Saturday, July 12, 2014

Negara WHO?: New Name, Old Song, Same Bloody Singer

Just as Christians suddenly find the word ‘Father’ is not good enough for the God, Ambiga too, is finding that BERSIH is no longer a good enough name for her fights.  I don’t blame her as everybody now knows that BERSIH is as filthy as the fully loaded garbage truck.     

So, Ambiga launched a new NGO, ‘Negaraku’.   She said that Negaraku is endorsed by 60 civil society groups and NGOs. 

I bet most of the 60 groups and NGOs are made of the same faces, all singing the same tune – liberalism, the rights for LGBTQ, pluralism, abolish Malay rights and so on and so forth. 

But with 60 groups already singing the same tune, why is there a need to add one more?   And why ‘Negaraku’?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambiga and her NGO friends couldn’t even sing the Negaraku. 
These people have no love for this country, it’s so obvious.  They spend their lives condemning everything about Malaysia and they condone people who made fun of the National Anthem. 

I remember Ambiga marching down the streets with protestors trying to paint the worst picture of Malaysia on CNN.  Some of the protestors were holding flags that defy everything about our Jalur Gemilang.  Some even speak for the Communists.  They hold no gratitude and pride at all over our national heroes.

Not to forget, this Ambiga had tried to sell off our sovereignty by ‘inviting’ the Australians to come and interfere in our affairs!  Who in the right mind would do such a thing?

There is clearly no patriotism in the fights of Ambiga and her friends’.  So, why ‘Negaraku’?

Ambiga said that this new NGO is all about ‘the people reclaiming the country’.  My question: from who? 

And who is she to reclaim it for the people of Malaysia?  The country is being led by the people who own it - the original settlers, the Malays, and it is being ruled just the way they like it.  Majority of the people in this country are against LGBTQ, liberalism or pluralism or whatever Ambiga is fighting for.  And the Malays are definitely against the abolishment of their rights. 

Therefore, it looks like Ambiga and her friends are trying to take-over the country because she couldn’t be reclaiming something she never owned in a true sense. 

Since she couldn’t do it through street protests, she is trying to do the same through a different name which she thinks would be more convincing. 

Well, firstly, it is a funny name for an NGO.  ‘My country’..what the…?

Secondly, ‘Ambiga’ + ‘Negaraku’ just make no sense at all.  Must have sounded like Namewee singing.  

One must be very stupid to think that people are stupid enough to fall for the name. 

Hmm…I don’t know what else to say about Ambiga and friends.  But what I do know is that these people will never give up. They will continue to try to kill democracy in the name of democracy just because they know that they cannot win in a democratic election.  


  1. Boss S.D.R,
    I do agree... these people will never give up. And they need NUMBERS to push their cause/s. That is why, they keep churning out new ngos and societies, now and then. I believe that they do ply their trade outside(in other countries) to exert pressure, gain better momentum and of course, sponsorship:
    a. boasting that a so-so cause is backed by 60 NGOs(and rising); that should looked pretty impressive and very convincing to these outsiders. GOD knows that these NGO's do include Gecko Lovers, Less Cat More Pussies, No To Rear Fenders... and so on.
    b. with each ngo having let's say 500 members, that will give about 30000 members and supporters in total. The fact is, thay have the same 400 people in those ngos and maybe 100 or so genuine members in each of them. That's just 6400 different individuals in actual!(I am exaggerating here...but you got my point)

    So, Ambiga and CO have plenty of recycled bottles in stock; so that they can keep bottling the same rotten wine with new labels... now and then.
    After this, she should come up with an appropriate NGO still... GARA-GARA Ku, meaning 'My Doing...'

    1. I like the name 'Gara-garaku' ;)

  2. PENDAFTAR PERTUBUHAN MESTI HALANG PENGUNAAN 'negaraku' oleh mana mana pertubuhan , terutamanya NGO, syarikat dan parti politik.

  3. Call them KUMAN (Kumpulan Anti Negara Islam)