Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lim Guan Eng Says ‘OK’ To Call Malays ‘Celaka’?

I thought that marching down the streets and into the prohibited areas, wrecking up police cars or giving the officers a bloody nose and stitches on the head is what the Oppositions called ‘democracy’. I thought, this is what they are fighting for, the kind of country that they dream of – where people can break into government buildings just to show that they don’t like the government.

I recall the Oppositions pointing at the BERSIH & Blackout protestors proudly, saying that ‘this, is democracy’.

However, when the people marched down the Penang Assembly building, the Penang government issued a condemnation of the act, calling the protestors ‘gangsters’. Its Speaker, Datuk Law Choo Kiang said that “this has never happen before in history of the assembly” and is extremely disappointed that it is happening today.

Well, it never happened before because no Representative has ever called the Malays in UMNO as ‘Celaka’ in an official sitting before, and RSN Rayer of DAP just did that. So, which part of ‘Celaka’ did Datuk Law not understand?

Things don’t happen without a reason and I’m sure Datuk Law or the Penang government is very much aware of it but are just too hypocritical to admit.

Malaysia had been very peaceful for so long with every race living together harmoniously. Nobody ever questioned the Malay privileges or the facts that the Chinese are conquering the economy. Everybody accepts the fact that no one race can have it all, or lose it all.

Therefore, what changed? When did this racial madness start? And why?

Do take note that there is no change in government at the federal level. It is the same government that has ensured peace and harmony ever since. In fact, the country had reached its peak, under the same government. So, we cannot blame the federal government for what happened.

Then, what is it that has changed? A few state governments, of course.

No one can deny that all these racial madness started off in 2008 when DAP/PR managed to get hold of some political power and started questioning the constitution. It started off when the Evangelist-Christians that is backed by DAP wanting to use the word ‘Allah’ in Bibles. And the LGBTQs started demanding for their rights. And Namewee and Alvivi made fun of Malays/Islam. And DAP started pushing for history to be changed and make communists the hero and Lim Kit Siang a victim in 13 May tragedy.

This, is what makes Malaysia what it is today.

And DAP, being DAP, will never ever admit their wrongs or say sorry. So, RSN Rayer says that he is not sorry for calling the Malays ‘Celaka’ and refused to apologize.

We must remember that an UMNO leader was made to say sorry for calling the Chinese ‘keturunan pendatang’ at one time ago.

While Chinese being ‘keturunan pendatang’ is a historical fact, ‘Celaka’ is a pure bad word.

Because historical facts are the truth and the truth hurts more than a mere bad word, DAP took the word ‘keturunan pendatang’ hard, but condemns the protest by the Malays against the word ‘Celaka’.

In other words, DAP seems to be saying that it’s ok to call the Malays ‘celaka’ and the Malays should just swallow it quietly.

For that, all of the sudden, the marching down the streets and tearing down the gate of the government building is not cool and all these ‘samseng’ acts is not what democracy is all about anymore.

As I said, DAP being DAP, it will always see things in double standard and talking the party into some rationality, is simply impossible. However, what unsurprisingly surprising is that a Press Secretary to an UMNO Minister, our Dearest Regina Lee, seems to agree with DAP too.

Regina, in her tweet, calls the people to just ignore Rayer altogether. Rayer calls UMNO Celaka, so what? Her boss obviously doesn’t mind.

Hmm…Perhaps, it’s time for UMNO to UBAH its slogan; rather than ‘Dulu, Kini, Selamanya’, why not change to “Forgive, Forget and Forego” and let’s wish for Malaysians ‘happily ever after!’


  1. UMNO celaka..tapi klinik 1Malaysia penuh dgn 'jenis' dia saja....agak2 la cakap tu

  2. DAP memang parti celaka - dahulu, kini dan selamanya.