Monday, January 6, 2014

Marina Mahathir: The Human Stains

Marina Mahathir could have been the envy of every woman in Malaysia for being the daughter of the great statesman. However, she turns out to be the nation’s greatest regret. Despite her father’s stronghold of religion and Malay customs, Marina despise all those. Her own culture, tradition and even birth-religion are somewhat archaic and irrelevant to her. But Marina doesn’t mind other culture or religion of others, though.

Marina thinks of herself as a freedom fighter, a human rights champion – the savior who would show people what is right.

Except Islam and Malay, Marina has always been very vocal in supporting the fights for other religion and culture in this country. Thus, has always been very fiercely critical against Islamic belief and teachings that contradicts with her ideas of human-rights.

Human rights is almost like a religion for Marina. And in this religion, to achieve total freedom is life’s ultimate objective. Marina believes that God is mere a concept shares by all religions and so, there shouldn’t be any problems on whatever we call our God as we all refer to one God. But are we?

Marina is right about all religions teach us to be good. The only problem is, we cannot be talking about the same God when the Hindu God might looks like Elephant with 8 hands and a Buddhist God may have bald head and big round tummy that needs to be fed. The Christian’s God is made of 3 entities with one being fathered by another and eventually murdered. The Muslim God is One and Only and Infinite in every way. I know, because I do read the Bible and the Quran.

Therefore, while we all believe that all religions share the same concept of goodness, they don’t at all worship the same God. There could be only One God that is looking after us all but not all believers of religions are referring to the same One.

For example, we all may have grandfathers that we look up to and adores but even if we all think that our grandfathers as the greatest, doesn’t mean that we have the same grandfather.

Anyway, I’m not in a position to talk about any religion because I’m not a religious person.

I am only going to stick to the subject of Marina as I think she has gone overboard in her liberal fights. Her hypocrisy and insecurity of being a Malay is starting to show. Marina is trying overly hard to prove to herself and her friends that she ain’t an ‘ordinary’ Malay, and that she is the more brilliant one, at par with her Chinese, Indians and Mat Salleh friends.

For me, Marina is a very sick woman who is starting to make people sick with her insecurity and hypocrisy. Marina doesn’t fight for justice or human rights or freedom, but she is merely fighting against her roots – Islam and Malay. It’s like the movie The Human Stains where Anthony Hopkins plays the part of an African American who passed as a Jewish man. He disowned his own roots and buried his past because he hates black people and hates himself for being black.

Too bad for Marina, her family background is the nation’s historical record which she neither can deny nor hide like Anthony Hopkins did in the movie. What is worse for her is that she only gets to where she is today, effortlessly, because of her background - because she is the daughter of a Great-Malay-Muslim-Leader. She is nothing without her impressive background.

I am not attacking Marina because I am pro any religion or race, I am just saying that anybody who has trouble identifying his or herself to his or her roots is definitely sick. I am also practicing my freedom of speech to say things as like, just like Marina always tells us of how life should be lived – freely. If Marina can judge and condemn those that she despised, like the Islamic authorities, I can do the same to her too. She may do the same to me, for all I care.

I can’t believe that a way beyond middle age woman still needs to seek approval of her friends.

Honestly, I can only shook my head in disgust seeing her with the placards in the Lady of Lourdes church, proudly displaying her biasness in the issue. We know how the Chinese and Christian Evangelists have been provoking and challenging Islam lately, but Marina never once criticized them. I don’t recall her condemning the porn couple Alvivi either.

But Marina is very quick to lash out at Islamic religious authority or the Muslims NGOs at the slightest opportunity.

If this is not biased, then what is? This is why I said that Marina is not fighting for religious freedom or anything at all. She is hysterically trying to escape from everything that identifies herself.

For Marina’s information, I am living in a Christian community and we don’t feel comfortable using ‘Allah’ when referring to the Lord. I admit that I don’t actually practice Christianity anymore but all my Christian relatives and friends don’t understand why any Pastors or Priests or ordinary Christians would need to fight to the death or create tensions just to use of ‘Allah’ in preaches or bibles.

So, Marina, we find your excitement in championing the issue on behalf of the Christians as silly. All I can say is that you are overdosed with your own liberalism.

Apart from that, it is clear now that you are championing the fights for the Oppositions, particularly the DAP Evangelists whom even true Christians don’t approve.

So, stop thinking so highly of yourself when you should be ashamed of yourself. Go home, look in the mirror – and remember this: Christians are against LGBT too! We have had enough of your friends’ attempts to divide and screw up the country. We just want Malaysia to be as harmonious as it has always been. If you find Malaysia so revolting, go live freely elsewhere and take your friends with you. Christians don’t need you to fight for anything!


  1. Like you I come from a Christian background and like you I do not use the word "Allah" and do feel uncomfortable using it in my worship. however, i do appreciate the problems of the East Malaysian Christians who form more than 60% of the Christian population and who worship in BM, Iban and other native tongues. Rightly or wrongly they have been using Allah to refer to the Supreme God, who created the Earth etc (and this is mainly in the Old Testament, The Psalms etc), way before th formation of Malaysia. Do we just stop them? Is this not unfair to them? if we were to follow the Federal Constitution isn't it their right to manage their own religious affairs? There are laws to prosecute non-Muslims who try to proselytize Muslims. So do we need to go down this whole route of banning them from using certain words in their own worship within their own premises (churches etc). Is this equitable to them? I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    1. Havent you read the papers? The East Malaysian Christians are not affected by it. They can continue using whatever name they are using since the day Jesus was born.

    2. Yes I have read the papers but if you read carefully you will note that there are clerics and other people like Zulkifli Noordin who are claiming that the use of Allah by any Non-Muslim is Not allowed. That is what is getting people riled up .

    3. Dear...zulkifli are referring to those who insist in using Allah's name in the bibles in the peninsular. So, back to square one. Why did these people insist so when they don't even feel comfortable using it in the first place? Stop lying to yourself. There was no issue only became an issue when they brought this up in the peninsular. Don't let the politicians get into you. These are not about Christians...these are merely politics. You can't be that naive, can you?