Monday, January 27, 2014

PR Waving White Flag?

Yesterday 26th January, 2014, Anwar Ibrahim made a special announcement to the rakyat, calling for a ‘truce’ with Barisan Nasional. He voiced out his ‘concerns’ over the worsening racial polarization in the country and wanted to put the nation first, before politics. For that, he wants to sit down with BN, to talk things over and find the best ways to put an end to the rising racial tension.

I must say that it sounded obnoxiously dramatic when it comes from Anwar’s mouth.

Last week, Lim Kit Siang voiced the same thing. He suggested for BN and PR to form a joint Summit secretariat to assure the people that there will never be another 13 May.

And coming from Kit Siang’s mouth it sounded like a bark that means ‘UMNO Racist!’

I don’t believe anything good that comes out from these politicians’ mouths.

We have witnessed UMNO holding out hands to PAS for a shake but were rejected again and again but we have never imagined DAP holding out hands to BN. Not as long as BN is led by UMNO.

Anwar holding out hands for BN, on the other hand, is not a surprise. This guy would hold out his hands, his legs, his heart, his pride and everything if it means getting a step closer to power.

By the way, talks about Anwar wanting to ‘work together’ with BN have been going on since after Lahad Datu. Anwar was said to be desperate to escape conviction and was willing to ‘negotiate’ for his name to be cleared. But this time, it is more than just a selfish call.

This time, Anwar is calling for truce in the capacity of ‘DAP’s tool’ for building bridges to reach out to the Malays.

We know that Kit Siang has been harping about 13 May in his blog postings ever since the kangkung flash-mob by PKR’s Lee Khai Loon. Although DAP insists that it was not a racist issue and that DAP has nothing to do with it, but the situation has now come to an ‘Orange Alert’ anyway, thanks to DAP’s hate-campaign all year round.

DAP then suddenly realized that they have gone overboard in inciting hatred towards the Malay-led government and now have to double their effort in gaining the Malay’s support and trust.

However, it is a little too late now, isn’t it, Kit Siang? The hatred that you have been sowing is now growing and spreading uncontrollably. Suddenly, a Chinese Principal made a Muslim convert Chinese teacher to take out her head-scarf if she wanted to continue teaching in SJKC and some Chinese audience made a Muslim convert singer to do the same if she wanted to perform in their company’s event.

Few days after, we were stunned by a police report of a Chinese SJKC teacher making a cow out of his Malay students. The teacher might have passed it as not being a racial issue, but still it is a human rights issue.

The funny part is that I don’t hear any human rights activist screaming over it. The fact is that, this is no small matter. A teacher is supposed to be teaching the kids about respect and humanity, to be an example of everything good. But this teacher has now taught all the kids in the school that it is okay to humiliate other people. And just imagine the trauma and shame that the student has to endure. He must have lost his self-confidence altogether. It could be a life-long suffering.

I wonder what if the same was done by a Malay teacher to a Chinese student? It would surely become the international news headlines. PR would have turned the country upside down. I can already imagine a speech by Marina Mahathir about how ‘inhumane’ and ‘barbaric’ the Malay teacher is.

But none of these occurred because the teacher is a Chinese and the student is a Malay and DAP, PR, the Human Rights NGOs and activists are all a bunch of hypocrites.

Therefore, this ‘bridge’ that Anwar is supposed to help DAP build, is nothing but a false call for unity to buy some time for the race to Putrajaya. Once they get there, unity can go to hell and the Malays can just go and die and the Chinese will rule; don’t we hear this often enough on DAP’s supporters’ social network?

Therefore, this ‘talk’ or ‘truce’ that PR is proposing to BN should not be entertained. Anwar is merely a tool to hide the true racist colour of DAP.

Now, bear this in mind: Kit Siang knows that whatever he is doing will lead to racial tension. He had done it before and he is doing it again.

So, we don’t talk to a tool and we certainly don’t talk to a hypocrite. These people will never admit anything. Talking with them will only heightened the anxiety of the people and will only confirm the perception that the government is in a very weak state.

My sincere advice to BN is, don’t make the people angrier than they already are.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Human Rights, or is it Human Wrongs?

Here is what’s happening in Malaysia: A Muslim lady decided to go half-naked on stage is considered her rights but a Muslim lady decided to go fully-covered on stage is considered as ‘not so right’.

At least, this is how the human rights champions in Malaysia see it. I remember when the country went berserk over the banning of Muslim ladies’ participation in beauty contest and a few NGOs came to their defend saying that it is their rights.

One of the NGOs is surprisingly named after Islam that is, Sisters in Islam (SIS). Hmm...okay, I admit, I was not that surprised because I know that Marina Mahathir is on the Board of SIS and Marina cannot be defending the Islamic Law as that wouldn’t be ‘cool’.

And this is where the problem lies that is, the hypocrisy of the so-called human rights champions.

As I once wrote, Marina is not fighting for human rights, she is merely fighting against her Malay-Muslim-self. (Is she a Muslim? She should be, or she would not be on the Board of SIS, right?...I mean, right?)

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t agree with Marina on this.

I do agree that those Muslim chicks should be allowed to enter the beauty contest as it is their rights. They are not going to be naked on stage, for God’s sake!

It is not that Malaysians have never seen ladies in bikinis before. Ladies in bikinis might be a disturbing sight for the Ustazs though I doubt it, but then, if it is so disturbing, just take your gaze away from them. Go read the Quran, take a deep breath, drink coffee or something and calm down.

The contestants obviously know what they are doing and they are willing to shoulder the sin, so be it. If you asked me, I would rather they be sinned than despised or leave the religion altogether. And I thought Islam is not about force.

However, that is not why I’m writing this article.

My problem is, where is these Human Rights champions or SIS or Marina Mahathir when Choi Yi Shan, a Muslim convert teacher was forced to take out her head-cover by the school’s Principal?
And where are they when a singer, Marinatasha Isnariah Mustapar was scolded and forced to take out her head-cover if she wants to perform at a company’s function?

Why don’t I hear anybody screaming human rights? Is it not their rights to wear anything they want? So, I take it that the Human Rights champions will only fight for ladies who want to wear bikinis in public but will not fight for those who want to wear hijab? This doesn’t make any sense.

With this, I hereby would like to call all the Human Rights NGOs in Malaysia to just drop the act. Stop pretending to be hollier than thou. The truth is, these NGOs don’t even know what is right. They exist for the wrong reasons right from the beginning. They are biased, narrow minded and ridiculous. Enough said.

Monday, January 20, 2014

‘Moderate’ is the new ‘Extreme’?

Malaysia has always been a moderate country. I mean, how much more moderate can you be? If we all agree that Saudi or Pakistan is extreme in terms of religious practice, then we must agree that Malaysia is a moderate Islamic country.

There is no such thing as ‘honour-killing’ in Malaysia. We don’t force our Muslim ladies to cover up from head to toe. The Muslims can always go on a date or to a party like everybody else – men or women.

However, the line is drawn just up to dating and partying. It is wrong for Muslim unwed couples to meet up in isolate places and they certainly are not allowed to live together.

Gays, lesbians and transgenders are wrong as according to the Law and could be punished and forced to live a straight life.

To be frank, I see this as ‘fair-enough’.

Malaysians are allowed to a certain extend of freedom but are still bound by the Law of God. Christians are made of the same Law too, so there should not be any problem at all in abiding this simple natural law. This is why I believe that Malaysia is the best place to raise kids. We are free to watch Sex in The City series without the ‘sex’ scenes that may embarrass us while watching with the kids. We don’t have to be overly protective as to what the kids watch on TV or the cinemas as everything has been ensured to be ‘adequately’ appropriate.

Somehow, all of the sudden, some people today seem to start thinking that our moderate living is not good enough. They tend to push the line of moderation, thus, unbalancing the ‘cans’ and the ‘cannots’. According to them, there shouldn’t be any ‘cannots’. Every human must be allowed to do anything they like because it is their rights. The Law of God must not bypass their needs and their wants – their lusts.

Suddenly, liberation is the new moderation and ‘moderate’ is the new extreme.

Now, we must not confuse between liberation and moderation.

Not letting the Christians use the word ‘Allah’ in the replace of ‘Father’ in the bible is not an act of defying moderation. For all I know, Christians don’t need to use the word ‘Allah’ in order for their prayers to be accepted. In fact, they don’t really use it except for some quarters who want to pick a fight with the Muslims. And these people don’t use the word ‘Allah’ when they are praying at home when nobody’s listening. Believe me, I know.

True Christians won’t pick a fight with anybody. Therefore, I feel sick in the stomach to see Lim Guan Eng or Hannah Yeoh ‘preaching’ about how to be good Muslims! I mean, why don’t they start by trying to be good Christians instead and not create tension in the country?

One more thing, the ‘jawi’ writings on signboards are not a sign of extremism but it is part of the country’s history. So, never let the Chinese tells you otherwise.

On the other hand, the Chinese writings on signboards are totally unnecessary as it doesn’t originate from any part of Malaysian history except that it came with the Chinese immigrants back during the days of Hai San and Ghee Hin.

I cannot read Chinese, so Chinese writings on signboards mean nothing to me but pure racism. It shows how the Chinese community is totally out of touch with reality. Well, it is about time they accept that they are not in Hong Kong or China but in Malaysia – the land the Malays so generously shared with them and the rest of us.

What I’m trying to say here is that since May 13, 1969, Malaysia has never been in so much tension until some quarters decided to bark that the kind of ‘moderation’ which Malaysia has been practicing, has expired.

Let me re-iterate that ‘liberation is not moderation’ and we should never get mixed up or confused by their deafening annoying bark.

The truth is, Malaysia has always been a perfect model of true moderate muslim country to the extent that we don’t have to declare to the world that we are moderate. The world knows.

It is when we started to announce it that we open ourselves to scrutiny and debate.

There is no need for Malaysia to redefine, reaffirm or renew our slogan of moderation, we just need to stand on it, proudly.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rags to Riches, Riches to Rotten

Many believe that you only get to be wealthy if you already come from a wealthy family. Many also believe that if you don’t come from a wealthy family, the only way to get rich is the wrong way.

The truth is, our people refuse to believe that hard-work and faith can really turn rags to riches.

In general, we take the word ‘rich’ as the same meaning with ‘successful’. And admit it or not, many of us believe that the only way to be ‘successful’ is to be involved in corruption.

And yet many had proven that they can beat the odds, like Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary who didn’t finish school because the family couldn’t afford it. He becomes a millionaire through years of hard-work.

There was also the late Tan Sri Lau Gek Poh who had to pawn his wife jewelry to start a business which later turned into a family business that includes dealership of Mercedez Benz and Porche. Of course we have the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong who escaped hardship and war in China and worked as carpenter and vegetable farmer before things got better for him and founded Genting.

In the west, they believe that hard-work and great mind or great talent can get you anywhere you want to go. Therefore, they don’t always relate ‘successful’ to ‘corruption’. Corruption might ‘help’, but then, corruption alone won’t get them anywhere.

Just to name a few of rags to riches from the west:- Howard Shultz - a son of a truck driver who managed to get a scholarship that finally led him to a decent job in Xerox. He later bought a coffee-shop called Starbuck and becomes one of the richest men in the world.

Francois Pinault - quit school for being so poor and worked in his family’s timber business before decided to take risk and started buying small businesses. He is now one of the richest men in the world.

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg are among the ordinary or less than ordinary people who made it huge. Some may not come from the rags, but they all make their billions from their talents, hard-work and great minds - not from corruption.

These successful people, they explore, they discover, they invent, they conquer their fields and own the world. They stand proudly with their brands and marks. They live luxuriously and deserve every penny of it.

In Malaysia, however, people can become as rich by just being corrupt alone.

You don’t believe me? Haven’t you heard that luxurious ‘lifestyle’ is the trend or the ‘in-thing’ in Malaysia today?

Don’t you know that there are Malaysians, including the young ones, who can afford a vacation on luxurious yatch, relaxing on the beach of the Carribean, shopping in Harrods or eats at the finest restaurant in Paris and smoke the finest Cuban cigar? And they don’t even have to have talent or discover anything.

We know that there are Malaysians who had honestly made it to Hollywood. To name a couple who have made it to the top are Michelle Yeoh and Jimmy Choo. Both of them had a humble start from the bottom, had gone through hardships before finally broke the barriers with determination and great talent.

However, apart from these two names, we don’t really know how some other Malaysians get invited into parties with the Stars, mingling with people from the list of Fortune 500, flashing their million dollar mansions and cars – living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. England, Manhattan, Paris is second home to them, not just a vacation destination anymore.

But even with all their ‘success’, we cannot relate their names to any talent, product or business or ideas or invention or discovery or anything at all, that could have put them there.

I mean, how did they get so rich when they haven’t done anything as big that could have caught the attention of the world?

Now, let’s not pretend that we don’t know where they got the money from.

We all know, and the world knows, that these not-so-significant Malaysians got to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous by simply being corrupt. They don’t really do anything to get there, that they might as well print a name card that says ‘Corruptor’.

What is amazing about them is that they don’t have the slightest shame flashing their money and luxurious lifestyle when everybody knows that they don’t deserve a cent of it. They just feel fulfilled by the emptiness of their heads.

Speechless eh? Talk about being corrupt to the bone.

When a person is corrupt and proud of it, it is a sign of a rotten soul. While others turn their lives from rags to riches, these corruptors just turn from riches to rotten. And rotten souls stink. You think people can’t smell it beyond the Armani suit?

When other riches served as inspiration to the world, these rotten souls only serve as a shame to the nation.

And we still believe that we can become a First World Nation in few years to come?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dear Leader, Is Everything Alright?

I can’t help but noticed the growing tension in the blogosphere, particularly in pro-government blogs. Pressure is increasing for the PM to do something about everything. On one part, the people see nothing is right, and on the other part the leaders said everything is alright.

When people see nothing is right, things cannot be alright, can it?

Let’s just be frank and not beat around the bush. I’m not a politician, anyway, so I don’t say you look fine when you actually look ugly. I say things as it is. I just hope you can appreciate my honesty.

From where I’m sitting - that is on my decent swivel typing chair in this very dull messy room - it looks to me that the government is having a denial syndrome.

From my conversation with friends and neighbours as well as relatives, they seem to believe that the government has come to a dead-end, that it doesn’t know anymore where to go or what to do in order to regain the people’s confidence. Everything that comes out from the Ministers mouths seem to backfire.

After all the publicity stunts and promotional slogans and alphabetical games of transformation, confidence among the people keeps running low fast, to almost zero.

Why so? The government asked. What else do the people want? What do the Malays want? What do the Chinese want? What do the Christians want? What do the Muslims want?

Well, here’s the news. The government aka the dear leader is asking all the wrong questions. The right questions should be: What do you want? Where are you taking us?

On the other hand, the questions that the people have for the leader are: Who are you or what are you? Are you a liberalist? Are you a Muslim fundamentalist? A PKR, DAP or UMNO?

So, we heard that the dear leader is a moderate Muslim. Fine! Malaysia has always practice moderation. When Tun Mahathir laid out his stance as a Muslim fundamentalist, I believe it is all about moderation because Islam is about moderation. Am I wrong? I don’t think so.

I understand that being a moderate Muslim doesn’t mean that you have to be less Muslim and more liberal, or less UMNO and more PKR-DAP. It also doesn’t mean that you have to embrace enemies and appoint them as your ‘DRIVER’ or Secretary. It definitely doesn’t mean that you have to honour the liberals by appointing them as your Consultants for Unity.

This is where you lost it. You don’t dare to stand on what you believe in. Therefore you expose yourself of speculation and perception. People see you as a liberal who is pressured to prove yourself among your DRIVER and your consultants and your friends. They are all liberals, aren’t they?

In case you forgot, this is a democracy country where the majority has the most rights. The majority in this country is Muslims, and they don’t approve liberalism. Whether or not you agree with them, you have to lead by their voices. Believe me, you can never lead by the majority’s voices when you have all these liberals advising you, pressuring you and telling you what they think is right as according to their liberal beliefs.

That is one point for you to ponder.

Secondly, it seems that you insist that your DRIVER (PEMANDU) has done nothing wrong. You also defended yourself saying that appointing consultants is a necessity because the government officers of today don’t have the capability to handle the job.

Okay, if this is true that the DRIVER is so capable, then why do we see wrong moves, stupid decisions, flip-flops, racial and religious crisis and bloodshed (Lahad Datu)? Whose fault are they? It cannot be categorized as ‘natural disaster’, can it?

Abolishment of ISA and Prevention Act was wrong. You have seen the result of its abolishment. Being forced to come out with another act that is said to be harsher, does not help. Your credibility to make decision has already been questioned. You only proved that you are only too eager to impress the enemies. It makes you look weak. Damage done!

No matter what the government said about Lahad Datu, people know that the Oppositions are behind it. No action taken against them is another proof for the rakyat, that something is wrong. Damage is undergoing!

Being too concern about international agency’s ratings and giving it as an excuse on every unpopular moves, strengthen the perception that the government has no other means of generating income except from foreign investments.

What makes it worse is that the foreign investment that you targeted is mainly in development – whereby the investors come and build commercial centers, houses, shops etc. Don’t tell us that suddenly Malaysia don’t have the expertise to build buildings? So, people take this as silly. Damage is done!

You know, getting investment through development projects doesn’t bring much benefit to the people. It only encourages more problems of illegal immigrants and higher unemployment rate for our people. We don’t really bring money in, but instead push the money out. People take this as stupid. Damage done!

And then the minimum wage. You should know that it will only increase the price of everything. It will also lead to problems of immigrants and unemployment for our people. You cannot shift the blame on the businessmen as you, and your economic advisors should have known the after effect if you have done the study first. No matter where you shift the blame, damage is done!

Now, whose ideas are these? ‘The’ DRIVER? Your incapable government officers? Or the consultants?

The people know for a fact that the liberals whom you invited to be around you belong to the world of business - the corporate world. They can never understand the lives of the real people out there. The policies and ideas they proposed usually lack of touch to the ground. That is why you hear screaming every time a new policy or action is announced. Or haven’t you heard? Have they closed your ears too?

You see, whether or not the minimum wage or whatever announcement you made has been implemented, it doesn’t make any difference. Like I put it, damage is done or undergoing. Confidence level can only be raised when you admit that these are your problems and correct them. Still, there is no guarantee to it, but you can at least try.

I am writing this with good intention to see things get better. I believe my life won’t change much whoever is in power but I hate to see Malaysia go down the drain under the hands of the Oppositions.
So, I need to help in whatever I can to see that BN stays in power.

My conclusion would be that you will need to accept the fact that the majority of Malaysians reject liberalism, so please get rid of the liberals around you. The DRIVER has failed, get rid of them too. Get capable officers and get rid of the useless ones. By doing this, I guess you can stop the flip-flopping and start making the right decisions.

If you really need consultants to advice you, get the ex Officers, Ministers and Leaders with proven track record to act as think tanks or advisors. FYI, here, in the real world, when we need an advice we will seek it from our ex-CEOs or GMs with proven record – not the young officers.

I’ll tell you what, in the real world, the young officers of 20s or 30s are only fit for junior Executive jobs no matter if he or she is the world’s best student because without experience, their brilliant brain cannot be that brilliant. They are not wise enough to handle crisis and problems, what more the size of a country.

But most important of all, a leader in the real world, makes decisions and take the blames on every fault made, regardless of whose advice or whose doings.

I just hope you read this my dear leader – with an open heart and open mind. Time is running short for you and for the country. With all due respect and with lots of love, I’m asking you for once, be wise.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can NUCC Be Unbiased With Marina Mahathir On the Panel?

The 31 members of the recently-formed independent National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) sat for the first time on Monday. All eyes and ears are on them as the controversial JAIS raid of BSM premise was said to be the hottest issues on the agenda.

NUCC was formed to tackle the polarization problem that seems to be getting worse by the day. Now with the ‘Allah’ issue and the JAIS’s raid, things are not looking good for the country.

The only way for NUCC to be able to solve the problem is of course to first trace it back to its source – to the beginning of it all.

For a start, let’s ask ourselves, have we ever had a problem with the word ‘Allah’ before? No!

So, how or when did this problem started?

It all started when some jokers who think that they will be better Christians if they pick a fight with the Muslims. It started when some bad Christians think that Jesus would love them more if they could trick as many Muslims into converting to Christian. It also started when some dumb Christians think that they worship the same God with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and every religion of the world.

These jokers, these bad and dumb Christians are now pushing, demanding, insisting, bullying and almost threatening the government into letting them use the word ‘Allah’ for ‘God’ in the Malay translation of the Bible.

Why so, remains the mystery of the universe. So, this is where the problem began. Hope NUCC had come to the same conclusion.

In addition, there is also this mystery of a few crazy Muslims who decided to back-up the Christians and bash ‘their own religion’.

Now, why is the Malay bible suddenly becomes so significant for the Christians and these few crazy Muslims?

In Malaysia, the Christians are usually very proud of their English. Some Malaysians converted to Christians just to be more ‘Mat Saleh’ or ‘English’. In their tiny little brains, they think that having an English name means having higher ‘standard’ in the society.

I hate to admit it, but many Christians I know like to belittle ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ and call them names.

Therefore, I find it shameful and disgusting when the Christians suddenly are ready to tear the country apart, jeopardize the unity and fight to the death, so it seems, just to use the word ‘Allah’ for ‘God’ in the Malay Bible.
I mean, come on! Most of the Christians here don’t even want to speak Malay! The crazy Muslims who support the Christians too, don’t speak Malay.

However, my biggest concern here is that many of these crazy Muslims sit on the panel of NUCC, namely, Marina Mahathir.

This is why I feel the need to remind NUCC to stay clear and focus on national unity and not try to interfere or to be smart about religions. Religion, though all of them teach us that unity is the way to live, the reality is that ‘religion’ is the main excuse or reason for disunity. If NUCC really keen in finding solutions, it better keeps religion out of discussion and stick to law and constitution.

We all know for a fact that allowing Christians have been and are doing fine using the word ‘God’ ‘Father’ and ‘Lord’ as in reference to God. Changing those words in the Malay Bible wouldn’t take us to a better heaven.

In fact I’m afraid that it will lead us to hell as the matter is obviously brought up with evil-intention.

I must remind the NUCC members that the NUCC is formed by the government with divine intention. Therefore, the least that NUCC can do is to show respect for the law and the Sultan.

Talking about the Sultan, I don’t understand why the non-Malays and the crazy Malays in Malaysia act like they have nothing to do with the Royal Institutions. As citizens of this country, we must embrace the institution, the constitution and the law. We can never unite if we keep fighting against our own identity.

And as Christians, you can never find peace in your soul if you keep denying and refusing to be who you are.

In view of it all, the core subject that should be tackled by the NUCC is how to make the people understand that we all have to unite under the same law and constitution. NUCC must make the people realize that we are all Malaysians and that Malaysia is an Islamic country with Sultans in every state. The majority of the people in Malaysia are Malay-Muslims.

So, accept it, and live on.

The fact is that there is really nothing wrong with our law and constitution and it is proven so by our having arrived at where we are today.

Therefore, the Christians must stop to bloody hypocritical bullshit of insisting on using the word ‘Allah’ in the bible of any language. The Christians know and the NUCC knows that it is not an issue at all. It is just an evil plot to disunite and turns us against each other.

And before I go off, I would suggest the NUCC to just sack Marina Mahathir from the panel for being so dumb. She actually said that all religions worship the same God, the One God of the Universe and that the name of the Gods shouldn’t be an issue.

Well, if the name is not an issue, why fight like crazy to use the name ‘Allah’? My Muslim friends now asking me, why not just use the name ‘Marina’ as God since ‘God’s name’ is never an issue for Christians? Why must pick a fight with the Muslims? I so…cannot answer them.

I can only say that most Christians don’t agree with Marina and we all conclude that Marina just love to see people fight, that’s all.

So, NUCC and our leaders up there, please take note. There is no point appointing a person who loves to fight, to advice the leaders on how to make sure that the people do not fight with each other. Be aware that this person is not interested in unity, she is only interested in killing her own identity as a Malay.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Marina Mahathir: The Human Stains

Marina Mahathir could have been the envy of every woman in Malaysia for being the daughter of the great statesman. However, she turns out to be the nation’s greatest regret. Despite her father’s stronghold of religion and Malay customs, Marina despise all those. Her own culture, tradition and even birth-religion are somewhat archaic and irrelevant to her. But Marina doesn’t mind other culture or religion of others, though.

Marina thinks of herself as a freedom fighter, a human rights champion – the savior who would show people what is right.

Except Islam and Malay, Marina has always been very vocal in supporting the fights for other religion and culture in this country. Thus, has always been very fiercely critical against Islamic belief and teachings that contradicts with her ideas of human-rights.

Human rights is almost like a religion for Marina. And in this religion, to achieve total freedom is life’s ultimate objective. Marina believes that God is mere a concept shares by all religions and so, there shouldn’t be any problems on whatever we call our God as we all refer to one God. But are we?

Marina is right about all religions teach us to be good. The only problem is, we cannot be talking about the same God when the Hindu God might looks like Elephant with 8 hands and a Buddhist God may have bald head and big round tummy that needs to be fed. The Christian’s God is made of 3 entities with one being fathered by another and eventually murdered. The Muslim God is One and Only and Infinite in every way. I know, because I do read the Bible and the Quran.

Therefore, while we all believe that all religions share the same concept of goodness, they don’t at all worship the same God. There could be only One God that is looking after us all but not all believers of religions are referring to the same One.

For example, we all may have grandfathers that we look up to and adores but even if we all think that our grandfathers as the greatest, doesn’t mean that we have the same grandfather.

Anyway, I’m not in a position to talk about any religion because I’m not a religious person.

I am only going to stick to the subject of Marina as I think she has gone overboard in her liberal fights. Her hypocrisy and insecurity of being a Malay is starting to show. Marina is trying overly hard to prove to herself and her friends that she ain’t an ‘ordinary’ Malay, and that she is the more brilliant one, at par with her Chinese, Indians and Mat Salleh friends.

For me, Marina is a very sick woman who is starting to make people sick with her insecurity and hypocrisy. Marina doesn’t fight for justice or human rights or freedom, but she is merely fighting against her roots – Islam and Malay. It’s like the movie The Human Stains where Anthony Hopkins plays the part of an African American who passed as a Jewish man. He disowned his own roots and buried his past because he hates black people and hates himself for being black.

Too bad for Marina, her family background is the nation’s historical record which she neither can deny nor hide like Anthony Hopkins did in the movie. What is worse for her is that she only gets to where she is today, effortlessly, because of her background - because she is the daughter of a Great-Malay-Muslim-Leader. She is nothing without her impressive background.

I am not attacking Marina because I am pro any religion or race, I am just saying that anybody who has trouble identifying his or herself to his or her roots is definitely sick. I am also practicing my freedom of speech to say things as like, just like Marina always tells us of how life should be lived – freely. If Marina can judge and condemn those that she despised, like the Islamic authorities, I can do the same to her too. She may do the same to me, for all I care.

I can’t believe that a way beyond middle age woman still needs to seek approval of her friends.

Honestly, I can only shook my head in disgust seeing her with the placards in the Lady of Lourdes church, proudly displaying her biasness in the issue. We know how the Chinese and Christian Evangelists have been provoking and challenging Islam lately, but Marina never once criticized them. I don’t recall her condemning the porn couple Alvivi either.

But Marina is very quick to lash out at Islamic religious authority or the Muslims NGOs at the slightest opportunity.

If this is not biased, then what is? This is why I said that Marina is not fighting for religious freedom or anything at all. She is hysterically trying to escape from everything that identifies herself.

For Marina’s information, I am living in a Christian community and we don’t feel comfortable using ‘Allah’ when referring to the Lord. I admit that I don’t actually practice Christianity anymore but all my Christian relatives and friends don’t understand why any Pastors or Priests or ordinary Christians would need to fight to the death or create tensions just to use of ‘Allah’ in preaches or bibles.

So, Marina, we find your excitement in championing the issue on behalf of the Christians as silly. All I can say is that you are overdosed with your own liberalism.

Apart from that, it is clear now that you are championing the fights for the Oppositions, particularly the DAP Evangelists whom even true Christians don’t approve.

So, stop thinking so highly of yourself when you should be ashamed of yourself. Go home, look in the mirror – and remember this: Christians are against LGBT too! We have had enough of your friends’ attempts to divide and screw up the country. We just want Malaysia to be as harmonious as it has always been. If you find Malaysia so revolting, go live freely elsewhere and take your friends with you. Christians don’t need you to fight for anything!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

MCA Declaring War Against UMNO?

MCA has been stabbing UMNO’s back ever since the last election. Not feeling any guilt nor shame over the poor performance of the party and for stabbing UMNO from the back, MCA continues to injure UMNO using ‘The Star’ as a weapon – a scissors, to be exact.

Sadly, the wounds are never treated but left exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria.

All the while, MCA is telling UMNO to kow-tow to the Chinese, give them all they want, land and properties reserved for the Bumis, projects, tenders, places in universities, the GLC and government top posts – everything with no holds barred. The rich Chinese should be given all the opportunities to be richer as it is their rights. The poor Malays should just work harder to catch up because that’s what ‘fair’ is all about.

MCA believes that with DAP gaining more power, UMNO will have to submit to the Chinese wish, demands and command sooner or later.

However, UMNO continues to hold on to Bumi’s rights as it is the main reason for the party to be able to continue to exist. Meanwhile, the lands and properties in Iskandar Malaysia, in Pahang, and coastal areas everywhere slowly fall into the hands of either the Chinese or foreigners.

This only happens because UMNO is hurting so badly and is very-very weak. The open wounds are infected while what is left is decaying. Without any treatment, UMNO will bleed to death or died of infection.

MCA is fiercely watching UMNO die but still, the dying process is not fast enough for them. Seeing that UMNO is not going to let go of the policy as easily and as quickly, MCA decided to stab UMNO right in the torso while looking right into its eyes. MCA decided to ‘give UMNO a lesson’ for not kow-tow-ing to the Chinese demands.

In his statement to the press yesterday, MCA’s president, Liow Tiong Lai said that the party will build a closer working relationship with Dong Zong to unite all Chinese for a better education in the country. He then added that the party is against all racial policies.

Liow may be against racial policies but obviously he is not against racism.

Dong Zong is a Chinese extremist NGO. It breathes on the spirit of Chinese racism and still very much linked to the mainland in heart and soul. It forever longs for Chinese ruling of the country, never want to accept the facts that they are living in the land of the Malays. Never want to assimilate with other races and forever fighting to be isolated and above everybody else.

To work closer with Dong Zong is to embrace Chinese extremism, thus, defying national aspiration.

Dong Zong doesn’t fight for a better education for the country but it fights for a totally separate education for the Chinese. Dong Zong doesn’t care if the Chinese kids aren’t able to speak the national language fluently because what is important to them is for their kids to master Mandarin, the national language of China. Dong Zong denies the subject of history of Malaysia for their children, but upholds the history of China. Dong Zong looks up on Mao Zedong and is never interested in Mat Kilau or Hang Tuah or Parameswara.

To summarize it all, the existence of Dong Zong is the source of racial problems in this country.

Therefore, by working closer with Dong Zong, MCA is telling UMNO that it is all about Chinese VS Malay now. In other words, it is a war. The coalition of BN merely serves as a back-up plan should the Chinese lost the war.

UMNO is still in denial of its worsening condition ever since the last election. UMNO takes MCA as a brother and refuse to believe that MCA actually stabbed it repeatedly and cold-bloodedly. UMNO’s love for MCA is so pure that it is willing to die in the hands of the brother without a fight.

The only problem for MCA is that, UMNO doesn’t belong to the leaders, it belongs to the people. The leaders might not fight, but the people would do anything to save the party. Not just the Malays but all unracist Malaysians who realize what UMNO has done to maintain peace and harmony, will be praying for UMNO to survive.

Honestly, I don’t think Malaysia would survive and achieve as far should it be DAP or MCA who ruled it. And I don’t even dare to dream of PAS or PKR ruling it. Somehow, Malaysia failed to produce sufficient numbers of capable leaders. All we have are wannabe leaders, glamour-seeking, publicity-crazy people who want to be as rich as Donald Trump or Bill Gates without having to work hard or invent anything. On the other side, we have these hypocritically greedy people who live and die for money.

I am not an UMNO member, and I can never be one. But one thing I know is that Malaysia needs UMNO for it is the only party that is able to be fair and just to all races.