaving them unable to stay in Britain or to work in their home country
Hundreds of former Malaysians have been rendered stateless after being told an obscure British travel document would make them UK citizens.
Up to 1,000 Chinese Malaysians are now blocked from returning home while having no legal right to stay in Britain after receiving misleading legal advice. They were told that a combination of a British Overseas Citizens (BOC) passport – a relic from the UK's colonial past – and the formal rejection of their Malaysian identity would be an easy ticket to becoming British.   Instead, the Home Office has turned down their applications to stay in the UK and Malaysia refuses to recognise them as citizens. This has rendered them unable to live or work legally in either country.
It is likely that many other nationalities are also affected, as the BOC passport can be issued to people from any Commonwealth country.
Most of the Malaysians affected have been in the UK since 2002, when a law was passed that made it harder for those with BOC passports to become British. Some have been deported, only to be sent straight back to Britain on the return flight. Others arrived in Malaysia to be granted 30-day tourist visas which left them unable to work and forced them to leave the country every month.
Malaysians are not allowed to hold dual citizenship, which is why many were advised to make a formal rejection of their Malaysian nationality. They were not told such a decision would be irreversible.
Kenny Chin, 29, has been given only 30-day visas since being deported from the UK last August. He renounced his Malaysian citizenship when he first came to the UK eight years ago. The former restaurant manager has been told he will not be able to regain his citizenship, so he is forced to travel to the Thai border every month and cannot work legally.
"I knew they wouldn't recognise me in Malaysia because I'd been given a formal letter saying I was no longer Malaysian," said Mr Chin. "The Home Office just said 'keep quiet about the letter and it will be fine'. But when I arrived in Malaysia I was only given a tourist visa and when I went to try to get a new ID and passport the authorities said there was no such application. The British government doesn't want to take any responsibility – I just don't understand why it still has these BOC passports if they mean nothing."
Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, was outspoken on the issue when he met a stateless, former Malaysian, Tracy Koh, at an election event last year. He said: "Everyone here would agree that what Tracy has told us is simply unfair," before describing the immigration system as "inconsistent, bureaucratically incompetent and administratively chaotic".
Critics say the coalition has done nothing to change that situation.
Neil Jameson, the executive director of Citizens UK, said: "People like Tracy have been left stateless for too long. We need The Deputy Prime Minister to act quickly to rescue them from limbo so that they can get on with their lives and contribute to British society."
A spokesman for Mr Clegg said discussions were "ongoing about how to resolve this issue". The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes MP, said he would raise the issue again with ministerial colleagues.
"This should be seen as a distinct issue, separate from the general question of immigration," said Mr Hughes. "The numbers are small and it makes pragmatic sense to try to deal with all these types of cases in one go, as a matter of policy."
A report by the think tank IPPR for the Foreign Office, which is due to be released at the end of the month, singles out Malaysians duped into renouncing their citizenship as examples of "special cases" which would be most easily resolved by allowing them to stay in Britain.
Don Flynn, the director of Migrants' Rights Network, said "This complex situation has arisen from the legacy of the UK's colonial history, generating confusion and anguish. It would be helpful if the UK authorities could show some imagination and compassion and come up with a solution to finally resolve their circumstances."
Again, it is the Chinese that we are talking about here - the Chinese who thinks that they are too good for this country and that Malaysia doesn’t deserve them - the Chinese who believe with all their hearts that they would be better off elsewhere than in Malaysia.  What’s funny is that their ‘elsewhere’ doesn’t include their forefathers’ land. They didn’t choose to go to Singapore also, as the country could be a little ‘too clean’ for them. 
So..they’d rather go ‘elsewhere’ where there are no vernacular schools and no chinese language newspapers and not a chance to become a cabinet member - than in Malaysia.  Using the BOC argument, they chose to go to Great Britain!
The fact that these Chinese have dropped their citizenship, proves that all these privileges that they fight for in Malaysia, are all hypocritical.  They don’t need or even care for any of those privileges. They are just throwing tantrums because they don’t want to be ruled by Malays. 
We have had enough of the Chinese telling the world about them being discriminated and treated like second class citizens.  We have had enough of their unending ridiculous demands.  We know for a fact that nothing would ever be enough for them, not until they sit on the Prime Minister’s seat.
At least, those 1,000 ++ Chinese had chose to do the right thing, that is to drop their citizenship altogether.  I bet that when asked by foreigners about why they chose to do so, they would say that Malaysia didn’t treat them right and that the bumiputera privileges have closed all opportunities for them to prosper.  And the Muslim’s morning prayer calls make their lives miserable.  And the Malay-government is so corrupt that they hardly can do a decent business. 
In fact, you don’t have to be a foreigner to hear all these whining.  I hear it every day at the office.  Yet, this same race boasts of holding the economic power, thus, the Malay-politicians. 
The contradiction in their own statements never seemed to ‘strike’ them.  They would be as hypocritical as they please and any rational, factual debate would not do any good.
I have come to a conclusion that you cannot deal with irrational Chinese as they will never play fair.  You cannot discuss with them as they cannot digest anything that doesn’t spell ‘profit’ or ‘money’ for them.  
With the Chinese, you can only learn to control them and to do so you must remember that history is always the best teacher. 
Therefore, you have to study about the rise and fall of the Chinese Dynasties throughout the centuries.  You have to study how Mao Zedong managed to get the Chinese to be so loyal and how Lee Kwan Yew managed to teach them hygiene. 
Malaysia has had enough problems with these greedy, disloyal, unpatriotic, racist, chauvinist Chinese.  Having 1000 of them dropping citizenship is a blessing and their ended up becoming stateless is not and should never be our problem. 
These Chinese have gone to UK in the spirit of hatred towards Malaysia.  They have abandoned Malaysia at their own free will.   Should anybody wants to help them, then it should not be at the expense of Malaysia’s pride. 
Now, DAP is trying hard to help them but instead of helping them to become British citizens, the party is trying to get their Malaysians citizenship back!  Didn't these people have made it clear that they don’t want to have anything to do with Malaysia anymore?  Why help them stay?  Unless, DAP knows that they will vote for DAP in the next election…
This is why I feel sick in the stomach when I heard that the UMNO Home Minister is already ‘preparing the red carpet’ to welcome them ‘home’ – probably with lanterns and firecrackers, who knows? 
While the Home Minister is thinking that he is being ‘politically brilliant’ by playing the good guy and that the Chinese would appreciate and thank him later on, he is only providing hard-evidence of UMNO’s weakness and the more reasons for the Chinese to ridicule the government. 
It seems that the Malays can never learn from mistakes.  Somehow they love to repeat mistakes and even ‘perfected’ them to the extent of losing everything. 

Well, we always get what we deserved.  The greedy may eventually lose it all but the idiots will always get shits.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Controls the Media, Controls the Minds

While Malaysia is trying its best to find MH370, the foreign media is having 'a good time' making speculations and creating stories for the sake of ‘ratings’. As days go by, the foreign media seems to be more and more concerned on the ‘government of Malaysia’, rather than the passengers and crews of the aircraft. While they try desperately to create news out of nothing, they make it a point to sum it up with a question of the credibility of the Malaysian government.

For the foreign media, it is not the whereabouts of the flight that is the issue, but it is about Malaysia-China relationship. It is not about MH370 at all, but about whether Malaysia can stand on its own.

Obviously, MH370 is a game for the foreign media. In order to understand the game, we must first understand the players:

Back in 1983, 90% of the American media was owned by 50 companies. However, in 2011, that 90% is controlled by only 6 companies:

1. NEWSCORP: Fox, WSJ, The New York Post etc..
2. TIME WARNER: CNN, HBO, Time, Warner Bros etc..
3. CBS: Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL, Jeopardy, 60 Min. etc..
4. GENERAL ELECTRIC: Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features etc..
5. DISNEY: ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, Marvel Studios etc..
6. VIACOM: MTV, Nick Jr., BET, CMT, Paramount Pictures etc..

We know for a fact that who controls the information, controls the world and who controls the media, controls the minds. Now, who controls all these media?

There are seven Jewish Americans who run the vast majority of US TV Network, printed press, Hollywood movie industry, book publishing industry and recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by these individuals:

• Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
• Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney
• Edgar Bronfman, Jr Presiden and CEO cum Sr. Chairman of Seagram Co. Ltd and Head of Universal Studios
• Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom Inc.
• Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
• Peter Chernin, Presiden and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited
(Source: John Whitley -

The amount of money these conglomerates make could easily reached USD300 billion, which would be enough to buy a small country. And if we look further, we would come to understand the link between these media conglomerates and how they help the US, or more accurately, the Neo-Conservative controls the world.

In order to do that, these media often ignore real issues and continue to fuel flames just to create the effect needed to flare up some political agendas in some countries. The M.O is always the same: If they cannot make the people in these countries believe them, they make them confused.

Now can you see why the Fox News is as cunning as the fox and why CNN is called the Cunning News Network?

Many governments in many countries had fallen to the ground as their people were unable to distinguish the truths from the lies, and eventually chose to fall for the lies.

One news channel may not be able to move masses, but with hundreds of channels with tens of millions of individual followers around the world, these foreign media have the power to make people believe in even the most ridiculous stories. Team the news up with films, TV programs and music as ‘supplementary food’ for the minds, the media can make all Muslims look like terrorists and can also make the Muslims themselves believe that Islam is all about terrorizing.

These media is now attacking Malaysia using the same M.O, by manipulating news on MH370 tragedy. Every day, they try to make us look weaker, incapable, thus, vulnerable. Rather than pointing fingers towards the useless U.S satellites technology, their ‘un-sophisticated’ assets and expertise, the media choose to point fingers towards the humble and sincere government of Malaysia who is focusing on only one thing that is, to find the missing flight ASAP.

They try to turn China against us and try to bring the people against the government. At the same time, they try to paint a picture of Malaysia being a possible breeding ground of extremists and terrorists. All these ugly pictures are painted by them as a pre-emptive measure to justify foreign interference when the time comes.

If there is any positive outcome from MH370’s missing, is that, it has helped exposed the game as well as the players and the back-benchers. We can see clearly now which media or which politicians or political party that are actually helping the foreign media tear us apart. By seeing this, we can save the country by not believing in everything we hear on the media.  The future of Malaysia is in our hands, not the media, if only we don't let them control our minds.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lim Kit Siang, Musa Hitam: Prisoners of the Past!

If you are a regular reader of Lim Kit Siang’s blog, you would come to realize that this guy has real problems of letting go of the past. Kit Siang relives 13 May tragedy again and again as if he couldn’t accept the fact that he was defeated, lost and found guilty. He couldn’t accept the fact that he had failed - that the Chinese had failed to conquer Kuala Lumpur and bring down the Malay-government.

Now, Kit Siang is ‘pestering’ for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to re-investigate the tragedy that happened 45 years ago. It is pathetic how this guy is fighting for the future by trying to change the past.

I didn’t know that this psychological problem of ‘unable-to-let-go-of-the-past’ is contagious until Musa Hitam brought back Memali onto PAS’s platform just recently. Now, Kit Siang is asking for RCI for Memali too.

Who knows wha’t’s next. Perhaps, next week, some PKR guy would get ‘infected’ with this psychological disease and bring back Sauk or Ops Lalang onto the headlines and demand for RCI also.

I don’t know what good will it makes for these people to bring back the past. Don’t we all have enough problems already? Why would we want to dig old graves when we need to build a nation?

You know, there’s a difference in ‘living in the past’ and ‘learning from the past’.

‘Learning from the past’ means you accept the past and try to not repeat the mistakes. ‘Living in the past’ means exactly the opposite. Denial of past failures will only lead to repeating the failures and eventually made the person, a loser.
“Winners learn from the past and losers live in the past.”

I am not a religious person, as many of you must have known. However, I believe that people with strong faith and firm stance will eventually win any battle just because they don’t have to deal with guilt and self-conscious. All they do is focus and move on. Whenever they make mistakes, they corrected it, learned from it and strive to do it right. They don’t get distracted with lust, greed, hatred or resentment. - They are the winners!

What is happening with Musa Hitam and Kit Siang is definitely a symptom of a ‘loser’. This Musa Hitam guy is definitely having ‘guilty-conscious’ over what happened in Memali. He tries to deny being the one who ordered the shot in the Memali incident. He tries to deny being the one responsible for the bloodbath.

This guilty-conscious plus the vendetta that he has against the other Tun must have blocked some of the blood vessels in his head and forgot that in 1985, though we didn’t have internet, we did have newspapers and that today, we can easily archive all the newspapers from the internet and share it with only one click.

What we found was not surprising. Musa Hitam was the Home Minister and also Acting Prime Minister at the time of the incident because the Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir was in China for an 8 day visit. The orders the boss had given on Memali, as Tan Sri Sanusi Junid recalled, was to catch Ibrahim Libya alive.

Still, it was Musa Hitam who was in-charged and he was even reported to ‘warn those who challenge law’ as spelled out boldly in the NST 20th November 1985.

Musa could have stand by his decision just as Tun Mahathir has stood by him then. The people accepted Musa’s decision well. We all, the majority of Malaysians, respect Musa’s firmness. We all agree that those who challenged the law must not be tolerated. That’s the way it should be and should always be.

But Musa has to demonize his ex-boss just to fulfill his hatred and he had to lie in order to do so.

Now, he is giving the shovel to Lim Kit Siang to dig old graves hoping to find or create something to bury his ex-boss. Almost ‘naturally’, the Oppositions media are fast to receive the call for RCI for Memali. My question is, for what? What’s in it for the country? Nothing!

Unless, the RCI dug as far into PAS’s Memali Fund, then at least, the widows and children of Memali may finally get their money back.

Musa Hitam hatred towards the Tun matched that of Lim Kit Siang’s. Try they must to demonize him, in every chance they get. Although the Tun has resigned, he still haunts them day and night.

This is understandable in the case of Lim Kit Siang since Tun Mahathir is like a fort that guards the Malays and the country. Tun is always fast in giving the warnings should any new policies are to be passed that may not be good for the country, or his race, especially.

He is the first to detect the cunning move made by the west in their quest to rule the world, and voice it out. And his voice is always heard. As much as he loves his ‘bangsa’, he believes in living harmoniously with all races. Therefore, he doesn’t need to pretend or lie like other politicians in their effort to win the hearts of everybody. All he does is call all races to learn to give and take and to accept that this is the only way to live harmoniously.

I think, Lim Kit Siang has realized that he needs to reduce Tun Mahathir’s influence in order to achieve his dreams of ‘Chinese Supremacy’. Other politicians may have a price, but not the Tun which makes him a hell of a problem. The Malays listen to him and look up on him for guidance and advice. Kit Siang knows that the Malays aren’t able to think on their own and without the Tun looking after them, they will never survive – not with the kind of leaders they have now – in PR and BN alike.

‘Get rid’ of the Tun, get rid of the Malays, so it goes for him. However, Lim Kit Siang can find no way to ‘get rid’ of the Tun. And this is why he is living in the past, hoping to paint a different picture, a different story and turn things around. He needs to make Tun the bad guy, and he and all the enemies of Tun, the good guys.

Well, here’s a quote for Kit Siang:
“The past is never there when you try to go back. It exists but only in memory. To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess." - Chris Cobbs

It’s 2014 now and Lim Kit Siang’s son is governing Penang. Musa’s buddies are all around in BN as well as in PR. Both of them have a chance to prove themselves as better leaders than Tun Mahathir. Therefore, instead of going back to the past, why not help the son and the buddies to build a better Penang or Selangor or Kelantan or the whole country?

Why not show us the real brains by offering great ideas or constructive criticisms towards the government? Or are there no real brains but only the mouth doing all the work?

If Musa or Kit Siang may admit, most policies now are the same as in Tun Mahathir’s era but there was also no problem of racial polarization during his time. Malaysia was at the top of the world while in his hands.

Only now that some of the policies or Acts have been changed or abolished altogether as per PR’s demands. With that in mind, isn’t the country should be in better shape now, than then? If Tun Mahathir was so bad, why are we going a step lower every day now that the Tun is no longer governing?

The reason is because, Musa and Kit Siang and their counterparts (which include some BN leaders) are trying to invent the present by changing the past, while believing that they are creating the future. The fact is, the present is already invented, the past cannot be changed and the future very much depends on the present. Unfortunately, Kit Siang and Musa and their counterparts are not living in the present so how can we expect them to create the future?

You see, besides going back to the past just to demonize Tun Mahathir, what else can these two losers do? Nothing!