Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Spring Festival to all my Chinese friends!

I come understand that wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year would not be accurate - even racist, for a fact. I was told that the whole celebration is about welcoming the Spring Season in China, and has nothing to do with Chinese race or Buddhism. It might not make sense to celebrate Spring in Malaysia, but it just happened that the Chinese has embraced it as an ultimate cultural event which is celebrated by all Chinese in every part of the world – four seasons or not. Therefore, I think wishing you all a Happy Spring Festival would make more sense than wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year.

I was supposed to post this piece earlier but my work got in the way. Besides, I spent most of yesterday celebrating with my Chinese relatives and friends because in Malaysia, everybody celebrates this Spring Festival, not just the Chinese.

Or, to be honest, what most of us actually celebrate is the holidays not the festival. Like all other festivals, all races wish each other happiness for the holiday and tell each other to have a safe journey. And I believe that despite the rising racial prejudice, we all sincerely wish for each others’ safety and happiness - at least, until things get back to routine and we are forced to listen to the politicians bringing up the issue of race and religion again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. When I say politicians, they not necessarily be the ‘real politicians’. Nowadays, the worst politicians are the enemies in disguise as NGO’s and religious figures – Muslims and Christians alike. It is only a matter of time before they start disguising as Hindu or Buddhist monks too. In many cases, the ‘real politicians’ only play along with these phony NGO’s or religious leaders’ games.

Religion is the most convenient weapon or tool for a leader to achieve his purposes. It is very unfortunate of us that the world today though may not be lack of leaders, we are very short of righteous ones. Often our not-so-good leaders fall to the evil games of the enemies either by choice, by ‘no-choice’ or by pure stupidity.

When the leaders are stuck or lost in the game, we, as well educated people must make a choice. We can choose to follow the lost leaders and get stuck in the mud or we can choose to do what is right and good for us.

We can choose to understand the game and not play along. Do not draw the racial cards. Do not join the religious provocation. Leave it to the NGOs and so-called religious leaders and politicians. Do not entertain their call for demonstrations, do not go to their talks, do not support their blogs or join their social network.

And most importantly, do not believe everything you hear or read. Be alert about the evil plots and don’t fall into their game of hatred. Be aware of the agenda and their modus operandis.

Iraq, Egypt…would not have fallen if the people were more informed and were able to control their emotions and think rationally. A country will not fall apart just because the leaders have failed. It only falls when the people failed to act rationally.

The worst leader might have failed the country, but how do we explain ‘failure’ when Iraq was a lot better off under Saddam Hussein and Egypt was a lot better off before Arab Spring.

Therefore, let us all come together on this Spring Festival and help spread the words of wisdom. Above all that, let us spread honesty.

Let’s be honest that Christians don’t feel comfortable using the word ‘Allah’ in the prayers. Let’s be honest that the Chinese are doing great in Malaysia and not being sidelined or oppressed. Let’s be honest that the Chinese controls the economy and sideline the Malays in any way possible in private sectors.

Let’s be honest that if UMNO is as racist as DAP said it is, then the Chinese would never be where they are today. If the Malays are as racist and not buy or support Chinese businesses just like what the Chinese are doing to them, the Chinese will not be one controlling the economy today.

Let’s not point fingers but just look at ourselves and admit our mistakes – the lies and the hypocrisy.

For once, in the spirits of the beautiful Spring Season, let’s be honest and say things as it is. Then only we can hope for a better Malaysia.

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