Monday, January 20, 2014

‘Moderate’ is the new ‘Extreme’?

Malaysia has always been a moderate country. I mean, how much more moderate can you be? If we all agree that Saudi or Pakistan is extreme in terms of religious practice, then we must agree that Malaysia is a moderate Islamic country.

There is no such thing as ‘honour-killing’ in Malaysia. We don’t force our Muslim ladies to cover up from head to toe. The Muslims can always go on a date or to a party like everybody else – men or women.

However, the line is drawn just up to dating and partying. It is wrong for Muslim unwed couples to meet up in isolate places and they certainly are not allowed to live together.

Gays, lesbians and transgenders are wrong as according to the Law and could be punished and forced to live a straight life.

To be frank, I see this as ‘fair-enough’.

Malaysians are allowed to a certain extend of freedom but are still bound by the Law of God. Christians are made of the same Law too, so there should not be any problem at all in abiding this simple natural law. This is why I believe that Malaysia is the best place to raise kids. We are free to watch Sex in The City series without the ‘sex’ scenes that may embarrass us while watching with the kids. We don’t have to be overly protective as to what the kids watch on TV or the cinemas as everything has been ensured to be ‘adequately’ appropriate.

Somehow, all of the sudden, some people today seem to start thinking that our moderate living is not good enough. They tend to push the line of moderation, thus, unbalancing the ‘cans’ and the ‘cannots’. According to them, there shouldn’t be any ‘cannots’. Every human must be allowed to do anything they like because it is their rights. The Law of God must not bypass their needs and their wants – their lusts.

Suddenly, liberation is the new moderation and ‘moderate’ is the new extreme.

Now, we must not confuse between liberation and moderation.

Not letting the Christians use the word ‘Allah’ in the replace of ‘Father’ in the bible is not an act of defying moderation. For all I know, Christians don’t need to use the word ‘Allah’ in order for their prayers to be accepted. In fact, they don’t really use it except for some quarters who want to pick a fight with the Muslims. And these people don’t use the word ‘Allah’ when they are praying at home when nobody’s listening. Believe me, I know.

True Christians won’t pick a fight with anybody. Therefore, I feel sick in the stomach to see Lim Guan Eng or Hannah Yeoh ‘preaching’ about how to be good Muslims! I mean, why don’t they start by trying to be good Christians instead and not create tension in the country?

One more thing, the ‘jawi’ writings on signboards are not a sign of extremism but it is part of the country’s history. So, never let the Chinese tells you otherwise.

On the other hand, the Chinese writings on signboards are totally unnecessary as it doesn’t originate from any part of Malaysian history except that it came with the Chinese immigrants back during the days of Hai San and Ghee Hin.

I cannot read Chinese, so Chinese writings on signboards mean nothing to me but pure racism. It shows how the Chinese community is totally out of touch with reality. Well, it is about time they accept that they are not in Hong Kong or China but in Malaysia – the land the Malays so generously shared with them and the rest of us.

What I’m trying to say here is that since May 13, 1969, Malaysia has never been in so much tension until some quarters decided to bark that the kind of ‘moderation’ which Malaysia has been practicing, has expired.

Let me re-iterate that ‘liberation is not moderation’ and we should never get mixed up or confused by their deafening annoying bark.

The truth is, Malaysia has always been a perfect model of true moderate muslim country to the extent that we don’t have to declare to the world that we are moderate. The world knows.

It is when we started to announce it that we open ourselves to scrutiny and debate.

There is no need for Malaysia to redefine, reaffirm or renew our slogan of moderation, we just need to stand on it, proudly.

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