Thursday, July 24, 2014

MH17: Stop Buying Weapons from Russia and Buy from the U.S? Nice Try (Updated Title)

When the MH370 went missing, the government was fiercely attacked by the Oppositions.  It was a no mercy - a once and for all shoot to kill attack.   In fact, the government is still accused of not telling the whole truth about the whole thing.  Every word was taken negatively, every news was spin and every action was said to be not good enough or totally wrong.  Relationship with China was at stake. 

The truth is, nobody can say for sure what happened to MH370 but everybody agrees that it is a victim of the superpower’s game.  And blaming the government for being ‘sucked’ into the game is just unfair.  Whoever is the Prime Minister or Transport Minister or whichever party is in power at the time when the plane went missing would never be able to predict or to know how to handle the situation best.  In fact, should Anwar or Kit Siang was the one in power, I can assure you that they would have done worse. 

But of course, if they were in power, there would be no reason for MH370 to go missing, would it?

How do we expect Malaysia or anybody to react to the international investigators and rescue team of the superpowers when they tell you that the plane is there, and then it is here but then everywhere and nowhere at the same time? 

With inadequate expertise and assets, how could we not rely on their advices and follow everywhere they directed us to go when all we can think of is save the victims and to find the plane as soon as possible?

There is really nothing much that the Malaysian government can do but to bear the criticism and the blame as any little country would have done.  If there is really something that the government didn’t tell us, it must be for the best of everybody.  

At least, we managed to ensure that our relationship with China remains good, and that, deserves a compliment.  For the time being let us just continue to pray that MH370 would one day ‘surfaced’ and ignore the Oppositions’ attempts to break us apart. 

Unlike MH370, the Oppositions are taking a different approach in MH17.  This time, they didn’t directly blame or accuse the government because that would be ridiculously obvious.  All of the sudden, this time, the government is credible and not weak anymore.  There are even kind words offered by the oppositions, complimenting the government on the handling of the situation. 

Gone are the daring calls for May 13 and now the Oppositions are talking about Malaysians to unite in grief over MH17.  Hmm…why the sudden change of attitude? 

Don’t be so sure.  The Oppositions may not blame the government, but that doesn’t mean that they have repented.  Just listen to what Lim Guan Eng had to say in the Parliament yesterday.  

Guan Eng urges the government to use whatever influence it has to place the necessary pressure in getting to the truth of what had happened to MH17.    He said, Malaysia bought 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM fighter jets worth USD900 million in August 2003. If Malaysia has not settled the full payment for these jets, we should postpone the payment, if necessary.” 

“Malaysia should also be ready to cancel the second Angkasawan programme which was part of the fighter jets purchase if we think that Russia will not give its full cooperation to the international as well as Malaysian community.”  and,

"Also, as proposed by the international community, we should consider joining the boycott against Russia."

Wow!  They had failed to bring us against China and now they want to bring us against Russia. 

If you have been reading my blog, you should be able to piece these puzzles together:
  • MH370’s missing is linked to the death of the IP holders of some most sophisticated assets specifically designed to bypass radars and satellites. 
  •  Russians make the best weapons of defense and Malaysia buys from them.
  • DAP wants us to stop buying these sophisticated weapons from Russia.
  • U.S doesn’t have access and knowledge to Russian’s technology. 
  • Singapore is buying war tanks. 

It looks to me that Guan Eng is not only trying to spoil our good relationship with Russia but also trying to stop us from having the best weapons of defense.   Why?  It could be connected to Israel’s ally and DAP’s blood brother, Singapore, buying war tanks. 

Investigation is still ongoing on the shooting of MH17.  However, the U.S is adamant in accusing that Russia is responsible.   Russia in turn, takes a very professional approach and revealed evidence of satellite photos in its defense. The negotiation went smoothly and Malaysia managed to get the black box and the bodies of the victims without much problems. 

Overall, we must say that Russians are very helpful in their own way.  To accuse them without hard evidence would surely create tensions in the relationship of both countries.  And Malaysia cannot afford to be hostile to anyone, especially Russia, which might be the only country that could balance up the voices of the superpowers in the United Nation. 

I hate to say this, but thanks to the downing of MH17, we are now able to see clearly who are the U.S’s/Israelis/Zionists’ tools or agents or goons in Malaysia.  They have made their voices clear on the streets, in the parliament and in their media statements.  They are all echoing the U.S putting the blame solely and fiercely on Russia. 

Meanwhile, Israel is making friend with China.  China would be a good economic and political back-up for Israel as the U.S government may not be able to stand the rising protests by the Americans against the Zionists any longer.   The Chinese, on the other hand, don’t give a damn about Palestinians or anybody else.
So, what we are seeing here looks like Israel eliminating its enemies and regrouping its allies, as it finally securing the land of Palestine and getting ready for World War III. 

The New World Order is becoming a reality. 

Is this too high an imagination of mine? Well, ‘man landing on the moon’ was once ‘just an imagination’.   


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