Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No ‘Allah’ Mentioned in 10-Point Solution

The case of ‘Allah’s name in The Herald’ now closed. The decision made was that The Herald is not allowed to use the word ‘Allah’ in its publication. Fullstop.

I do not understand how some Christians have a hard time to understand that. Soon after the verdict was announced, the Christians are already making a ‘pledge’ to continue to use the word ‘Allah’ elsewhere, except The Herald.

It is disgusting to see how some Christians PRETEND not to understand that the case was about The Herald breaking the law under Section 9, Selangor’s Non-Islamic Religions Enactment 1988, that says that the word ‘Allah’ is only for Islam and other religions are prohibited from using it in their religious activities or publication. Therefore, the Christians cannot use the word ‘Allah’ in The Herald or elsewhere in Selangor.

The Christians argued that this prohibition has gone out of the context of Article 11 and 11(4) on freedom of religion and wish to disregard the Selangor Law.

In that case, does it say anywhere in the 1988 Enactment that prohibits Christians from practicing their religion? No!

Then which part of Article 11 and 11(4) that has gone out of context?

Are the Christians’ prayers unanswered now because they don’t pray to ‘Allah’? Was it answered before? Are the prayers of the Christians in the U.S answered because they don’t pray to ‘Allah’? You don’t know. Nobody knows.

The truth is that, the Christians are only fighting for the rights to spread the religion through manipulation of the word ‘Allah’.

Well, the last I checked, manipulation is not a part of Christianity so does the word ‘Allah’.

So, which part on freedom of religion did the Christians not enjoy?

Like a stubborn child or a retard, some Christians refuse to understand. And now, they are using the 2011 10-Point Solution as a back-up argument.

I say, fine! Let’s read what the 10-Point Solution said:

Now, I’m asking all you Christians to answer this like good Christians that you say you are: Which part of the 10 points that allows Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ and bypass the 1988 Enactment? None!

Therefore, why are you doing all these my dear brothers and sisters? Why are you challenging the Law? Why do you want to create tension? Are you seriously asking for war?

Is this what Christianity taught us? If it is, then I’m out of it.

If you may see what is happening in Sudan today - a person can be sentenced to death just for being Christian. While in Central Africa, the Muslims are being slaughtered and massacred by Christians in a ‘holy’ Christian-Muslim’ war.

Now, thanks to you, the Christians are the new extremists and potential terrorists in Asia.

But of course, you will not pick up a gun and shoot the Muslims because that would be too obvious. You would rather be the ones who leak the gas and let the Muslims light the fire themselves. That way, you wouldn’t be blamed.

Like a true evil, you will stand by the side, quietly laughing as you watch both the Christians and the Muslims burn to hell.

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