Wednesday, May 7, 2014

‘Divide and Rule’ VS ‘Divided to Rule’?

PAS wanting to implement hudud is nothing new to Malaysians. Everybody knows that the party has been dreaming of hudud ever since. Whoever questions the cause would be deemed as ‘kafirs’ - the non-believers, who must be fought off. In fact, it is our ‘Secular Law’ that had led to the bloody Memali incident because PAS wants Malaysia to implement hudud under a strict Sharia Law.

After Memali, there seems to be no way for the Muslims to be united again. Hudud has always stood in between them (PAS & UMNO).

Even though Hudud is said to be PAS’s ultimate goal, the party somehow agreed to drop the subject altogether in order to find mutual agreement with PKR and DAP. Together they formed Pakatan Rakyat where Hudud was flushed down the drain – or supposedly.

PAS said ‘goodbye’ to Islamic State and ‘hello’ to Welfare State.

The change turned out to be a bad decision whereby the party then lost the Muslims’ support significantly. In the recent GE-13, PAS had only managed to win 21 seats that is 2 seats less than the previous GE. In a few by-elections later on, the decreasing vote for PAS had become obvious.

PAS is losing support as it loses its pride to DAP. PAS is taken as a doormat, a slave, even a dog who would do anything for a pat from its master, DAP. PAS has no say in Penang. PAS is being sidelined in Selangor and PAS does not even have total power in Kelantan.

Sensing the need to step up and stand tall, PAS decided to push on hudud in order to regain the Muslims’ support, hence, its pride. PAS is now determined to take the matter to parliament anytime soon.

The decision has created uproar in the already chaotic Pakatan Rakyat. DAP firmly rejects the idea, and so does PKR. However, PAS keeps on insisting that DAP will eventually be okay with it, even as DAP hysterically screaming ‘no way’!.

The quarrel, the lies, the pretentions, the excuses and the accusations goes on and on with both parties denying that they are in the deepest s**t. Uncomfortable with the rakyat’s close watch over PR, both parties shouted, ‘We Have No Problem!’ before turning to each other and continue to fight.

For the sake of the country, this childish denial has to stop, one way or the other, one day, at one point.

One of them has to back off, and the first one to do so will get the extra point for having some pride. Sadly, none of the two has any pride left which makes it impossible for them to choose ‘principle’ over ‘power’.

Personally, I’m counting on DAP to put a stop to this roller-coaster madness. I believe DAP has a little more sense compared to PAS who has none at all. At least, DAP is stern and firm on their stance against hudud while PAS keeps twisting its words as according to the current.

I believe that DAP will gain much more if it just pack and leave PR. The party already managed to gain 97% support from the chinese community and it will get 100% easily if it breaks the ties with PAS. We might even see the end of MCA, should DAP stands on its own.

Although DAP will not be able to get to Putrajaya alone, it can be a very strong Opposition with a clear objective. A strong Opposition may have as much power as the ruling party in a way. But of course, DAP is too greedy to settle for ‘as much power’. It will only settle for ‘ultimate power’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of DAP nor any of the political party, but I think it’s about time to put some senses back into our politics. It’s about time that each party stands on what it believes in and breaks the crappy coalition. Really, there is no need to pretend anymore… The game is over!

Don’t even try to give us the reasons for fighting are ‘justice and transparency’, because we all have witnessed the ‘mysterious CEC DAP election’ and the ‘barbaric PKR election’, ok?

We know for a fact that, DAP believes in Chinese supremacy, PAS believes in Sharia Law and PKR believes in Anwar Ibrahim; so why not just fight for these different causes separately and openly?

You know, people only need to lie about their belief when they know that what they believe in is wrong.

Hitler didn’t need to give an excuse to kill the Jews because he believed that he was doing the right thing. Which is why, no matter how cruel he was, he is still referred to as one of the world’s greatest leader.

But DAP, PAS and PKR have no leaders. Their so-called leaders are just a bunch of pretenders who think that they can divide, and may eventually rule. What they failed to understand is that this ‘divide and rule’ strategy requires them to divide the people, not themselves.

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