Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Judges Must Remain Neutral, Lawyers Can Kiss the Opposition’s Ass

Many of us are familiar with the name Ambiga Sreevanesan, who, at a few occasions had marched down the streets with protestors who were screaming for the fall of the democratically elected government. Ambiga’s name has been quoted here and there for her effort in belittling the government on the Opposition’s platform. A sore loser, she went as far as ‘inviting’ Australia to interfere into our affairs when the Opposition lost the election.

Just recently, Ambiga is again mentioned by the Malaysian Insider, as she gave her piece of mind to our judges and former judges. She said, “That judges are human and have personal prejudices, is appreciated. However, it is a requirement of their oaths of office that they rise above their personal prejudices when they decide cases.

Well, look who’s talking.

Ambiga is referring to the Former Chief Justice, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad’s statement on NUCC being hijacked by the Bar Council a.k.a the Oppositions. Tun Abdul Hamid in his recent statement questioned the role of the Bar Council in drafting the NUCC’s three bills to replace the Sedition Act. This is due to the fact that several opposition MPs sit on the Bar Council.

Ambiga, while holding the post as Chairman of Bar Council, had organized a dinner to honour Opposition members from the Bar who had won the 2008 general election.

And this woman is now slamming Tun Hamid for being prejudice. She is speaking in defense of the Bar Council which once sought public apology from Home Minister and IGP for alleged use of excessive force against BERSIH’s protesters BEFORE receiving full report of the investigation.

And this is the same Bar Council that went on a deafening silence on the ‘engineered by-election’ in Kajang.
This is the Bar Council that has nothing to say when a report was lodged against DAP lawyer-politician for telling lies about a legal notice/letter to the ROS.

Needless to say that everything about Ambiga or the Bar Council that she once represented smells of prejudice, double standard and injustice. And here she is, telling the judges to just shut their mouths and pretend not to see the biasness of her friends in NUCC’s mask.

Since this is a free country, she can say anything she wants but Malaysians are very much aware of who or what exactly is the Bar Council and how it is linked to NUCC, COMANGO, SUARAM or PR. Wait a minute, there are more abbreviations linked to them, there is also NED, IRI, NDI or could it be the CIA too?  Yeah, many believe that they are all for one and one for all.

Ambiga is basically saying that pointing out her friends’ unprofessionalism is unprofessional, and that she and her friends have the rights to be unprofessional and biased or partial in their action and decision, but judges must not.

What’s new? Ambiga is a trained lawyer and the Bar Council is made of lawyers.  And what Ambiga is doing is nothing compared to a late lawyer-politician who accused someone of sodomy and warned the country of the danger of such person in the parliament...and then defended the same person till his death.

Allow me to share a quote from Jean Giraudoux, a French novelist and a diplomat:

“You're a Lawyer. It's your duty to lie, conceal, and distort everything, and slander everybody.”

Need I say more?


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