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The Singapore-Israel Love Affair

I'm sharing with you here an article from Huffington Post back in 2012 for you to ponder, as I think it is very relevant to my previous few posts on this blog.



Blame the Latest Israel-Arab War on... Singapore?
Posted: 11/17/2012 10:00 am

Israel's last big military venture into Gaza began soon after Barack Obama's 2008 election and before his 2009 inauguration. It's more than ironic that this is happening again between Obama's re-election and his coming re-installation.
But here I won't get into conspiracy theories or into "who started it" in 1936, 1948, 1967, 1973, 2006, 2009, or now. Been there, done that, and, tragically, not enough has changed since the last time.
What I do have now that I didn't in 2009 is a small part of the story of Israel's militarization that sheds light on Israel's inclinations and strategic judgments. Before telling it, let me emphasize that ever since I assessed the first Gaza war, online and on NPR, I've considered Hamas' end game and how it does business inexcusable. But equally so -- and arguably more stupid, because unsustainable -- has been Israel's long "holding pen" strategy against Gaza and, arguably, the West Bank.
Now that each side has again provoked the other's darkest impulses, I can offer only a bit of background to the tactically and technologically clever but strategically and politically bone-headed conduct of Israeli politicians. It concerns a country whose similarities to Israel are a lot more striking than its obvious differences.
In 1965, when Singapore declared its independence, its first prime-minister (and, for many years, its virtual dictator) Lee Kuan Yew asked Israel to design, set up, and supervise its military machine. Israel did precisely that. How successfully? Just this month, the Bonn International Center for Conversion published a world-wide survey ranking Israel the world's most militarized nation -- and Singapore the second-most.
You can read about the Bonn Center's ranking here. To find out how Israel and Singapore actually got together on this, you'd have to have been reading accounts like this one on"Israel's Deep Dark Secret Love Affair" with Singapore in Haaretz, one of several Israeli newspapers that, even when partisan, are far more open about Israel itself than major U.S. news organizations are.
I knew nothing about this love affair in 2009, when, while watching office parks and eight-lane expressways gliding by my window on a Tel Aviv-to-Haifa train, I mentioned to my wife that Israel has become the Singapore of the Middle East. I had no idea then that Singapore had long been the Israel of Southeast Asia not only economically and geo-politically -- as a glance at a couple of maps and statistical tables will suggest -- but militarily, with all the intimacy of that "Deep, Dark, Secret Love Affair" that's now nearly 50 years old.
The similarities of these two little engines that could (and did) become models of state capitalism with high per capita incomes and growth rates haven't often been noted. Both have been governed and stamped by the British. Both have populations of 5 or 6 million, including 2 or 3 million second-class citizens and non-citizens, some of them migrants, some of them openly despised.
Both Israel and Singapore are non-Muslim, and both face much larger, less-than-friendly Muslim neighbors -- in Singapore's case, Indonesia and Malaysia, the latter of which expelled Singapore in 1965 (or lost it, depending on who's telling), amid high racial tensions.
Yet another striking analogy involves the fact that the politically dominant majority of Singapore's population consists not of indigenous natives but of "overseas" Han Chinese," whose literary and commercial strengths long ago earned them the sobriquet "the Jews of Southeast Asia" and the envy and resentment due a wealthy, elitist, and supple minority.
Like Jews who live outside Israel, the Han Chinese are minorities in most countries outside China, but here a real difference dogs the similarity. The similarity is that in Singapore, the Chinese are 75% of the population, and Malays are 15%, Indians 8%' in Israel, Jews are 76%, with the rest mostly Palestinian Arabs, most of them Muslim some of them Christian. In Singapore the Chinese have a status, power, and reputation that will sound familiar to Palestinians and others who regard Israel's Jews as arrogant interlopers.
The difference is that Israel's Jews, unlike Singapore's Chinese, have never been the rooted, dominant majority in any other country besides ancient Israel itself, where Hebrew was spoken 700 years before Arabic. And there are other differences of consequence: Singapore is an island, a micro-state smaller in area and population than New York City's five boroughs. Israel is 30 times larger, geographically, and in some ways more dangerous and endangered.
That said, Singapore's and Israel's situations at international crossroads of trade and power at opposite ends of the Asian continent incline them both to serve as investment and cultural entrepots and as political mediators. Without oil, water, or minerals to speak of, both live mainly by their wits, which is to say by trade. But both are compelled to militarize, and both have formidable armed forces, with defense budgets that consume 5 or 6% of GDP, a proportion much higher than that of all but a few other nations, including even China.
The International Political Review calls Singapore's armed forces "the most technologically advanced military in Southeast Asia" and notes that while everyone in the region fears China and no one could prevail against a Chinese onslaught, China fears that any such onslaught would bring a very painful Singapore Sting.
The punchline to all this, not very funny but very, very true, is that no sooner had Singapore gained its independence in August 1965 than its British-educated founder and first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew (whose eldest son is now prime minister), invited Israel to organize his armed forces, because he saw all the parallels between the two young nations that I've just noted.
On Christmas Eve, 1965, six Israel Defense Force officers and their families moved to Singapore, followed by waves of consulting teams that established the country's "Total Defense" combat doctrines, its recruitment and training regimens, its intelligence services, and its state-of-art arms procurement.
"We are not going to turn Singapore into an Israeli colony," chief of staff and future prime minister Yitzhak Rabin admonished these teams. He needn't have worried. Singapore's highly intelligent, eloquent, ruthlessly energetic dictator knew how to collaborate without being colonized, something one couldn't say about some of the Americans he's been collaborating with most recently. He was as deft and determined as the Han Chinese in other countries who, even as minorities, dominate major industries, banks, and even English-language media in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
The Israelis militarized Singaporean society, even with Israeli military songs, to which Lee's soldiers marched in one of Singapore's first real Independence Day parades. Less symbolically, they showed Singapore how to establish military conscription in a hitherto un-militaristic populace that, according to at least one survey, ranked the profession of soldier far below that of thief, while placing artists, teachers and merchants on top.
So determined was Lee to adjust this that when Israel won the Six-Day War in 1967, vindicating his decision to work with it and boosting Singaporeans' confidence in their Jewish military mentors, Singapore's UN delegation surprised other Third World nations by abstaining on a resolution condemning Israel.
Israelis persuaded Lee to make conscription universal to tap well-educated, prosperous Han Chinese as well as the Malay, Indian, and other minorities. That produced an intelligent, dynamic army and a disciplined male student population, and non-Singaporean university students at the country's universities can receive substantial tuition subsidies but must accept what the National University of Singapore calls "a service bond under the terms of the tuition grant to work for a Singapore-registered company for three years upon completion of their degrees so as to discharge some of their obligations to the Singapore public." In some professions, the mandatory service is to government agencies, for up to six years. Such disciplined incentives produce more than a little griping, but little softness or self-indulgence.
All this has posed an exquisitely discomfiting dilemma for Yale's neoconservatives, who never hesitate to ridicule leftists who've collaborated with authoritarian "Third World" regimes. Now they find themselves looking into a mirror and falling spookily silent about Yale's collaboration with Singapore in setting up an undergraduate liberal arts college.
When Shaunziming Tan published a damning essay about Yale's and other Western universities' collaborations with such regimes, Michael Rubin of the neoconservative flagship Commentary Magazine commented, quite rightly, that
"Foreigners flock to American universities because of their freedom and opportunity. How sad it is then, as Tan describes, that so many American university presidents are willing to compromise basic values in order to make a quick buck, often padding endowments which already reach billions of dollars. That will not bring progress; it is simply intellectual prostitution."
Unlike Yale in Singapore, Israel was smart enough to keep its name out of the public eye at the time, eager though it was to advance its national interests and prestige.
So it's noteworthy -- and perhaps commendable -- that Rubin condemned Yale and other universities for accommodating to an authoritarian regime that has worked so closely with Israelis without drawing criticism from defenders of authoritarian regimes at Commentary.
At least this should teach other neoconservatives what Yitzhak Rabin and Lee Kuan Yew always understood and what I learned after my epiphany on the road to Haifa: matters like these cannot be viewed clearly through binary, left-vs.-right lenses: Leftists who supported "people's liberation struggles" by helping to harvest sugar cane in Cuba or crops in early Israeli socialist kibbutzim believed that nation-building requires disciplined struggle and sacrifice to lay the groundwork for prosperity and, with it, national pride, often at cost to individual freedom.
But even in the 1960's, when Singapore was getting underway, it was already more authoritarian in its nation-building than Israel had been, at least among its own Jewish citizens, but even to some extent among Arabs who became citizens of Israel. Perhaps that was because Jews, fleeing recent destruction and facing new/ancient enemies with Western Enlightenment traditions, some of them as socialists, bonded in relatively more democratic, egalitarian ways.
Although Singaporean society hasn't had to be on military alert as much as Israel, neither has it become the Switzerland of Southeast Asia, a region bristling with huge armies. Singapore does have enough economic and military power to take another bit of advice that the Israelis of Rabin's time gave it and should take more seriously themselves than they have under Netanyahu: Keep your vast military under the radar, if possible while strengthening and showcasing your diplomatic, cultural, and educational offerings.
Singapore is trying to become the education center of Southeast Asia by setting up a liberal arts college that bears Yale's imprimatur, while controlling the showcase as tightly as it does the military. "Increasingly we are noted for taking up the knowledge industries and doing cutting edge stuff," says Ambassador Chan.
Note, though, that, in this official view, education is an "industry," perhaps even a "cutting edge" weapon of sorts. Can any liberal democracy ever hope to flourish while pacing a gilded but iron cage?
Correction: This post originally misstated that Michael Rubin "has propagandized for war with Iran" and has since been updated.
Correction: This post originally misstated the terms of Singapore's incentive program for university students. This has since been updated.

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MH17: Stop Buying Weapons from Russia and Buy from the U.S? Nice Try (Updated Title)

When the MH370 went missing, the government was fiercely attacked by the Oppositions.  It was a no mercy - a once and for all shoot to kill attack.   In fact, the government is still accused of not telling the whole truth about the whole thing.  Every word was taken negatively, every news was spin and every action was said to be not good enough or totally wrong.  Relationship with China was at stake. 

The truth is, nobody can say for sure what happened to MH370 but everybody agrees that it is a victim of the superpower’s game.  And blaming the government for being ‘sucked’ into the game is just unfair.  Whoever is the Prime Minister or Transport Minister or whichever party is in power at the time when the plane went missing would never be able to predict or to know how to handle the situation best.  In fact, should Anwar or Kit Siang was the one in power, I can assure you that they would have done worse. 

But of course, if they were in power, there would be no reason for MH370 to go missing, would it?

How do we expect Malaysia or anybody to react to the international investigators and rescue team of the superpowers when they tell you that the plane is there, and then it is here but then everywhere and nowhere at the same time? 

With inadequate expertise and assets, how could we not rely on their advices and follow everywhere they directed us to go when all we can think of is save the victims and to find the plane as soon as possible?

There is really nothing much that the Malaysian government can do but to bear the criticism and the blame as any little country would have done.  If there is really something that the government didn’t tell us, it must be for the best of everybody.  

At least, we managed to ensure that our relationship with China remains good, and that, deserves a compliment.  For the time being let us just continue to pray that MH370 would one day ‘surfaced’ and ignore the Oppositions’ attempts to break us apart. 

Unlike MH370, the Oppositions are taking a different approach in MH17.  This time, they didn’t directly blame or accuse the government because that would be ridiculously obvious.  All of the sudden, this time, the government is credible and not weak anymore.  There are even kind words offered by the oppositions, complimenting the government on the handling of the situation. 

Gone are the daring calls for May 13 and now the Oppositions are talking about Malaysians to unite in grief over MH17.  Hmm…why the sudden change of attitude? 

Don’t be so sure.  The Oppositions may not blame the government, but that doesn’t mean that they have repented.  Just listen to what Lim Guan Eng had to say in the Parliament yesterday.  

Guan Eng urges the government to use whatever influence it has to place the necessary pressure in getting to the truth of what had happened to MH17.    He said, Malaysia bought 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM fighter jets worth USD900 million in August 2003. If Malaysia has not settled the full payment for these jets, we should postpone the payment, if necessary.” 

“Malaysia should also be ready to cancel the second Angkasawan programme which was part of the fighter jets purchase if we think that Russia will not give its full cooperation to the international as well as Malaysian community.”  and,

"Also, as proposed by the international community, we should consider joining the boycott against Russia."

Wow!  They had failed to bring us against China and now they want to bring us against Russia. 

If you have been reading my blog, you should be able to piece these puzzles together:
  • MH370’s missing is linked to the death of the IP holders of some most sophisticated assets specifically designed to bypass radars and satellites. 
  •  Russians make the best weapons of defense and Malaysia buys from them.
  • DAP wants us to stop buying these sophisticated weapons from Russia.
  • U.S doesn’t have access and knowledge to Russian’s technology. 
  • Singapore is buying war tanks. 

It looks to me that Guan Eng is not only trying to spoil our good relationship with Russia but also trying to stop us from having the best weapons of defense.   Why?  It could be connected to Israel’s ally and DAP’s blood brother, Singapore, buying war tanks. 

Investigation is still ongoing on the shooting of MH17.  However, the U.S is adamant in accusing that Russia is responsible.   Russia in turn, takes a very professional approach and revealed evidence of satellite photos in its defense. The negotiation went smoothly and Malaysia managed to get the black box and the bodies of the victims without much problems. 

Overall, we must say that Russians are very helpful in their own way.  To accuse them without hard evidence would surely create tensions in the relationship of both countries.  And Malaysia cannot afford to be hostile to anyone, especially Russia, which might be the only country that could balance up the voices of the superpowers in the United Nation. 

I hate to say this, but thanks to the downing of MH17, we are now able to see clearly who are the U.S’s/Israelis/Zionists’ tools or agents or goons in Malaysia.  They have made their voices clear on the streets, in the parliament and in their media statements.  They are all echoing the U.S putting the blame solely and fiercely on Russia. 

Meanwhile, Israel is making friend with China.  China would be a good economic and political back-up for Israel as the U.S government may not be able to stand the rising protests by the Americans against the Zionists any longer.   The Chinese, on the other hand, don’t give a damn about Palestinians or anybody else.
So, what we are seeing here looks like Israel eliminating its enemies and regrouping its allies, as it finally securing the land of Palestine and getting ready for World War III. 

The New World Order is becoming a reality. 

Is this too high an imagination of mine? Well, ‘man landing on the moon’ was once ‘just an imagination’.   

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The Jews and The Chinese - Part 2

I have shared a few videos in my previous post of the same title.  However, I feel that there is an urgent need to write about it, rather than just share the videos and let the readers figure my points out.  To be honest, I am skeptical if any of you even watch all the videos, especially on Mr. Netanyahu’s interview.  Allow me to share the video again: 

What I was trying to highlight is the hidden link between Chinese and Jews that many don’t know existed.  I have always suspected something amiss about the two races and thanks to Mr. Netanyahu, for helping me make sense of it all. 

Mr. Netanyahu said that Chinese and Jews are natural partners because they have a lot of similarities.  I couldn’t agree more, as we can see for ourselves:
·        both races think that they are superior than others
·        both races think that they are not subjected to moral values and integrity, but expect moral values and  integrity from others
·        both races are selfish and greedy and can only think of how to make more profit
·        both races talk only about their rights but deny the rights of others
·         if you criticize them, you are a racist but they can say anything they like about you
·        both races are ruthless and arrogant
·        both races hate Islam and Muslim to the bones 

We know for a fact that right now all over the world is holding a protest against Israel – from Japan to Ireland, to Britain, even the U.S…because, you don’t need to be Muslims to protest against Israel, you only need to be humans.  Of course, just like the Jews, not all Chinese are Zionists. But did you hear any protest against Israel in China or from any individual Chinese anywhere?  Hardly…

The truth is, the Chinese don’t really give a damn about anybody else in this world - just like the Zionists!   They will only care if their interest is at stake.  Netanyahu must have noticed this, which was why he is so interested in the Chinese.  Gog has finally met Magog! 

Netanyahu was then talking about ‘marrying the two races’ in the effort to combine both the economic and the technological power and to have the numbers!   And this Chinese Jews ‘coming home to Israel’ video which I’m sharing again, shows that they are not kidding:

As we can see today, both the Zionists and the Chinese are hijacking Christianity because the best way to gain trust (to manipulate the minds) is through religion.  Besides, religion is also a good excuse to start a war.  

There is no need to hijack Islam, though, as the Muslims are readily at war with each other.  All that is needed to destroy the Muslims is to supply the weapons.   While the Muslims are at it, the Zionists and the Chinese work their way into the Muslims’ lands either by force or by manipulation. 

Just to remind you that this is not about religion, but about assets, money, profits, economy and total power!  Religion is just an excuse, despite of what the Muslims think. 

Zionist uses the U.S, and the Chinese uses anybody they can as proxies and tools to achieve their goal.  And their goal is clear, that is to rule the world with Zionists as the Master and Chinese, the manpower and partner in profit.   

Now, this could be one hell of a theory but then, is it really just a theory?  Let me share another video that went viral during the GE-13.

'They' didn't win in GE-13 and that just takes their fight to another level. 

I’m not trying to scare anybody here but if I were the leader, theory or not, I would still be worried.

How can I not be when a ‘Chinese-state’ down south that is openly pro-Israel is now buying war tanks?  As we know, tanks can only be used on land which means, Singapore can only use the tank against one target - Malaysia. 

And why do you think DAP is aggressively pushing for a repeat of May 13? 

With the Malays still very much unaware of any bigger issues than how to get to heaven, how to get a second wife or how to take down the UMNO Divisional Chief, I think Malaysians should be scared..real scared.   The world is about to turn into hell.  

May God bless us all!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Jews and The Chinese

American Jew Against the State of Israel and Zionism:

Orthodox Jews Against the State of Israel and Zionism:

The Jews in the State of Israel Hate Christians:

Chinese Jews Proud to 'Come Home' to Israel:

Chinese and Jews are Natural Partners (min. 2.16 - 2.37):

I agree with Mr. Netanyahu that Chinese and Jews have so much in common:- 
1.   They think they are the 'better' species.
2.   They live for profits.
3.   If you criticize them, you are a racist.

The Gog and Magog?

Meanwhile, Jews in Malaysia and Singapore:


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Negara WHO?: New Name, Old Song, Same Bloody Singer

Just as Christians suddenly find the word ‘Father’ is not good enough for the God, Ambiga too, is finding that BERSIH is no longer a good enough name for her fights.  I don’t blame her as everybody now knows that BERSIH is as filthy as the fully loaded garbage truck.     

So, Ambiga launched a new NGO, ‘Negaraku’.   She said that Negaraku is endorsed by 60 civil society groups and NGOs. 

I bet most of the 60 groups and NGOs are made of the same faces, all singing the same tune – liberalism, the rights for LGBTQ, pluralism, abolish Malay rights and so on and so forth. 

But with 60 groups already singing the same tune, why is there a need to add one more?   And why ‘Negaraku’?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambiga and her NGO friends couldn’t even sing the Negaraku. 
These people have no love for this country, it’s so obvious.  They spend their lives condemning everything about Malaysia and they condone people who made fun of the National Anthem. 

I remember Ambiga marching down the streets with protestors trying to paint the worst picture of Malaysia on CNN.  Some of the protestors were holding flags that defy everything about our Jalur Gemilang.  Some even speak for the Communists.  They hold no gratitude and pride at all over our national heroes.

Not to forget, this Ambiga had tried to sell off our sovereignty by ‘inviting’ the Australians to come and interfere in our affairs!  Who in the right mind would do such a thing?

There is clearly no patriotism in the fights of Ambiga and her friends’.  So, why ‘Negaraku’?

Ambiga said that this new NGO is all about ‘the people reclaiming the country’.  My question: from who? 

And who is she to reclaim it for the people of Malaysia?  The country is being led by the people who own it - the original settlers, the Malays, and it is being ruled just the way they like it.  Majority of the people in this country are against LGBTQ, liberalism or pluralism or whatever Ambiga is fighting for.  And the Malays are definitely against the abolishment of their rights. 

Therefore, it looks like Ambiga and her friends are trying to take-over the country because she couldn’t be reclaiming something she never owned in a true sense. 

Since she couldn’t do it through street protests, she is trying to do the same through a different name which she thinks would be more convincing. 

Well, firstly, it is a funny name for an NGO.  ‘My country’..what the…?

Secondly, ‘Ambiga’ + ‘Negaraku’ just make no sense at all.  Must have sounded like Namewee singing.  

One must be very stupid to think that people are stupid enough to fall for the name. 

Hmm…I don’t know what else to say about Ambiga and friends.  But what I do know is that these people will never give up. They will continue to try to kill democracy in the name of democracy just because they know that they cannot win in a democratic election.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

DAP Does Not Tolerate May 13 Threat, but Welcomes it With Open Arms

A title from Kit Siang’s blog read: “DAP and PR will not condone or tolerate any May 13 threat but we are prepared to fully co-operate with UMNO and BN to ensure there will not be another May 13 in Malaysia. 

I guess Kit siang needs to write long titles that already summed it all up, just in case people don’t read the whole write-up.

So, DAP will not tolerate people who threatened to start a May 13 bloodbath.  DAP will even work with UMNO to stop it.  DAP is all for peace and harmony, for love and unity.  

Now, here’s DAP’s calling for peace, harmony, love and unity: 

Don’t talk. All the time talking May 13, May 13. Bring lah May 13. You think what?
You think we’re scared, ah?” — P. Ramasamy, DAP Deputy Secretary-General.

Okay, we get it:  DAP doesn’t tolerate May 13 threat but it tolerates the people who asked for it, welcomes it and dare the Malays to start it.  This is love, peace, harmony and unity - DAP style. 

I think everybody can sense very strongly that DAP has been trying to start May 13 ever since their lost in GE-13.  This explains why the party didn’t issue a warning or take any action against Ramasamy.   

Unfortunately for DAP, the Chinese don’t have the guts to die for any cause at all.  Even their Blackout protests became a stupid joke.  DAP is now counting on the Malays and Indians to start the bloodbath while they take the farthest seats in the distance. 

The ‘Allah’ issue has gotten them somewhere, but still not close enough to another May 13 riot - not that they have given up on the issue though.    

In the mean time, DAP used Rayer to call for war with the Malays, and managed to get some stupid UMNO guys to respond as planned.  However, it didn’t get as big as DAP hoped for as there were no bloodbath.  After a while, the case just died down. 

Now, Ramasamy is doing the same – calling out for war - asking for a bullet on behalf of his master.  Still, I believe, nothing will happen except for a police report which will end up in some files on the shelf somewhere in the police station.   Worse case, he could be charged but - no bloodbath.  What a disappointment for DAP. 

DAP must have assumed that if they called the Malays ‘celaka’ and ‘coward’ loud enough, then the Malays will eventually run amok and they can blame the Malays for starting May 13.  By using Rayer and Ramasamy to make the call, they hope that the Chinese would be spared from the blame, and the bloodbath too. 

I’m sure that the Malays are willing to die for their pride and their rights but, ‘die’, will only be the last resort because Malays are not Arabs.  Malays may seem shallow, emotional and impromptu, but when it is a matter of life and death, they always take time to think about the consequences. 

Or else, how do you think the country managed to get its independence without tearing everything down?  

Malays is a very soft and gentle race - they are no gangsters like Chinese or Indians.  The worst terror acts ever recorded in Malay history could be a few isolated cases of ancient Sultans killing a couple of innocent peasants.  Even the Sultans then, didn’t feel the need to start a war just to expand its territory.  That’s how we get so many Sultans in the country. They didn’t bother each other as they were all happy just to be able to live comfortably. 

While the Chinese Emperors, Roman leaders, Huns the barbarians or Genghis Khan the conqueror killed to expand their territories, the Malays already know how to value peace and humanity.  The Malays may not have such great buildings to boast about, but that is okay, as long as nobody is hungry.  There were no need for ‘ego’ or ‘greed’ in the Malay land then.  Because of their peaceful nature, the land was blessed. 

And so the Tanah Melayu prospers throughout centuries after centuries.  Then, the Portugese, the Dutch, the Japanese and the Brits came with greed and ego.  The Brits later brought in the Indians and the Chinese - doubling the greed and ego.

Still, the only thing in the minds of the Malays is to live peacefully.  So, when the Malays were forced to accept Chinese and Indians as citizens in order to gain independence - they did.  And as we can see today, it was not a very wise decision, but ‘peace’ has its price. 

You see, the Malays may be lazy but they are definitely not stupid.  They know what matters most.  Whereby the Chinese aren’t so smart but they are definitely hardworking.  When a Malay is not lazy, he easily excels and that is when the Chinese becomes intimidated and started the backstabbing and the racist game.  (I can see this clearly from my office room).    

One thing for sure is that there are more rational Malays than rationale Chinese, which is why the country is still intact even with all these racial and religious provocation. 

The few irrational Malays choose to flock over with the irrational Chinese and Indians in Pakatan Rakyat.  We can see them marching down the streets tearing the city apart from time to time, hoping for a confrontation with the rational Malays and start a May13-like bloodbath. 

Of course, the rational Malays have so many other things to do than entertain them.  And so the irrational Malays are left running around, screaming and jumping alone on the streets for a couple of hours before they got tired, may be collect some RM50 from someone, and go home - a far-fetched from May13-like bloodbath. 

Bottomline is that, if DAP wants to repeat May 13, they have to do it themselves – just like the old days. Flip your history book and see how it started:  You wouldn’t find an Indian daring the Malays to come and get him.  You wouldn’t find Malays running amok against the Chinese over nothing.   You wouldn’t find Malays killing each other on the streets.  

That was not how May 13 happened, DAP should know better. 

So, if DAP really wants a repeat, do it right. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Judges Must Remain Neutral, Lawyers Can Kiss the Opposition’s Ass

Many of us are familiar with the name Ambiga Sreevanesan, who, at a few occasions had marched down the streets with protestors who were screaming for the fall of the democratically elected government. Ambiga’s name has been quoted here and there for her effort in belittling the government on the Opposition’s platform. A sore loser, she went as far as ‘inviting’ Australia to interfere into our affairs when the Opposition lost the election.

Just recently, Ambiga is again mentioned by the Malaysian Insider, as she gave her piece of mind to our judges and former judges. She said, “That judges are human and have personal prejudices, is appreciated. However, it is a requirement of their oaths of office that they rise above their personal prejudices when they decide cases.

Well, look who’s talking.

Ambiga is referring to the Former Chief Justice, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad’s statement on NUCC being hijacked by the Bar Council a.k.a the Oppositions. Tun Abdul Hamid in his recent statement questioned the role of the Bar Council in drafting the NUCC’s three bills to replace the Sedition Act. This is due to the fact that several opposition MPs sit on the Bar Council.

Ambiga, while holding the post as Chairman of Bar Council, had organized a dinner to honour Opposition members from the Bar who had won the 2008 general election.

And this woman is now slamming Tun Hamid for being prejudice. She is speaking in defense of the Bar Council which once sought public apology from Home Minister and IGP for alleged use of excessive force against BERSIH’s protesters BEFORE receiving full report of the investigation.

And this is the same Bar Council that went on a deafening silence on the ‘engineered by-election’ in Kajang.
This is the Bar Council that has nothing to say when a report was lodged against DAP lawyer-politician for telling lies about a legal notice/letter to the ROS.

Needless to say that everything about Ambiga or the Bar Council that she once represented smells of prejudice, double standard and injustice. And here she is, telling the judges to just shut their mouths and pretend not to see the biasness of her friends in NUCC’s mask.

Since this is a free country, she can say anything she wants but Malaysians are very much aware of who or what exactly is the Bar Council and how it is linked to NUCC, COMANGO, SUARAM or PR. Wait a minute, there are more abbreviations linked to them, there is also NED, IRI, NDI or could it be the CIA too?  Yeah, many believe that they are all for one and one for all.

Ambiga is basically saying that pointing out her friends’ unprofessionalism is unprofessional, and that she and her friends have the rights to be unprofessional and biased or partial in their action and decision, but judges must not.

What’s new? Ambiga is a trained lawyer and the Bar Council is made of lawyers.  And what Ambiga is doing is nothing compared to a late lawyer-politician who accused someone of sodomy and warned the country of the danger of such person in the parliament...and then defended the same person till his death.

Allow me to share a quote from Jean Giraudoux, a French novelist and a diplomat:

“You're a Lawyer. It's your duty to lie, conceal, and distort everything, and slander everybody.”

Need I say more?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Diplomatic Relation between Taiwan and Malaysian-Chinese?

Taiwan has been known as the most preferable place for the Malaysian Chinese to further study and work, but the number has gradually reduced over the years as competition rises. Due to this, according the reports by Chinese newspapers, the Taiwan is offering some very attractive opportunities in its effort to attract foreign students.

Taiwan is being chosen by Malaysians Chinese because the country recognized the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) which is not recognized in Malaysia. Malaysian government refused to recognize UEC as it defies the effort of unity and is against the country’s aspiration of bringing the people together with one language. The students from SJKC or private chinese schools are known for their poor national language skill and lack of knowledge in the country’s history.

It is proven today that Chinese schools produced unpatriotic Malaysians. This was displayed to us by our students in Taiwan as they held our Malaysian flags upside down as a protest against 2013 election result.

They are not only unpatriotic but very much a racist. Their hatred towards Malays and Islam seems unbearable as shown in comments and posts in the social media. The hatred is spread around the internet and on the ground that it has now become a threatening disease.

What is interesting is that some Malays and Indians chose to send their kids to SJKC too, and many of them are able to master Mandarin perfectly. Few of them could have ended up in one of Taiwan’s university too....I don’t know.

However, unfortunately for these Malays and Indians, they are not entitled to the attractive offers by the Taiwan government as mentioned above.

The Taiwan government has made it clear that the offers are only for the Malaysian Chinese and not for all excellent UEC holders or Taiwan University graduates. In other words, apart from the diplomatic relation between the two countries, there is also a thing called ‘diplomatic relation between a country and a race’.

Among the offers made by Taiwan are job opportunities specifically for the Malaysian Chinese in Taiwan and a Credit Guarantee by Taiwan government specifically for Malaysian Chinese entrepreneurs without collateral, to receive bank loans in Malaysia.

Wow! Do you know what this means? It means that the Taiwan government is taking care of the Malaysian Chinese almost like their own ‘rakyat’. Now, the Chinese don’t have to ask for Malaysian government’s help anymore, they have Taiwan government to back them up. Problem with UEC is solved now because the Chinese kids can just further study and work in Taiwan. There is no need to question Malaysian government helping bumiputera businessmen anymore because the Chinese businessmen can run to Taiwan government for the same.

But I have a better idea, why don’t all Chinese move to Taiwan instead? That way would be easier for everybody. No more cries over Chinese Education, no more grudges over Bumi rights and no more Muslim’s prayer calls in the morning. We could all live a happier life after all.

What we can learn from this is that the racial bond of the Chinese is real. Their racism is real.
They can be Malaysians or Americans or Indonesians but their loyalty is only for the race and their love is only for the money. This, we must understand. Failure to understand this, will lead the country down the hill.

MCA, Gerakan, DAP, whatever their names are, they are the same. They are the Chinese. They stand as one - one way or the other. There is no right or wrong for the Chinese as they take it as they are always right. Someone put a cow’s head in front of an Indian MP’s house and blame the Malays, they must, not the Chinese. There is no need for an Investigation or Inquiry as the proper channels are only needed when a Chinese is being blamed.

You can’t argue on economic facts or chart up a graph to show how the government have helped them grow, and expect them to agree because they never will agree. They will only stop demanding when they have had it all and ‘all’ for them, is infinite.

They tell you that you must not bribe, but bribery is how they build their business. They accuse you of cronyism when they are given government monopoly contracts on a silver platter. They manipulate their party election and they call you a cheater.

They can do all these because they are racists. Hey, this is a fact just like it is a fact that Malays are mostly lazy.

You see, this is what the Chinese are all about. Hypocrites, shameless, no moral stance, no factual arguments, no guilt, no sorry, no thank you, no nothing until they get their feet up on your heads. All their talks about values are only for others - not them. All talks about patriotism, unity and aspiration will only be translated by them as ‘Chinese Supremacy’. Trying to negotiate with them is a proof of weakness which will only lead you to your palms and knees. You can't win with a racist unless you are a racist too.

I am sure that not all Chinese are as heartless, but finding one rationale Chinese is like finding a needle in a haystack. If only the government is clever enough to identify the rare species of rationale Chinese and get them together to form a force and work something out, maybe replace the NUCC or whatever…then, we might still have hopes.

Until then, the Malays will just have to defend their rights as fiercely as the Chinese try to grab it away. Now, don't hate the Chinese if you can't defend your rights.