Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is it with the Muslim men and sex?

Sex is clearly not a big issue in Islam but it seems that it is such a big issue, or the only issue there is, for the Muslim men. It seems that the lives of Muslim men are revolved around ‘man-woman’ relationship. We don’t have to go far to prove my point – just look at Kelantan, the so-called Islamic state or just look at most Malay men around us.

A simple honest handshake between a man and a woman is feared to have urged sexual desire or triggered ‘inappropriate’ visuals in the minds of the Malays. I was made to understand that the Islamic point of view in prohibiting ‘touching’ between different genders is said to be based on respect. If so, why all these talks about ‘inappropriate’ visuals and sexual desire? Didn’t it only mean that there is no respect whatsoever towards the women?

In the Saudi, women driving cars could also be mistaken as a slut. In many other Muslim countries, women not wearing hijab could also be mistaken as an invitation for rape.

And do you realize how Muslim men only have one ambition in life, that is to have two wives, or more? Of course, there is absolutely no love involved here, it is all about sex, sex and sex.

I’ve heard how some Malaysian Muslims got married just because they accidentally looked into each others’ eyes and that would mean that they have committed ‘zina’ and therefore must get married. I mean, these people must have ‘sex’ written all over their heads that they cannot do anything without relating it to sex. (Heck, I just looked at my assistant in the eye and was only thinking of whether she has finished the task that I asked her to do).

Whenever we hear the Muslims argue about Islam, it is always about how much flesh a woman can reveal, what could lead to ‘zina’, what could arouse the men and the sorts.

The Muslims even referred to their women as perfectly wrapped ‘candies’ and their women are to take the analogy it as an honour. My woman would snap if I ever referred to her as ‘food’ and she has the right to because she’s not made by God to be eaten by men.

Referring to women as candies shows how zero respect the Muslim men have towards their women. I’m sure many would argue on this but I have the rights to my opinions just as they have the rights to theirs. I believe that referring to women as food is totally against the Quran. It is an insult to the God’s given brains to the women.

The Quran says that women are to be respected, protected and loved, NOT eaten, whether literally or metaphorically.

Women have the rights to choose, to think, to have opinions and therefore attitude and characters. In other words, women have the rights to live and express herself through her choice of clothes and words and actions. Of course, all these are subjected to some rules and limitation of sane, civilized beings.

If the women have disregarded these rules and gone beyond the limits, the men have to treat them with respect nevertheless and protect them just the same, like sane, civilized beings.

We must treat everybody with respect regardless of their appearance, and this, I believe a the teachings from the Quran. If you teach the people otherwise, the world would be in haywire, like the Muslim countries.

I’ll give you an example, if you tell a boy that women in skirts are bad women and deserve no respect, I’ll bet that the boy would start looking at women’s legs as sex object.

And then you go on telling the boy that women in skirts are actually inviting boys to look at them. You know what would happen then? Yes, the boy then starts imagining the word ‘inviting’.

Without ‘respect’ and with the mind trying to figure out the ‘invitation’, the boy finally thinks that sexual attack against a woman is not really wrong, should the woman fits the category of ‘bad woman’. He felt no guilt before and absolutely no guilt after. The only feeling he has, perhaps, is afraid of the Law, but never of God because ‘God would understand that it wasn’t his fault at all’.

This is how rape become a ‘norm’ in a community, a no big deal, a nobody’s business but the victim’s.

And this is why the rape of a teenage girl by 38 men that shocked the nation last week did not exactly shocked the Kelantanese.

But I also heard that girls and women in Kelantan are all covered up. So, if they are all covered up, why are they the target of rape still? What happened to the perfectly wrapped candies? The men just tear up the wrapper and push it down the throat anyway… So much of ‘respect’ eh?

Unfortunately, this is how Islam is taught in Malaysia and probably, around the world. The hollier the Muslim is, the more sexual he becomes. The more ‘Islamic’ a country or a state is, the more sex-related crime there is.

Why can’t the Muslims just admit it that it is not what the women wear, but the upbringing of the men that led to sexual crimes against women.

The Muslim men must stop thinking of sex day in and day out and find better things to think of. Stop reading about what not to do to a woman and start reading about what to do in life instead - that is to seek knowledge from the universe, which I believe, is the teachings of the Quran.

The more empty space you have in your head, the more space you have for evil to breed. Your brain is the most powerful, most sophisticated creation – use it to the limit, don’t let it stay idle, which I believe is the teachings of the Quran too.

Some wise people said that sex is about temporary brain malfunction. Too much of it might mean brain damage. Maybe this is why all Muslim countries are a gone case - the Muslim men have brain damage. They think about sex all the time. They see sex in women driving cars. They see sex in women’s hair and women’s legs and eyes. They see sex in a simple, respectable handshake or in washing hair in salons.

They long to marry one, two, three and four women at a time. Oh yes, I’ve met a Muslim men with kids everywhere that he barely know them and I thought, “yikes! even my cat can keep track of its children”.

From the way the Muslim men behave, I could have mistaken that the Quran is all about sex.

Fortunately, I took the trouble to read it and I’m telling you that the Quran is not about sex but is about science! How could the Muslims missed that?


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