Monday, May 5, 2014

The Game Is On?

These very few months, we have been alerted by news that don't seem to be relevant or connected to each other like:

• MH370 went missing.

• Hudud Law Implemented in Brunei.

• Malaysia is very actively talking about implementing Hudud in Kelantan.

• Obama’s visit was protested by a global Islamic organization called Hizbut Tahrir, which opposed democracy.

• Obama ‘reminded’ Malaysia that the country cannot continue to discriminate Non-Muslims.

• Southeast Asia is described as a ‘home’ to several suspected key figures in militant Islamic groups by foreign media.

• 11 suspected militants linked to Jemaah Islamiyah arrested in Malaysia.

• Jurusalem Post reported that the 11 suspects were arrested pertaining to the case of the missing MH370.

These unconnected events, if you look closer, you may realize that they are somehow linked, twisted and intertwined with each other to paint a dark picture on Malaysia and the Southeast Asia.

All that is needed now is a terrorist incident to accuse Malaysia of hiding the most wanted terrorist. The bombing will be next, followed by the US troops and tanks…

However, Malaysians, be informed that we can avoid such destruction by not giving the US what they need: chaos, extremism and treason.

Let's stick together and pray that we will be fine.

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