Monday, January 27, 2014

PR Waving White Flag?

Yesterday 26th January, 2014, Anwar Ibrahim made a special announcement to the rakyat, calling for a ‘truce’ with Barisan Nasional. He voiced out his ‘concerns’ over the worsening racial polarization in the country and wanted to put the nation first, before politics. For that, he wants to sit down with BN, to talk things over and find the best ways to put an end to the rising racial tension.

I must say that it sounded obnoxiously dramatic when it comes from Anwar’s mouth.

Last week, Lim Kit Siang voiced the same thing. He suggested for BN and PR to form a joint Summit secretariat to assure the people that there will never be another 13 May.

And coming from Kit Siang’s mouth it sounded like a bark that means ‘UMNO Racist!’

I don’t believe anything good that comes out from these politicians’ mouths.

We have witnessed UMNO holding out hands to PAS for a shake but were rejected again and again but we have never imagined DAP holding out hands to BN. Not as long as BN is led by UMNO.

Anwar holding out hands for BN, on the other hand, is not a surprise. This guy would hold out his hands, his legs, his heart, his pride and everything if it means getting a step closer to power.

By the way, talks about Anwar wanting to ‘work together’ with BN have been going on since after Lahad Datu. Anwar was said to be desperate to escape conviction and was willing to ‘negotiate’ for his name to be cleared. But this time, it is more than just a selfish call.

This time, Anwar is calling for truce in the capacity of ‘DAP’s tool’ for building bridges to reach out to the Malays.

We know that Kit Siang has been harping about 13 May in his blog postings ever since the kangkung flash-mob by PKR’s Lee Khai Loon. Although DAP insists that it was not a racist issue and that DAP has nothing to do with it, but the situation has now come to an ‘Orange Alert’ anyway, thanks to DAP’s hate-campaign all year round.

DAP then suddenly realized that they have gone overboard in inciting hatred towards the Malay-led government and now have to double their effort in gaining the Malay’s support and trust.

However, it is a little too late now, isn’t it, Kit Siang? The hatred that you have been sowing is now growing and spreading uncontrollably. Suddenly, a Chinese Principal made a Muslim convert Chinese teacher to take out her head-scarf if she wanted to continue teaching in SJKC and some Chinese audience made a Muslim convert singer to do the same if she wanted to perform in their company’s event.

Few days after, we were stunned by a police report of a Chinese SJKC teacher making a cow out of his Malay students. The teacher might have passed it as not being a racial issue, but still it is a human rights issue.

The funny part is that I don’t hear any human rights activist screaming over it. The fact is that, this is no small matter. A teacher is supposed to be teaching the kids about respect and humanity, to be an example of everything good. But this teacher has now taught all the kids in the school that it is okay to humiliate other people. And just imagine the trauma and shame that the student has to endure. He must have lost his self-confidence altogether. It could be a life-long suffering.

I wonder what if the same was done by a Malay teacher to a Chinese student? It would surely become the international news headlines. PR would have turned the country upside down. I can already imagine a speech by Marina Mahathir about how ‘inhumane’ and ‘barbaric’ the Malay teacher is.

But none of these occurred because the teacher is a Chinese and the student is a Malay and DAP, PR, the Human Rights NGOs and activists are all a bunch of hypocrites.

Therefore, this ‘bridge’ that Anwar is supposed to help DAP build, is nothing but a false call for unity to buy some time for the race to Putrajaya. Once they get there, unity can go to hell and the Malays can just go and die and the Chinese will rule; don’t we hear this often enough on DAP’s supporters’ social network?

Therefore, this ‘talk’ or ‘truce’ that PR is proposing to BN should not be entertained. Anwar is merely a tool to hide the true racist colour of DAP.

Now, bear this in mind: Kit Siang knows that whatever he is doing will lead to racial tension. He had done it before and he is doing it again.

So, we don’t talk to a tool and we certainly don’t talk to a hypocrite. These people will never admit anything. Talking with them will only heightened the anxiety of the people and will only confirm the perception that the government is in a very weak state.

My sincere advice to BN is, don’t make the people angrier than they already are.

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