Friday, May 16, 2014

Vietnam: Another Lesson for the Chinese

It is reported today that Chinese citizens in Vietnam have begun crossing the border into Cambodia to escape violent protests over the South China Sea conflict. What started off as a dispute over maritime zone that should be handled politically or even military is now being dealt with by the ordinary Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese vandalized and set fire to factories in industrial parks. The death toll remains unclear. Reuters reported that five Vietnamese workers and 16 others "described as Chinese" were killed during the rioting. Chinese state media said more than a dozen people, most of them Chinese, were dead or missing. The protests have triggered an exodus of thousands of Chinese businessmen and their families, many of whom have been living in Vietnam for years.

What is happening is clearly more than just anger over the maritime dispute, but a long suppressed-vendetta - and I don’t think we have to ask why.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Chinese, about people getting fed up with your attitude, hypocrisy, greed and arrogance. I warn you again and again not because I care so much about you, but because I care for the country and the world. Bloodshed will not benefit anyone.

Only in my previous two posts that I shared with you the story about Chinese being raped and killed in Indonesia during the 1998 Reformasi riot. The ‘greed and conquer’ approach of the Chinese had took its toll as the economic recession pushed the people out of their sanity.

Prejudice, even anger and hatred against the Chinese, is becoming a ‘trend’ all over the world.
There have been protests against Chinese in Philippines. Not long ago, an Australia’s former Minister had also come out with a warning to the Chinese over their ridiculous demands on the rights to ‘live as if their grandpa was the one who discovered the country’. The ‘temperature’ is also rising consistently in America and Britain against the Chinese.

No, it’s not because of communism or because China has now made it big in economy, but because the attitude of the Chinese as they roam and breed in other peoples’ countries. Their lack of hygiene, courtesy, manners, empathy, respect, gratitude, tolerance, understanding and mostly the unwillingness to assimilate with the original settlers, is what make the Chinese, impossible friends. Not to mention the crowded, messy, dirty China Towns and its vicious gangsters.

It is mind boggling how a civilization of 5000 years still acts like
the people in the stone-ages.

Isn’t it about time the Chinese learn about values rather than profit? I know it’s hard for the Chinese to do this because they are the only people on earth who are expected to take their wealth to the grave.

However, if the Chinese wants to keep making money and doubling their wealth, they need to cool the greed down. You cannot continue to make money if you are burned down along with your factory. You cannot double your profit if you are chased out of the country.

There is a limit to everything, except stupidity, of course. Unless the Chinese are stupid, they should have learned to put a limit to ‘greed’. From there, they must learn to stop the ridiculous demands and the provoking. They must learn to respect and to be grateful.

Arrogance and greed will not make you great it will only get you killed.


  1. Aiya...scary. hope this wont happen here. but whatever it is, the chinas are holding trigger of violent action against them. "sendiri mau ingat"

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