Monday, June 23, 2014

Would the Christians who pray to ‘Allah’ please Stand Up?

Malaysiakini had published a statement by ‘Penyelaras Nasional Belia untuk Keadilan dan Keamanan’, K Sudhagaran Stanley on his plan to hold a peaceful assembly to protest against MAIS for refusing to return the Bibles to Bible Society Malaysia (BSM). Sudhagaran in his statement calls for all races and faiths, including Islam, to stand together against the Islamic Authority for the injustice done to the Christians.

He even calls for PAS leaders to join the ‘walk for peace and love’.

Another way to put this is, Sudhagaran is challenging the court for the rights to break the law. This looks no more like a political stunt by DAP to me – using an Indian to speak up against the Malay-Muslim authority while they watch and wait and heat it up in the oppositions’ media.

Before anybody decided to join Sudhagaran, can you please answer me this:

How many of the 9% Christians, particularly in the Peninsular, actually pray to ‘Allah’? I have asked the same question again and again but have not had any reply. We all know for a fact that even the newly eagerly converted Christian Chinese are not keen in using the word ‘Allah’ in their prayers.

None of the Christians I know would pray to ‘Allah’ simply because they don’t worship ‘Allah’. Many don’t even read the Bibles be it in any language.

‘Allah’ is the name of Muslim’s God but it’s not a direct translation of ‘God’ in Malay. If you want to have a fully Malay text in the Malay Bible translation then the word ‘God’ should be translated to ‘Tuhan’. Unless, you want to translate the Bible to Arabic, so maybe..just maybe, you have the rights to use the name ‘Allah’ as God.

But you have to take note that Allah for Muslims has no son. Allah for Muslims is one, and none other is associated to Him in any way. Allah for Muslims didn’t let Jesus die but saved him. Allah for Muslims is known as the All Merciful, All Loving and Forgiving.

Christians wants to include the name ‘Allah’ in the trinity concept and so ‘Allah’ for Christians is not one, but three in one. I don’t know whether the Christians is using ‘Allah’ to replace the ‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘Father’ but either way, they are not referring to the same ‘Allah’ as the Muslims for the Father has a son and the Holy Spirit is associated to both father and son. ‘Allah’ for Christians let Jesus die.

With this in mind, how could anybody claim that we are all praying to the same God?

We cannot claim that the Hindu Gods and Goddesses whom each has its own territory and capacity be taken as the same God as the Holy Spirit, Father and Jesus who is in charge of everything.

How can a boy named John who has blue eyes and perfect nose be taken as the same John across the street with green eyes and crooked nose? Can we take all Johns in the world as the same person? Just because BBC and TV3 are TV channels and both bring to us news and dramas, it doesn’t mean that they are the same body.

Some Christians in Malaysia are not up to argue on this academically or rationally. Instead, they disregard the Laws and sensitivity of others and went on with the use of the name ‘Allah’ in Malay Bibles and were ready to distribute them.

If this is not an act of evil, then what is?

It is only expected that such evil act is handled roughly by the authority. You may accuse me of betraying my Christian brothers and sisters but I’m telling you that this act of provoking and ignoring the law just to create tension in the country is an act of evil.

You see, this is what happen when you are too busy teaching Islam to the Muslims that you don’t know your own religion anymore. As a result, the Christians have become evil.

Not all though, but those who do not become evil, choose to keep quiet for fear of being labeled as a traitor to Christianity. Christians are aware that by using the word ‘Allah’ in Bibles means getting more followers among the lost souls of Malay-Muslims. And so, they condone the act of evil, believing that they are doing the right thing in the name of Christianity.

What is even more disgusting is that, there are Muslims or so they claimed to be, who choose to join this evil. These Muslims think that they are really fighting for justice in the name of ‘freedom of faith’, regardless of the fact that 99% Christians in the Peninsular don’t want, don’t need to and don’t use the name ‘Allah’ in their prayers. Perhaps, these Muslims don’t even know that.

Therefore, instead of keeping mum, the government could have approached these 99% Christians and get them to talk. Get them to tell the people that they don’t use the word ‘Allah’ in their prayers and they don’t need to. Get them to show to the people that these few Christians who want to pray to ‘Allah’ don’t represent the true Christianity.

The peaceful assembly against MAIS is supposed to serve as a challenge to the authority and the law. The objective is just to make things worse. I am sure, that they are counting on a confrontation from the Muslims which would raise more questions on Malaysia’s stability.

It looks like the evil is working hard to destroy the country. In time like this, true Christians should come out and make their presence and stance known. If the government don’t come to you then you come to the media and set things right. Tell the people whether you pray to ‘the one and only Allah that has no son nor an association’ or to the ‘Trinity God’? We don’t need to create tension just to use the name ‘Allah’ as Jesus hears us just the same.

I hereby call upon all true Christians to stand together with other Malaysians to make a pledge that we will never poke into each other’s religion just because we like their God’s name better.

Let no evil use our religions as weapon of mass destruction.

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