Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dyana: a Testimony of UiTM’s Success or Failure?

‘Why are young Malays abandoning UMNO?’ was a question posted by Lim Kit Siang…err..I mean, Yasmin Disney, in a write-up that was published by Malaysian Insider recently. In short, Kit Siang..opps.., Yasmin, concludes that the answer to the question is ‘racial politics’.

Based on DAP Teluk Intan’s by-election candidate, Dyana Sofea’s own words , Yasmin (ah..I typed it right this time) highlighted the following factors:

1. racial politics was nothing but a scam
2. racial model is nothing but a means for power-hungry leaders to stay in power
3. old Umno, lead by Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Abdul Razak, simply no longer exists
4. pervasive culture of corruption and nepotism that benefits the already privileged and further alienates the poor
5. rich children of Umno leaders were admitted into UiTM while poorer but more qualified non-Umno linked families were shut out
6. equality, justice and human rights are of fundamental importance to young people

Hmm…I must compliment Yasmin for having the same flair of writing as Kit Siang’s (they both just cannot leave Tun Mahathir alone. The article mentioned ‘the Tun’ twice even when there is really no need to) which is why I keep mis-typed ‘Yasmin’ as ‘Kit Siang’.

Since Dyana’s mother was an UMNO Divisional Secretary, Dyana must be talking about herself when she mentioned ‘rich UMNO children’ and ‘nepotism’ and ‘the already privileged’ as reasons for her losing faith in UMNO.

Well, I don’t know what to say about this except that Dyana must be the biggest idiot for condemning her own self. She seems to be totally unaware that what DAP is trying to make her do is confess that she is not credible and that her qualification is not based on merit. In fact, Kit Siang specifically wrote in his blog that Dyana is a ‘testimony of UiTM’s chancellor’s failure!’

It is as if, DAP is parading Dyana around, saying “look, this is how stupid a UiTM graduate is”.

Of course, not everyone who enters university will become wise and intelligent. Dyana is obviously one of the few defect products of UiTM, while thousand others succeed. In fact, Dyana is such a total failure that she couldn’t even recognize an insult by her own boss.

If anybody had alienated the poor and taken advantage of their privilege as UMNO member to enter UiTM then it is the fault of that ‘anybody’ himself and neither the University nor UMNO should be blamed.

Obviously, Dyana’s mother is the ‘anybody’ that Dyana is referring to. Therefore, should Dyana need to condemn ‘anybody’ for the unfairness then she must first condemn her mother for using her privilege as UMNO member to put her daughter through UiTM.

For Dyana’s information, there are about 50 employees altogether at my workplace and around 12 of them are Malays. Among these Malays, 5 of them are UiTM graduates and none of them are from a privileged family. One told me that his family once survived on some sort of ‘program for the poor’ (PPRT or something, I didn’t really get it). Another one is the first child of the first Felda generation. The other three were from ordinary, middle class to lower income family. Oh yes, I can sense that one of them, at least, is not pro-government because he is very vocal about it. It seems that his parents are hard-core opposition supporter.

But let me tell you this; they are all as capable, or more capable than those graduated from Sunway University or Taylor’s College. I must say that I am very satisfied with their work so far.

So how would Dyana explain them?

I understand that UiTM has about 400,000 students all over Malaysia. And Kit Siang, Dyana, Yasmin or whatever…. is telling us that they are all ‘children of rich UMNO members’. I wonder just how many children does an UMNO member have? And they are all in UiTM? And they are all rich? Then the Malays must have represented the highest taxpayers in the country. No?

Dyana claims to be a lawyer, though that is debatable. Anyway, we all know that lawyers aren’t good at mathematics and figures but lawyers should know that all arguments must be based on facts and figures, evidence and witness, motives and alibis. For instance, you don’t simply say that everybody in my company is pro-opposition by referring to one person’s opinion. You don’t go around saying that UiTM is being unfair to the poor just because you want to impress your Chinese boss.

You have to quote a figure, a statistics, a percentage…a ratio..or something to back up your argument and present the evidence. If you cannot, then you are not fit to argue, what more to contest a by-election and represent the people!

I agree with Kit Siang or Yasmin, that the root of the problem is racial politics: UiTM helps the poor Malays to further study and get them ready to stand as tall as other races and DAP doesn’t like it. DAP wants Malays to stay poor and uneducated.

UiTM wouldn’t be a problem to DAP should it failed to produce good quality graduates but unfortunately for DAP, is didn’t fail.

You see, it is the Malays that is the problem and that is why DAP has no problem with the vernacular schools but only feels agitated with UiTM because vernacular schools don’t produce racists, it just produced stupid DAP members.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crazy Stupid Politics

An article by ‘Life of Annie’ about ‘Stupid Malay Men’ caught my attention the other day. It was a short yet a very ‘compact’ article, just enough to explain the mentality of Malay men. Of course, not all Malay men are stupid but most of them are, especially those in politics. And this includes those graduated from the most prominent universities in the world.

We cannot, however, tell whether they become stupid after they joined politics, or they joined politics because they are stupid.

Still, this doesn’t mean that men of other races in politics are not stupid. Oh yes, they are stupid too, but only a different kind of stupid. I’m telling you that the Chinese-men-kind-of-stupid is a lot more dangerous because it comes in a mass, not individual.

For example, Lim Guan Eng can say that DAP couldn’t count the approximately 2,000 votes correctly because the computer broke down and all Chinese would believe him whole-heartedly and stand on the same argument forever.

If the Malays only drool over Dyana Sofea, a DAP’s dumb-blonde lawyer-supposed-to-be, the Chinese would elect that dumb-blonde as their Representative. Never mind that she cannot perform or even understand her job, as long as she remains dumb and follows DAP’s orders, then all the Chinese would vote for her.

The Chinese knows that voting the dumb-blonde would not cause their business to go bankrupt or their lives become poor because the BN federal government will make sure of that. BN government always takes very good care of the people - always has and always will. And yet, the Chinese will not vote BN!

- This, is what I call a special kind of stupid.

Just the other day, an Indian politician from DAP decided to start a fight and called UMNO ‘Celaka’ which resulted in the Malays running amok. He then refused to apologize and insists that ‘Celaka’ is just a bad word that means nothing and that there is no need for all the ‘amok’.

Like a true gangster, he repeats the word again and again, obviously enjoying the rage that he had ignited. But at the same time, he is scared and demands to be protected from the amok of the Malays.

- This, is what I call the stupid kind of stupid.

And guess what? This ‘Celaka’ issue has now turned into a stupid game called ‘who will apologize first?’.

Well, UMNO has been an expert in apologizing ever since. UMNO will apologize for anything even when it is not its fault. In fact, UMNO has been very apologetic in its actions and words lately. Therefore, I have a strong feeling that UMNO will eventually apologize for being such a ‘celaka’ to DAP… .(.and MCA too?).

- This, is what we call plain stupid.

You see, the problem here is how long will we be able to stand stupidity? Can a country survive when all politicians are stupid? What will happen to us if we keep electing stupid politicians to serve and rule?

We can’t fix stupid, but we can vote it out. Unfortunately, in Malaysian’s context, this is almost impossible because that would mean we will have nobody to serve and rule.

The U.S and other western countries’ leaders including their MPs and Representatives aren’t that smart too, but their countries have arrived at a point where they may survive on autopilot, at least for a couple of decades to come. This is so because, while they may not have the most brilliant leaders, they do have the most brilliant people. They have scientists and engineers who invent, discover and create things that the world needs, and for that, they help ensure their countries’ survival.

Therefore, I believe that a country can still survive when only the ‘leaders’ are stupid, but not when both the ‘people’ and the ‘leaders’ are all stupid. Therefore, since we cannot fix the leaders, let us fix ourselves:

For that, the Chinese are going to have to stop thinking as ‘one’ in terms of race, but start using their own individual brain. - In other words stop being that special kind of stupid aka racists.

The Indians are going to have to stop manipulating their own brains just to justify their actions. - In other words, stop being that stupid kind of stupid aka hypocrites.

The Malays will have to stop drooling, and start learning to use the brains. - In other words, stop being stupid aka stupid.

If everybody is getting smarter, ‘stupid’ will eventually extinct and we will not have to elect stupid politicians anymore.

Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds as some of us are stupid by choice.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lim Guan Eng Says ‘OK’ To Call Malays ‘Celaka’?

I thought that marching down the streets and into the prohibited areas, wrecking up police cars or giving the officers a bloody nose and stitches on the head is what the Oppositions called ‘democracy’. I thought, this is what they are fighting for, the kind of country that they dream of – where people can break into government buildings just to show that they don’t like the government.

I recall the Oppositions pointing at the BERSIH & Blackout protestors proudly, saying that ‘this, is democracy’.

However, when the people marched down the Penang Assembly building, the Penang government issued a condemnation of the act, calling the protestors ‘gangsters’. Its Speaker, Datuk Law Choo Kiang said that “this has never happen before in history of the assembly” and is extremely disappointed that it is happening today.

Well, it never happened before because no Representative has ever called the Malays in UMNO as ‘Celaka’ in an official sitting before, and RSN Rayer of DAP just did that. So, which part of ‘Celaka’ did Datuk Law not understand?

Things don’t happen without a reason and I’m sure Datuk Law or the Penang government is very much aware of it but are just too hypocritical to admit.

Malaysia had been very peaceful for so long with every race living together harmoniously. Nobody ever questioned the Malay privileges or the facts that the Chinese are conquering the economy. Everybody accepts the fact that no one race can have it all, or lose it all.

Therefore, what changed? When did this racial madness start? And why?

Do take note that there is no change in government at the federal level. It is the same government that has ensured peace and harmony ever since. In fact, the country had reached its peak, under the same government. So, we cannot blame the federal government for what happened.

Then, what is it that has changed? A few state governments, of course.

No one can deny that all these racial madness started off in 2008 when DAP/PR managed to get hold of some political power and started questioning the constitution. It started off when the Evangelist-Christians that is backed by DAP wanting to use the word ‘Allah’ in Bibles. And the LGBTQs started demanding for their rights. And Namewee and Alvivi made fun of Malays/Islam. And DAP started pushing for history to be changed and make communists the hero and Lim Kit Siang a victim in 13 May tragedy.

This, is what makes Malaysia what it is today.

And DAP, being DAP, will never ever admit their wrongs or say sorry. So, RSN Rayer says that he is not sorry for calling the Malays ‘Celaka’ and refused to apologize.

We must remember that an UMNO leader was made to say sorry for calling the Chinese ‘keturunan pendatang’ at one time ago.

While Chinese being ‘keturunan pendatang’ is a historical fact, ‘Celaka’ is a pure bad word.

Because historical facts are the truth and the truth hurts more than a mere bad word, DAP took the word ‘keturunan pendatang’ hard, but condemns the protest by the Malays against the word ‘Celaka’.

In other words, DAP seems to be saying that it’s ok to call the Malays ‘celaka’ and the Malays should just swallow it quietly.

For that, all of the sudden, the marching down the streets and tearing down the gate of the government building is not cool and all these ‘samseng’ acts is not what democracy is all about anymore.

As I said, DAP being DAP, it will always see things in double standard and talking the party into some rationality, is simply impossible. However, what unsurprisingly surprising is that a Press Secretary to an UMNO Minister, our Dearest Regina Lee, seems to agree with DAP too.

Regina, in her tweet, calls the people to just ignore Rayer altogether. Rayer calls UMNO Celaka, so what? Her boss obviously doesn’t mind.

Hmm…Perhaps, it’s time for UMNO to UBAH its slogan; rather than ‘Dulu, Kini, Selamanya’, why not change to “Forgive, Forget and Forego” and let’s wish for Malaysians ‘happily ever after!’

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lim Kit Siang is Dyana’s Press Secretary?

I don’t think I am exaggerating by saying that Teluk Intan’s by-election’s result will serve as a statement of Malaysians’ mentality, particularly the Chinese. From the result, we will be able to see whether the people were able to vote sensibly, that is by looking at the track records and credibility of the candidates and not hindered by the logo of the party or the look of the candidates.

As we all know, media coverage on Teluk Intan by-election is obviously biased whereby the DAP’s candidate, Dyana Sofea, has taken up all the limelight. Because of this imbalance-coverage, I have to dig out from some other sources just to get some information on her opponent, Dato’ Mah Siew Keong, the BN’s candidate.

What I found on Dato’ Mah, I must say, is very impressive, and a much worthy news to read compared to this Dyana Sofea’s craps.

BN is betting on a candidate with vast experience in serving the people. Dato’ Mah Siew Keong, was a council member in Hilir Perak in 1995. He became a Representative for Pasir Bedamar in the same year. In 1999, he was a Member of Parliament for Teluk Intan and managed to retain the seat in 2004. He became a Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry before switching to Agricultural portfolio in 2006. Dato’ Mah is now the President of Gerakan.

To mention some of his ‘good deeds’ during his long service, Dato’ Mah had realized the 10km flood mitigation project and helped solved the problems for the people along Sungai Perak. He is also active and effective in his fights for education, agriculture and welfare of the locals. He had set up a dialysis center with the help of local NGOs and was the key role in getting the funds for various other projects eg. Chinese temples, Chung Hua Medical Foundation, Community College, Bus Terminal and etc..

From the record, Dato’ Mah had obviously fought hard for the people as well as for his race, in particular. There is no reason whatsoever for the Chinese or any race in Teluk Intan to reject him.

Therefore, if this by-election is held among a normal, sane and civilized society, Dyana Sofea wouldn’t stand a chance with Dato’ Mah.

Dyana is new to the world. She has nothing to show and nothing to offer to the people of Teluk Intan, except her face, maybe. And after I watched this video, I don’t know anymore whether Dyana is the Political Secretary of Lim Kit Siang or is it Lim Kit Siang who is her Press Secretary:

Dyana went ‘blank’ (I think she was really about to ask, "tunku aziz who?") when a reporter touched on the subject of Tunku Aziz - a Malay, who once naively trusting DAP with all his heart, just like Dyana. History in short, Tunku Aziz joined DAP hoping to make a change but was slapped in the face and offered a ‘bribe’ to stay, so he left. Hmm…What does Dyana has to say about that? It was such a good question that will help us understand her stance, her views and visions in DAP.

Unsurprisingly, Dyana went ‘totally blank’. While a ‘slap’ woke Tunku Aziz up, Dyana is sleeping soundly. Lim Kit Siang had to save her by taking the microphone away and brushed off the most brilliant question as ‘irrelevant’.

If Dyana is a little smarter, at that very moment the question was asked, she must have realized that she is not ready for this, and that she is way too far-fetched, in this political world. She hasn’t arrived anywhere, but yet she thought that she has made it big just because she is ‘accepted’ by the Chinese.

Dyana, like Marina Mahathir, (as her mother claimed to be), they live in a tiny world in their little tiny brain, a victim of inferiority complex that has turned into a superiority complex. Because they think their minds are wide open enough, they closed it up, disabling new information to be absorbed and analyzed. Because they think that they are smart enough, they refuse to continue to learn. And because they think they have seen it all, they choose to close their eyes.

And so, they become dumb, which explains why Lim Kit Siang has to be by Dyana’s side all the time. Kit Siang is afraid if Dyana says or do the wrong thing. Dyana needs to be led and monitored. She doesn’t have the wisdom to understand what this by-election really means, or what politics might lead her to.

Dyana is specifically selected because she’s dumb and the trick is that, she must be kept that way.

Now, let’s wait and see whether the people of Teluk Intan are even dumber than her. Would they elect a person who had done so much for them and is capable to do so much more, or would they elect a dumb girl who has nothing to offer but to ‘kill’ her own race? Would ‘killing’ her own race do good to anyone?

But Kit Siang said that putting Dyana in the arena is a proof that DAP isn’t thinking about race at all. Well, if this is not about ‘race’, then why does Dyana keep talking about it? I don’t hear Dato’ Mah talking about it though…

Friday, May 16, 2014

Vietnam: Another Lesson for the Chinese

It is reported today that Chinese citizens in Vietnam have begun crossing the border into Cambodia to escape violent protests over the South China Sea conflict. What started off as a dispute over maritime zone that should be handled politically or even military is now being dealt with by the ordinary Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese vandalized and set fire to factories in industrial parks. The death toll remains unclear. Reuters reported that five Vietnamese workers and 16 others "described as Chinese" were killed during the rioting. Chinese state media said more than a dozen people, most of them Chinese, were dead or missing. The protests have triggered an exodus of thousands of Chinese businessmen and their families, many of whom have been living in Vietnam for years.

What is happening is clearly more than just anger over the maritime dispute, but a long suppressed-vendetta - and I don’t think we have to ask why.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Chinese, about people getting fed up with your attitude, hypocrisy, greed and arrogance. I warn you again and again not because I care so much about you, but because I care for the country and the world. Bloodshed will not benefit anyone.

Only in my previous two posts that I shared with you the story about Chinese being raped and killed in Indonesia during the 1998 Reformasi riot. The ‘greed and conquer’ approach of the Chinese had took its toll as the economic recession pushed the people out of their sanity.

Prejudice, even anger and hatred against the Chinese, is becoming a ‘trend’ all over the world.
There have been protests against Chinese in Philippines. Not long ago, an Australia’s former Minister had also come out with a warning to the Chinese over their ridiculous demands on the rights to ‘live as if their grandpa was the one who discovered the country’. The ‘temperature’ is also rising consistently in America and Britain against the Chinese.

No, it’s not because of communism or because China has now made it big in economy, but because the attitude of the Chinese as they roam and breed in other peoples’ countries. Their lack of hygiene, courtesy, manners, empathy, respect, gratitude, tolerance, understanding and mostly the unwillingness to assimilate with the original settlers, is what make the Chinese, impossible friends. Not to mention the crowded, messy, dirty China Towns and its vicious gangsters.

It is mind boggling how a civilization of 5000 years still acts like
the people in the stone-ages.

Isn’t it about time the Chinese learn about values rather than profit? I know it’s hard for the Chinese to do this because they are the only people on earth who are expected to take their wealth to the grave.

However, if the Chinese wants to keep making money and doubling their wealth, they need to cool the greed down. You cannot continue to make money if you are burned down along with your factory. You cannot double your profit if you are chased out of the country.

There is a limit to everything, except stupidity, of course. Unless the Chinese are stupid, they should have learned to put a limit to ‘greed’. From there, they must learn to stop the ridiculous demands and the provoking. They must learn to respect and to be grateful.

Arrogance and greed will not make you great it will only get you killed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All Races in DAP Must Fight for the Chinese!

There are not many Malays in DAP, although the party always claim that it is a multi-racial party. And among these few Malays, almost none of them made it to the top post. No matter how long they have served the party, they will always remain as just one of the members, without any significant position.

The same scenario can be seen in almost all our private sectors where Malays will remain as lower subordinates no matter how brilliant and capable they are. Only when there is a need, like liaising with government officers, the Malays will then be put forward as top representatives of the company. If there is no such need, they will remain as second-class employees.

The Malays in private sectors learned their lesson well. Most are very much aware of the Chinese’s strategy to keep them away from the more important posts and higher salary. Over time, they become stronger, smarter and all equipped with the will and ability to survive the backstabbing and discrimination by the Chinese. As a result, the Chinese find them more and more intimidating and therefore, will do much more to ‘curb’ the rise of these Malays. With the company being owned by the Chinese, the Malays cannot do much but hang on and remain on the ‘losing’ side in this ‘brutal warfare’.

The scenario might be the same in DAP but the Malays in DAP are of different material altogether. These Malays are proud to work even only as a writer for Roketkini – thinking that being accepted among the Chinese is a statement of their ‘exceptional’ ability. They would also be happy enough to be given a small post out of ‘obligation’ to help DAP project an image of a multi-racial party. They might not get even one vote by the non-Malay voters in the party election and managed to secure the small posts only by direct appointment, but they are proud just the same, believing that this is what ‘total equality’ is all about.

One girl, however, managed to get quite as high in DAP.

This girl, Dyana Sofea, ia a UiTM graduate, and a daughter of an UMNO Divisional Secretary. Dyana has been a Political Secretary to Lim Kit Siang for some time now, and she is said to be a candidate for Teluk Intan’s by-election.

How did Dyana, a Malay, manage to get that far and earned the trust of the ‘Emperor’ himself? Hmm…here’s the secret: The dumber you are, the higher you get. Of course, Tunku Aziz did get to the top in DAP, but something happened to him: He learned his lesson and became smart.

You see, in order for a Malay to ‘be’ in DAP, one must first show that they love the Chinese more than their own race. They must deny the fact that the Malays have rights to their own motherland like the Chinese have rights to hold on to their roots.

Dyana proved to be just that perfect Malay. This girl once made a statement that there are no more poverty among Malays in Penang in her effort to deny that total equality is still a far-fetched dream.

Although a product of bumiputera’s privileges herself, Dyana fights for UiTM to be opened to all races and condemned the fact that it only accepts bumiputeras. Dyana never bothers about Chinese schools though.

Also, she doesn’t mind the race polarization and Malay discrimination in private sectors but I’m sure that she cares about not having enough Chinese in government agencies.

It doesn’t bother Dyana that she can hardly find one Malay-owned shop in three to five blocks of shoplots in the city. But it must have bothered Dyana that there are only 7 Chinese in the list of 10 most riches people in Malaysia. Her small dysfunctional brain must have translated it as a clear evident of discrimination against the minority race.

Dyana also shares the same disappointment as Professor Ariffin Omar towards UiTM for holding a seminar on ‘Allah’ issue recently. The seminar is said to have hurt the Christians and so it has hurt Dyana and the Professor too, as they both are very sensitive, soft-hearted, Chinese-lovers, total-equality fighters. FYI, Prof. Ariffin is another DAP Malay who was appointed to the CEC just to add some ‘brownish’ in the voted ‘bright-yellow’ front. But even as a Professor, he couldn’t get as high as Dyana – most probably because he is ‘not dumb enough’.

Both Dyana and the professor claimed that UiTM had abused the freedom of speech by using the seminar to condemn the Christians.

For their information, my Christian friends see the ‘Allah-issue’ Seminar as Muslim’s retaliation against the non-stop provocation by the Evangelists. The rational, peace-loving, non-political Christians understand that there wouldn’t be such a seminar if their Evangelalist brothers didn’t insist on using ‘Allah’ in Bibles - just like there wouldn’t be such things as ‘special bumi rights’ if the Chinese ain’t so racist and insist on vernacular schools and all.

The point here is, in order to be ‘accepted’ by DAP, a Malay must fight for the Chinese, and better yet, for the Christians too. They must uphold Chinese as the greater race and accept their own race as lesser-race.

While BN allows MCA, MIC and UMNO to fight for each respective race in the spirit of friendship and patriotism, DAP allows all races in the party to fight for the Chinese alone - no other race matters.

I don’t know whether Dyana or Professor Ariffin will be reading this piece, but I know for a fact that even if they read this it will not change anything. In fact, they might just accuse me of being an UMNO guy trying to break them apart. Well, I hope they realize that I cannot be an UMNO guy because I’m not a Malay or bumiputera.

So, it’s true what Einstein said that ‘stupidity is infinite’. If these Malays are not infinitely stupid, would DAP take them in and push them up? Who in the right mind would ‘kill’ their own people just for pat on the head by others?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reminder to All Christian-Chinese

I'm sharing with you here a letter from a Chinese woman, who once lived in Indonesia in the late 1990s. She had witnessed the killing and raping of the Chinese ethnic by the Indonesians, who have had enough of the economic imbalance in the country.

The letter is published by a blog called ChristianUnited4Malaysia I have mentioned this blog before, in my previous writings.

The message is clear, that is, to not provoke the Muslims too far but what is funny is that, the blog itself is doing just that. It even use the name 'Allah' just to pick on the Muslims. Looks like the hypocrisy of the Evangelists has reached the highest possible level.

Anyway, this is a good reminder to all Christian-Chinese in Malaysia, and to the blog owner himself. For a full story and pictures, you may want to click here.


Puan-puan dan tuan-tuan sekalian,

Apakah yang kita mahukan dalam kehidupan? Pada pandangan saya, kita semua hanya perlukan satu perkara sahaja. Kebahagiaan!

Di dunia dan dialam akan datang nanti kita semua ingin kan kebahagiaan.

Tetapi mampukah kita untuk mengecapi kehidupan sebagai seorang beriman yang patuh kepada tuhannya apabila kita terus menerus menentang sebuah kerajaan yang telah banyak memberikan kebaikkan kepada kita?

Saya rasakan ada kalanya tidak adil kita salahkan semuanya kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional sahaja. Banyak bantuan dan kebaikkan yang telah diberikan oleh BN kepada kita. Walaupun mereka telah melakukan banyak juga kesalahan, tetapi dimanakah kita dapat kerajaan yang lebih baik? Ternyata tiada kan?

Saya pernah tinggal di Indonesia semasa tragedi Ambon sehinggalah pada tahun 1998 dimana tragedi rusuhan di Indonesia berlangsung dengan ganasnya. Sebilangan wanita kebanyakkan dari keturunan Cina dirogol dan dibunuh dengan kejam. Tanpa peri kemanusiaan. Polis dan Tentera tidak berbuat apa-apa pun, mereka hanya melihat dan ada yang ikut sekali. Bersyukurlah Malaysia ini diperintah oleh orang Melayu yang lembut tutur bicaranya, hatinya dan sifatnya.

Selama ini kita yang mengasingkan diri, sekarang pula bermacam perkara yang kita minta dari mereka. Tidak cukupkah apa yang kita sudah dapat. Kemewahan kita sudah melebihi dari segalanya. Tapi kita tekan lagi orang Melayu untuk membenci kita. Bahasa Malaysia pun tidak kita pelajari. Kita seolah-olah ingin berperang dengan orang Melayu. Atas dasar apa? Keegoan kita?

Saya orang tua, umur saya sudah cecah 56 tahun pada June 2014 ini. Saya amat kenal dengan bangsa Melayu. Mereka adalah sahabat, rakan dan menantu saya juga seorang perempuan Melayu. Berbuat baiklah dengan orang Melayu, karena jika kita bermusuhan dengan mereka, dan mereka sedar yang mereka telah ditipu, saya cadangkan orang yang telah provokasi orang Melayu itu siap-siapkan sajalah keranda. Orang Melayu adalah kawan yang baik, mereka susah untuk marah. Tapi kalau dah marah, hanya Tuhan sahaja yang dapat menahan mereka.

Saya pernah melihat amukan orang Melayu di depan mata saya semasa di Indonesia. Terus terang saya katakan, saya tidak mahu lihat lagi perkara tersebut. Hargailah orang Melayu kerana mereka telah menjadi jiran yang baik kepada kita disini.

Bersyukurlah kepada Yesus, bahawa kita berkerajaan yang baik dan sentiasa memastikan keselamatan terjaga. Janganlah kita terus bermusuhan dengan orang Muslim. Jangan ikutkan hati dan perasaan kita.

Setiap perkara yang kita katakan kepada dunia kita haruslah bertanya kepada diri kita sendiri "Apa yang Yesus akan lakukan?". Yesus akan berlaku adil dan kita perlu berlaku adil bagi mengikut perintahnya.

Maria Anthony Chin (56 years old)
Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

‘Divide and Rule’ VS ‘Divided to Rule’?

PAS wanting to implement hudud is nothing new to Malaysians. Everybody knows that the party has been dreaming of hudud ever since. Whoever questions the cause would be deemed as ‘kafirs’ - the non-believers, who must be fought off. In fact, it is our ‘Secular Law’ that had led to the bloody Memali incident because PAS wants Malaysia to implement hudud under a strict Sharia Law.

After Memali, there seems to be no way for the Muslims to be united again. Hudud has always stood in between them (PAS & UMNO).

Even though Hudud is said to be PAS’s ultimate goal, the party somehow agreed to drop the subject altogether in order to find mutual agreement with PKR and DAP. Together they formed Pakatan Rakyat where Hudud was flushed down the drain – or supposedly.

PAS said ‘goodbye’ to Islamic State and ‘hello’ to Welfare State.

The change turned out to be a bad decision whereby the party then lost the Muslims’ support significantly. In the recent GE-13, PAS had only managed to win 21 seats that is 2 seats less than the previous GE. In a few by-elections later on, the decreasing vote for PAS had become obvious.

PAS is losing support as it loses its pride to DAP. PAS is taken as a doormat, a slave, even a dog who would do anything for a pat from its master, DAP. PAS has no say in Penang. PAS is being sidelined in Selangor and PAS does not even have total power in Kelantan.

Sensing the need to step up and stand tall, PAS decided to push on hudud in order to regain the Muslims’ support, hence, its pride. PAS is now determined to take the matter to parliament anytime soon.

The decision has created uproar in the already chaotic Pakatan Rakyat. DAP firmly rejects the idea, and so does PKR. However, PAS keeps on insisting that DAP will eventually be okay with it, even as DAP hysterically screaming ‘no way’!.

The quarrel, the lies, the pretentions, the excuses and the accusations goes on and on with both parties denying that they are in the deepest s**t. Uncomfortable with the rakyat’s close watch over PR, both parties shouted, ‘We Have No Problem!’ before turning to each other and continue to fight.

For the sake of the country, this childish denial has to stop, one way or the other, one day, at one point.

One of them has to back off, and the first one to do so will get the extra point for having some pride. Sadly, none of the two has any pride left which makes it impossible for them to choose ‘principle’ over ‘power’.

Personally, I’m counting on DAP to put a stop to this roller-coaster madness. I believe DAP has a little more sense compared to PAS who has none at all. At least, DAP is stern and firm on their stance against hudud while PAS keeps twisting its words as according to the current.

I believe that DAP will gain much more if it just pack and leave PR. The party already managed to gain 97% support from the chinese community and it will get 100% easily if it breaks the ties with PAS. We might even see the end of MCA, should DAP stands on its own.

Although DAP will not be able to get to Putrajaya alone, it can be a very strong Opposition with a clear objective. A strong Opposition may have as much power as the ruling party in a way. But of course, DAP is too greedy to settle for ‘as much power’. It will only settle for ‘ultimate power’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of DAP nor any of the political party, but I think it’s about time to put some senses back into our politics. It’s about time that each party stands on what it believes in and breaks the crappy coalition. Really, there is no need to pretend anymore… The game is over!

Don’t even try to give us the reasons for fighting are ‘justice and transparency’, because we all have witnessed the ‘mysterious CEC DAP election’ and the ‘barbaric PKR election’, ok?

We know for a fact that, DAP believes in Chinese supremacy, PAS believes in Sharia Law and PKR believes in Anwar Ibrahim; so why not just fight for these different causes separately and openly?

You know, people only need to lie about their belief when they know that what they believe in is wrong.

Hitler didn’t need to give an excuse to kill the Jews because he believed that he was doing the right thing. Which is why, no matter how cruel he was, he is still referred to as one of the world’s greatest leader.

But DAP, PAS and PKR have no leaders. Their so-called leaders are just a bunch of pretenders who think that they can divide, and may eventually rule. What they failed to understand is that this ‘divide and rule’ strategy requires them to divide the people, not themselves.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Game Is On?

These very few months, we have been alerted by news that don't seem to be relevant or connected to each other like:

• MH370 went missing.

• Hudud Law Implemented in Brunei.

• Malaysia is very actively talking about implementing Hudud in Kelantan.

• Obama’s visit was protested by a global Islamic organization called Hizbut Tahrir, which opposed democracy.

• Obama ‘reminded’ Malaysia that the country cannot continue to discriminate Non-Muslims.

• Southeast Asia is described as a ‘home’ to several suspected key figures in militant Islamic groups by foreign media.

• 11 suspected militants linked to Jemaah Islamiyah arrested in Malaysia.

• Jurusalem Post reported that the 11 suspects were arrested pertaining to the case of the missing MH370.

These unconnected events, if you look closer, you may realize that they are somehow linked, twisted and intertwined with each other to paint a dark picture on Malaysia and the Southeast Asia.

All that is needed now is a terrorist incident to accuse Malaysia of hiding the most wanted terrorist. The bombing will be next, followed by the US troops and tanks…

However, Malaysians, be informed that we can avoid such destruction by not giving the US what they need: chaos, extremism and treason.

Let's stick together and pray that we will be fine.