Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can NUCC Be Unbiased With Marina Mahathir On the Panel?

The 31 members of the recently-formed independent National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) sat for the first time on Monday. All eyes and ears are on them as the controversial JAIS raid of BSM premise was said to be the hottest issues on the agenda.

NUCC was formed to tackle the polarization problem that seems to be getting worse by the day. Now with the ‘Allah’ issue and the JAIS’s raid, things are not looking good for the country.

The only way for NUCC to be able to solve the problem is of course to first trace it back to its source – to the beginning of it all.

For a start, let’s ask ourselves, have we ever had a problem with the word ‘Allah’ before? No!

So, how or when did this problem started?

It all started when some jokers who think that they will be better Christians if they pick a fight with the Muslims. It started when some bad Christians think that Jesus would love them more if they could trick as many Muslims into converting to Christian. It also started when some dumb Christians think that they worship the same God with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and every religion of the world.

These jokers, these bad and dumb Christians are now pushing, demanding, insisting, bullying and almost threatening the government into letting them use the word ‘Allah’ for ‘God’ in the Malay translation of the Bible.

Why so, remains the mystery of the universe. So, this is where the problem began. Hope NUCC had come to the same conclusion.

In addition, there is also this mystery of a few crazy Muslims who decided to back-up the Christians and bash ‘their own religion’.

Now, why is the Malay bible suddenly becomes so significant for the Christians and these few crazy Muslims?

In Malaysia, the Christians are usually very proud of their English. Some Malaysians converted to Christians just to be more ‘Mat Saleh’ or ‘English’. In their tiny little brains, they think that having an English name means having higher ‘standard’ in the society.

I hate to admit it, but many Christians I know like to belittle ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ and call them names.

Therefore, I find it shameful and disgusting when the Christians suddenly are ready to tear the country apart, jeopardize the unity and fight to the death, so it seems, just to use the word ‘Allah’ for ‘God’ in the Malay Bible.
I mean, come on! Most of the Christians here don’t even want to speak Malay! The crazy Muslims who support the Christians too, don’t speak Malay.

However, my biggest concern here is that many of these crazy Muslims sit on the panel of NUCC, namely, Marina Mahathir.

This is why I feel the need to remind NUCC to stay clear and focus on national unity and not try to interfere or to be smart about religions. Religion, though all of them teach us that unity is the way to live, the reality is that ‘religion’ is the main excuse or reason for disunity. If NUCC really keen in finding solutions, it better keeps religion out of discussion and stick to law and constitution.

We all know for a fact that allowing Christians have been and are doing fine using the word ‘God’ ‘Father’ and ‘Lord’ as in reference to God. Changing those words in the Malay Bible wouldn’t take us to a better heaven.

In fact I’m afraid that it will lead us to hell as the matter is obviously brought up with evil-intention.

I must remind the NUCC members that the NUCC is formed by the government with divine intention. Therefore, the least that NUCC can do is to show respect for the law and the Sultan.

Talking about the Sultan, I don’t understand why the non-Malays and the crazy Malays in Malaysia act like they have nothing to do with the Royal Institutions. As citizens of this country, we must embrace the institution, the constitution and the law. We can never unite if we keep fighting against our own identity.

And as Christians, you can never find peace in your soul if you keep denying and refusing to be who you are.

In view of it all, the core subject that should be tackled by the NUCC is how to make the people understand that we all have to unite under the same law and constitution. NUCC must make the people realize that we are all Malaysians and that Malaysia is an Islamic country with Sultans in every state. The majority of the people in Malaysia are Malay-Muslims.

So, accept it, and live on.

The fact is that there is really nothing wrong with our law and constitution and it is proven so by our having arrived at where we are today.

Therefore, the Christians must stop to bloody hypocritical bullshit of insisting on using the word ‘Allah’ in the bible of any language. The Christians know and the NUCC knows that it is not an issue at all. It is just an evil plot to disunite and turns us against each other.

And before I go off, I would suggest the NUCC to just sack Marina Mahathir from the panel for being so dumb. She actually said that all religions worship the same God, the One God of the Universe and that the name of the Gods shouldn’t be an issue.

Well, if the name is not an issue, why fight like crazy to use the name ‘Allah’? My Muslim friends now asking me, why not just use the name ‘Marina’ as God since ‘God’s name’ is never an issue for Christians? Why must pick a fight with the Muslims? I so…cannot answer them.

I can only say that most Christians don’t agree with Marina and we all conclude that Marina just love to see people fight, that’s all.

So, NUCC and our leaders up there, please take note. There is no point appointing a person who loves to fight, to advice the leaders on how to make sure that the people do not fight with each other. Be aware that this person is not interested in unity, she is only interested in killing her own identity as a Malay.

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