Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crazy Stupid Politics

An article by ‘Life of Annie’ about ‘Stupid Malay Men’ caught my attention the other day. It was a short yet a very ‘compact’ article, just enough to explain the mentality of Malay men. Of course, not all Malay men are stupid but most of them are, especially those in politics. And this includes those graduated from the most prominent universities in the world.

We cannot, however, tell whether they become stupid after they joined politics, or they joined politics because they are stupid.

Still, this doesn’t mean that men of other races in politics are not stupid. Oh yes, they are stupid too, but only a different kind of stupid. I’m telling you that the Chinese-men-kind-of-stupid is a lot more dangerous because it comes in a mass, not individual.

For example, Lim Guan Eng can say that DAP couldn’t count the approximately 2,000 votes correctly because the computer broke down and all Chinese would believe him whole-heartedly and stand on the same argument forever.

If the Malays only drool over Dyana Sofea, a DAP’s dumb-blonde lawyer-supposed-to-be, the Chinese would elect that dumb-blonde as their Representative. Never mind that she cannot perform or even understand her job, as long as she remains dumb and follows DAP’s orders, then all the Chinese would vote for her.

The Chinese knows that voting the dumb-blonde would not cause their business to go bankrupt or their lives become poor because the BN federal government will make sure of that. BN government always takes very good care of the people - always has and always will. And yet, the Chinese will not vote BN!

- This, is what I call a special kind of stupid.

Just the other day, an Indian politician from DAP decided to start a fight and called UMNO ‘Celaka’ which resulted in the Malays running amok. He then refused to apologize and insists that ‘Celaka’ is just a bad word that means nothing and that there is no need for all the ‘amok’.

Like a true gangster, he repeats the word again and again, obviously enjoying the rage that he had ignited. But at the same time, he is scared and demands to be protected from the amok of the Malays.

- This, is what I call the stupid kind of stupid.

And guess what? This ‘Celaka’ issue has now turned into a stupid game called ‘who will apologize first?’.

Well, UMNO has been an expert in apologizing ever since. UMNO will apologize for anything even when it is not its fault. In fact, UMNO has been very apologetic in its actions and words lately. Therefore, I have a strong feeling that UMNO will eventually apologize for being such a ‘celaka’ to DAP… .(.and MCA too?).

- This, is what we call plain stupid.

You see, the problem here is how long will we be able to stand stupidity? Can a country survive when all politicians are stupid? What will happen to us if we keep electing stupid politicians to serve and rule?

We can’t fix stupid, but we can vote it out. Unfortunately, in Malaysian’s context, this is almost impossible because that would mean we will have nobody to serve and rule.

The U.S and other western countries’ leaders including their MPs and Representatives aren’t that smart too, but their countries have arrived at a point where they may survive on autopilot, at least for a couple of decades to come. This is so because, while they may not have the most brilliant leaders, they do have the most brilliant people. They have scientists and engineers who invent, discover and create things that the world needs, and for that, they help ensure their countries’ survival.

Therefore, I believe that a country can still survive when only the ‘leaders’ are stupid, but not when both the ‘people’ and the ‘leaders’ are all stupid. Therefore, since we cannot fix the leaders, let us fix ourselves:

For that, the Chinese are going to have to stop thinking as ‘one’ in terms of race, but start using their own individual brain. - In other words stop being that special kind of stupid aka racists.

The Indians are going to have to stop manipulating their own brains just to justify their actions. - In other words, stop being that stupid kind of stupid aka hypocrites.

The Malays will have to stop drooling, and start learning to use the brains. - In other words, stop being stupid aka stupid.

If everybody is getting smarter, ‘stupid’ will eventually extinct and we will not have to elect stupid politicians anymore.

Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds as some of us are stupid by choice.

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  1. OMG hahaha, so funny yet so true. Some people chose to remain in the stupid cocoon forever. They would rather die stupid than try to become wiser (learn to use their brain).

    Short-cut to Disaster

    Caught in vacuum atmosphere
    when words uttered vaporising
    gone without meaning
    and finally scatter everywhere
    far from understanding

    Barrier of judgement stand tall
    thick as prison wall
    blocking mentality
    of ancient stupidity

    People are strange
    they quick to assume
    short-cut is the best way
    to grasp true meaning

    Jumping into conclusion pit
    full of sharp mistakes
    stabs the credibility
    of fallen donkey

    Ibnu Din Assingkiri