Thursday, July 10, 2014

DAP Does Not Tolerate May 13 Threat, but Welcomes it With Open Arms

A title from Kit Siang’s blog read: “DAP and PR will not condone or tolerate any May 13 threat but we are prepared to fully co-operate with UMNO and BN to ensure there will not be another May 13 in Malaysia. 

I guess Kit siang needs to write long titles that already summed it all up, just in case people don’t read the whole write-up.

So, DAP will not tolerate people who threatened to start a May 13 bloodbath.  DAP will even work with UMNO to stop it.  DAP is all for peace and harmony, for love and unity.  

Now, here’s DAP’s calling for peace, harmony, love and unity: 

Don’t talk. All the time talking May 13, May 13. Bring lah May 13. You think what?
You think we’re scared, ah?” — P. Ramasamy, DAP Deputy Secretary-General.

Okay, we get it:  DAP doesn’t tolerate May 13 threat but it tolerates the people who asked for it, welcomes it and dare the Malays to start it.  This is love, peace, harmony and unity - DAP style. 

I think everybody can sense very strongly that DAP has been trying to start May 13 ever since their lost in GE-13.  This explains why the party didn’t issue a warning or take any action against Ramasamy.   

Unfortunately for DAP, the Chinese don’t have the guts to die for any cause at all.  Even their Blackout protests became a stupid joke.  DAP is now counting on the Malays and Indians to start the bloodbath while they take the farthest seats in the distance. 

The ‘Allah’ issue has gotten them somewhere, but still not close enough to another May 13 riot - not that they have given up on the issue though.    

In the mean time, DAP used Rayer to call for war with the Malays, and managed to get some stupid UMNO guys to respond as planned.  However, it didn’t get as big as DAP hoped for as there were no bloodbath.  After a while, the case just died down. 

Now, Ramasamy is doing the same – calling out for war - asking for a bullet on behalf of his master.  Still, I believe, nothing will happen except for a police report which will end up in some files on the shelf somewhere in the police station.   Worse case, he could be charged but - no bloodbath.  What a disappointment for DAP. 

DAP must have assumed that if they called the Malays ‘celaka’ and ‘coward’ loud enough, then the Malays will eventually run amok and they can blame the Malays for starting May 13.  By using Rayer and Ramasamy to make the call, they hope that the Chinese would be spared from the blame, and the bloodbath too. 

I’m sure that the Malays are willing to die for their pride and their rights but, ‘die’, will only be the last resort because Malays are not Arabs.  Malays may seem shallow, emotional and impromptu, but when it is a matter of life and death, they always take time to think about the consequences. 

Or else, how do you think the country managed to get its independence without tearing everything down?  

Malays is a very soft and gentle race - they are no gangsters like Chinese or Indians.  The worst terror acts ever recorded in Malay history could be a few isolated cases of ancient Sultans killing a couple of innocent peasants.  Even the Sultans then, didn’t feel the need to start a war just to expand its territory.  That’s how we get so many Sultans in the country. They didn’t bother each other as they were all happy just to be able to live comfortably. 

While the Chinese Emperors, Roman leaders, Huns the barbarians or Genghis Khan the conqueror killed to expand their territories, the Malays already know how to value peace and humanity.  The Malays may not have such great buildings to boast about, but that is okay, as long as nobody is hungry.  There were no need for ‘ego’ or ‘greed’ in the Malay land then.  Because of their peaceful nature, the land was blessed. 

And so the Tanah Melayu prospers throughout centuries after centuries.  Then, the Portugese, the Dutch, the Japanese and the Brits came with greed and ego.  The Brits later brought in the Indians and the Chinese - doubling the greed and ego.

Still, the only thing in the minds of the Malays is to live peacefully.  So, when the Malays were forced to accept Chinese and Indians as citizens in order to gain independence - they did.  And as we can see today, it was not a very wise decision, but ‘peace’ has its price. 

You see, the Malays may be lazy but they are definitely not stupid.  They know what matters most.  Whereby the Chinese aren’t so smart but they are definitely hardworking.  When a Malay is not lazy, he easily excels and that is when the Chinese becomes intimidated and started the backstabbing and the racist game.  (I can see this clearly from my office room).    

One thing for sure is that there are more rational Malays than rationale Chinese, which is why the country is still intact even with all these racial and religious provocation. 

The few irrational Malays choose to flock over with the irrational Chinese and Indians in Pakatan Rakyat.  We can see them marching down the streets tearing the city apart from time to time, hoping for a confrontation with the rational Malays and start a May13-like bloodbath. 

Of course, the rational Malays have so many other things to do than entertain them.  And so the irrational Malays are left running around, screaming and jumping alone on the streets for a couple of hours before they got tired, may be collect some RM50 from someone, and go home - a far-fetched from May13-like bloodbath. 

Bottomline is that, if DAP wants to repeat May 13, they have to do it themselves – just like the old days. Flip your history book and see how it started:  You wouldn’t find an Indian daring the Malays to come and get him.  You wouldn’t find Malays running amok against the Chinese over nothing.   You wouldn’t find Malays killing each other on the streets.  

That was not how May 13 happened, DAP should know better. 

So, if DAP really wants a repeat, do it right. 


  1. sarcastic! the only way to speak to dapsters. :)

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