Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lim Kit Siang is Dyana’s Press Secretary?

I don’t think I am exaggerating by saying that Teluk Intan’s by-election’s result will serve as a statement of Malaysians’ mentality, particularly the Chinese. From the result, we will be able to see whether the people were able to vote sensibly, that is by looking at the track records and credibility of the candidates and not hindered by the logo of the party or the look of the candidates.

As we all know, media coverage on Teluk Intan by-election is obviously biased whereby the DAP’s candidate, Dyana Sofea, has taken up all the limelight. Because of this imbalance-coverage, I have to dig out from some other sources just to get some information on her opponent, Dato’ Mah Siew Keong, the BN’s candidate.

What I found on Dato’ Mah, I must say, is very impressive, and a much worthy news to read compared to this Dyana Sofea’s craps.

BN is betting on a candidate with vast experience in serving the people. Dato’ Mah Siew Keong, was a council member in Hilir Perak in 1995. He became a Representative for Pasir Bedamar in the same year. In 1999, he was a Member of Parliament for Teluk Intan and managed to retain the seat in 2004. He became a Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry before switching to Agricultural portfolio in 2006. Dato’ Mah is now the President of Gerakan.

To mention some of his ‘good deeds’ during his long service, Dato’ Mah had realized the 10km flood mitigation project and helped solved the problems for the people along Sungai Perak. He is also active and effective in his fights for education, agriculture and welfare of the locals. He had set up a dialysis center with the help of local NGOs and was the key role in getting the funds for various other projects eg. Chinese temples, Chung Hua Medical Foundation, Community College, Bus Terminal and etc..

From the record, Dato’ Mah had obviously fought hard for the people as well as for his race, in particular. There is no reason whatsoever for the Chinese or any race in Teluk Intan to reject him.

Therefore, if this by-election is held among a normal, sane and civilized society, Dyana Sofea wouldn’t stand a chance with Dato’ Mah.

Dyana is new to the world. She has nothing to show and nothing to offer to the people of Teluk Intan, except her face, maybe. And after I watched this video, I don’t know anymore whether Dyana is the Political Secretary of Lim Kit Siang or is it Lim Kit Siang who is her Press Secretary:

Dyana went ‘blank’ (I think she was really about to ask, "tunku aziz who?") when a reporter touched on the subject of Tunku Aziz - a Malay, who once naively trusting DAP with all his heart, just like Dyana. History in short, Tunku Aziz joined DAP hoping to make a change but was slapped in the face and offered a ‘bribe’ to stay, so he left. Hmm…What does Dyana has to say about that? It was such a good question that will help us understand her stance, her views and visions in DAP.

Unsurprisingly, Dyana went ‘totally blank’. While a ‘slap’ woke Tunku Aziz up, Dyana is sleeping soundly. Lim Kit Siang had to save her by taking the microphone away and brushed off the most brilliant question as ‘irrelevant’.

If Dyana is a little smarter, at that very moment the question was asked, she must have realized that she is not ready for this, and that she is way too far-fetched, in this political world. She hasn’t arrived anywhere, but yet she thought that she has made it big just because she is ‘accepted’ by the Chinese.

Dyana, like Marina Mahathir, (as her mother claimed to be), they live in a tiny world in their little tiny brain, a victim of inferiority complex that has turned into a superiority complex. Because they think their minds are wide open enough, they closed it up, disabling new information to be absorbed and analyzed. Because they think that they are smart enough, they refuse to continue to learn. And because they think they have seen it all, they choose to close their eyes.

And so, they become dumb, which explains why Lim Kit Siang has to be by Dyana’s side all the time. Kit Siang is afraid if Dyana says or do the wrong thing. Dyana needs to be led and monitored. She doesn’t have the wisdom to understand what this by-election really means, or what politics might lead her to.

Dyana is specifically selected because she’s dumb and the trick is that, she must be kept that way.

Now, let’s wait and see whether the people of Teluk Intan are even dumber than her. Would they elect a person who had done so much for them and is capable to do so much more, or would they elect a dumb girl who has nothing to offer but to ‘kill’ her own race? Would ‘killing’ her own race do good to anyone?

But Kit Siang said that putting Dyana in the arena is a proof that DAP isn’t thinking about race at all. Well, if this is not about ‘race’, then why does Dyana keep talking about it? I don’t hear Dato’ Mah talking about it though…

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