Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Jews and The Chinese - Part 2

I have shared a few videos in my previous post of the same title.  However, I feel that there is an urgent need to write about it, rather than just share the videos and let the readers figure my points out.  To be honest, I am skeptical if any of you even watch all the videos, especially on Mr. Netanyahu’s interview.  Allow me to share the video again: 

What I was trying to highlight is the hidden link between Chinese and Jews that many don’t know existed.  I have always suspected something amiss about the two races and thanks to Mr. Netanyahu, for helping me make sense of it all. 

Mr. Netanyahu said that Chinese and Jews are natural partners because they have a lot of similarities.  I couldn’t agree more, as we can see for ourselves:
·        both races think that they are superior than others
·        both races think that they are not subjected to moral values and integrity, but expect moral values and  integrity from others
·        both races are selfish and greedy and can only think of how to make more profit
·        both races talk only about their rights but deny the rights of others
·         if you criticize them, you are a racist but they can say anything they like about you
·        both races are ruthless and arrogant
·        both races hate Islam and Muslim to the bones 

We know for a fact that right now all over the world is holding a protest against Israel – from Japan to Ireland, to Britain, even the U.S…because, you don’t need to be Muslims to protest against Israel, you only need to be humans.  Of course, just like the Jews, not all Chinese are Zionists. But did you hear any protest against Israel in China or from any individual Chinese anywhere?  Hardly…

The truth is, the Chinese don’t really give a damn about anybody else in this world - just like the Zionists!   They will only care if their interest is at stake.  Netanyahu must have noticed this, which was why he is so interested in the Chinese.  Gog has finally met Magog! 

Netanyahu was then talking about ‘marrying the two races’ in the effort to combine both the economic and the technological power and to have the numbers!   And this Chinese Jews ‘coming home to Israel’ video which I’m sharing again, shows that they are not kidding:

As we can see today, both the Zionists and the Chinese are hijacking Christianity because the best way to gain trust (to manipulate the minds) is through religion.  Besides, religion is also a good excuse to start a war.  

There is no need to hijack Islam, though, as the Muslims are readily at war with each other.  All that is needed to destroy the Muslims is to supply the weapons.   While the Muslims are at it, the Zionists and the Chinese work their way into the Muslims’ lands either by force or by manipulation. 

Just to remind you that this is not about religion, but about assets, money, profits, economy and total power!  Religion is just an excuse, despite of what the Muslims think. 

Zionist uses the U.S, and the Chinese uses anybody they can as proxies and tools to achieve their goal.  And their goal is clear, that is to rule the world with Zionists as the Master and Chinese, the manpower and partner in profit.   

Now, this could be one hell of a theory but then, is it really just a theory?  Let me share another video that went viral during the GE-13.

'They' didn't win in GE-13 and that just takes their fight to another level. 

I’m not trying to scare anybody here but if I were the leader, theory or not, I would still be worried.

How can I not be when a ‘Chinese-state’ down south that is openly pro-Israel is now buying war tanks?  As we know, tanks can only be used on land which means, Singapore can only use the tank against one target - Malaysia. 

And why do you think DAP is aggressively pushing for a repeat of May 13? 

With the Malays still very much unaware of any bigger issues than how to get to heaven, how to get a second wife or how to take down the UMNO Divisional Chief, I think Malaysians should be scared..real scared.   The world is about to turn into hell.  

May God bless us all!


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  2. Never think much about this before.... and now that i did, it hit me hard... the resemblance are unmistakably.. like twins :)