Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Diplomatic Relation between Taiwan and Malaysian-Chinese?

Taiwan has been known as the most preferable place for the Malaysian Chinese to further study and work, but the number has gradually reduced over the years as competition rises. Due to this, according the reports by Chinese newspapers, the Taiwan is offering some very attractive opportunities in its effort to attract foreign students.

Taiwan is being chosen by Malaysians Chinese because the country recognized the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) which is not recognized in Malaysia. Malaysian government refused to recognize UEC as it defies the effort of unity and is against the country’s aspiration of bringing the people together with one language. The students from SJKC or private chinese schools are known for their poor national language skill and lack of knowledge in the country’s history.

It is proven today that Chinese schools produced unpatriotic Malaysians. This was displayed to us by our students in Taiwan as they held our Malaysian flags upside down as a protest against 2013 election result.

They are not only unpatriotic but very much a racist. Their hatred towards Malays and Islam seems unbearable as shown in comments and posts in the social media. The hatred is spread around the internet and on the ground that it has now become a threatening disease.

What is interesting is that some Malays and Indians chose to send their kids to SJKC too, and many of them are able to master Mandarin perfectly. Few of them could have ended up in one of Taiwan’s university too....I don’t know.

However, unfortunately for these Malays and Indians, they are not entitled to the attractive offers by the Taiwan government as mentioned above.

The Taiwan government has made it clear that the offers are only for the Malaysian Chinese and not for all excellent UEC holders or Taiwan University graduates. In other words, apart from the diplomatic relation between the two countries, there is also a thing called ‘diplomatic relation between a country and a race’.

Among the offers made by Taiwan are job opportunities specifically for the Malaysian Chinese in Taiwan and a Credit Guarantee by Taiwan government specifically for Malaysian Chinese entrepreneurs without collateral, to receive bank loans in Malaysia.

Wow! Do you know what this means? It means that the Taiwan government is taking care of the Malaysian Chinese almost like their own ‘rakyat’. Now, the Chinese don’t have to ask for Malaysian government’s help anymore, they have Taiwan government to back them up. Problem with UEC is solved now because the Chinese kids can just further study and work in Taiwan. There is no need to question Malaysian government helping bumiputera businessmen anymore because the Chinese businessmen can run to Taiwan government for the same.

But I have a better idea, why don’t all Chinese move to Taiwan instead? That way would be easier for everybody. No more cries over Chinese Education, no more grudges over Bumi rights and no more Muslim’s prayer calls in the morning. We could all live a happier life after all.

What we can learn from this is that the racial bond of the Chinese is real. Their racism is real.
They can be Malaysians or Americans or Indonesians but their loyalty is only for the race and their love is only for the money. This, we must understand. Failure to understand this, will lead the country down the hill.

MCA, Gerakan, DAP, whatever their names are, they are the same. They are the Chinese. They stand as one - one way or the other. There is no right or wrong for the Chinese as they take it as they are always right. Someone put a cow’s head in front of an Indian MP’s house and blame the Malays, they must, not the Chinese. There is no need for an Investigation or Inquiry as the proper channels are only needed when a Chinese is being blamed.

You can’t argue on economic facts or chart up a graph to show how the government have helped them grow, and expect them to agree because they never will agree. They will only stop demanding when they have had it all and ‘all’ for them, is infinite.

They tell you that you must not bribe, but bribery is how they build their business. They accuse you of cronyism when they are given government monopoly contracts on a silver platter. They manipulate their party election and they call you a cheater.

They can do all these because they are racists. Hey, this is a fact just like it is a fact that Malays are mostly lazy.

You see, this is what the Chinese are all about. Hypocrites, shameless, no moral stance, no factual arguments, no guilt, no sorry, no thank you, no nothing until they get their feet up on your heads. All their talks about values are only for others - not them. All talks about patriotism, unity and aspiration will only be translated by them as ‘Chinese Supremacy’. Trying to negotiate with them is a proof of weakness which will only lead you to your palms and knees. You can't win with a racist unless you are a racist too.

I am sure that not all Chinese are as heartless, but finding one rationale Chinese is like finding a needle in a haystack. If only the government is clever enough to identify the rare species of rationale Chinese and get them together to form a force and work something out, maybe replace the NUCC or whatever…then, we might still have hopes.

Until then, the Malays will just have to defend their rights as fiercely as the Chinese try to grab it away. Now, don't hate the Chinese if you can't defend your rights.


  1. Hi SD Roswell

    Thanx for writing this,
    Could you provide your sources for the article
    1. Job Opportunities specifically for Malaysian Chinese in Taiwan
    2. Credit Guarantee by Taiwan government specifically for Malaysian Chinese entrepreneurs without collateral

    Thanx in advance

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply. I should have put the reference in the article. Sorry again for that. My friend sent me the information in a translated summary as the news are in chinese. The info was sent on 30th june so i assume it was published on the same date. Hope he got the translation right:

      1. Sin Chew Jit Poh (p1 lead .pix) Chinese graduates in Taiwan : Taiwan Executive Yuan (the executive branch of the government ) president Jiang Yi-huah has decided to allow outstandingoverseas Chinese students to workin Taiwan beginning July 1 , this year. Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan University, Malaysia president Lee Cher Chong ( translated name ) said the Taiwanese government believed that outstanding overseas Chinese students must be used to improve the competitiveness of Taiwan as the government spending huge sums of money each year to nurture talent.

      2. Nyang siang pau (p1 lead ) The Taiwan Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund is negotiating with local banks to provide credit guarantees to Malaysian Chinese entrepreneurs without collateral to receive bank loans, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia told Nanyang Siang Pau. The amount of loan guarantees is from USD 150,000 to USD 200,000.

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  2. SD Roswell,

    Thank you

    I found this link online based on your reference


  3. Wanna know the truth? Malaysia is a fine country. The ones ruining it are the Chinese who can't stop picking up the mainland-China way of thinking: anything white is superior, anything dark is inferior. Because of this backward thinking, Malaysian Chinese can't stand to be governed by the DARK Malays.

    I think IF we had left it all up to Chinese when the British was still in power, Malaysia will NEVER get its independence from British. Chinese will be more than happy to kiss the Brits' asses and serve the whites forever and ever (Hong Kong is the example). To the racist Chinese from vernacular schools who are reading this, who mostly are not fluent in English anyway, quit your obsessions toward WHITE people or just anything WHITE. If you look at the WORLD culture, the whites don't even LIKE you. They make fun of you all the time. Do you not realize that???!

  4. well said..sometime i try to tolerate with those chinese..but like you said "finding one rationale Chinese is like finding a needle in a haystack" ..

  5. "...but finding one rationale Chinese is like finding a needle in a haystack."

    --the 10% who voted BN last general election are getting lesser and lesser... thanks to the net.

  6. The good thing about Chinese is they will smile and be nice to you when your pocket is full of can see the bad thing about Chinese when the money in your pocket runs out..