Monday, February 10, 2014

Teresa Kok, a Heroic Villain?

Amidst Teresa Kok’s ‘heroic’ stunt by mocking the PM in her Chinese New Year’s video, a blog, (, exposed what a ‘villain’ she is.

In DAP’s moral standard, making fun and mocking others of different races are considered ‘heroic’. And in DAP’s moral standard also, giving contracts and awarding projects out of ‘direct negotiation’ is considered ‘transparent practice’.

According to DAPInsider, this is what Teresa Kok the ‘hero’, had done in Selangor that is, awarding projects by direct negotiation.

The project is said to be on a “2 piece of land in Dengkil and Kuala Kubu Bahru located at Sepang and Hulu Selangor district.

Selangor Foundation known as Yayasan Selangor owned 2 piece of land in Dengkil under Sepang district and Kuala Kubu Bahru under Hulu Selangor district. Land in Dengkil , PT. 39693 with size of 15.17 acre were rented to private religious school with RM25k/month renting fee. Land in Kuala Kubu Bahru, PT. 521 rented to PLKN (Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara) consist of 2 camps on it with renting fee of RM700k which is the highest contributor/income to Yayasan Selangor. Both land total size approximately 40 to 50 acres.”

It was said that, Goldsino Investment Development Ltd., a company from Zhuhai China was eyeing for the land to put up a Solar Photovaltaic Power Plant project. Apparently, the contact person was Teresa Kok whom was mentioned directly in the LOI from Goldsino to Yayasan.

Goldsino’s proposal was to lease the land for 25 years for the project that is estimated to worth up to RM1 billion.

What is amazing about this whole deal is that it was wrapped-up in less than a month. The LOI by Goldsino was sent on 14 December 2011 and an MOU for the project was signed on 27 December 2011.

I have experienced dealing in FDI and I have never come across such a ‘smooth’ and ‘speedy’ deal. The usual process of meeting up, negotiate, study, LOI, MOU and all would take months if not years. A project worth a billion would surely take a long time to sort out and getting a mutual agreement on every aspect of such a big project would be the most difficult process, not mentioning the bureaucracy.

If the federal government is trying to attract investment through less bureaucracy, DAP is doing it with absolutely no bureaucracy.

I don’t know how such deal is made in such a short time with very few people involved. And these are the people who talk about transparencies and open tenders. These are the people who talk about anti-corruption and good governance.

Anyway, you can read the details in DAPInsider yourself.
All I can say is that, unless you were born yesterday, you must sense that there is something fishy about the whole deal. If you are 20 years old or older and insist that DAP is clean even after reading this, then you must either be the biggest hypocrite or the biggest idiot in the country.

So, it’s time to wake up and say the truth, people! You may support any party you like in the name of ‘freedom to choose’ but you should never say what is wrong as right. You wanna make a change in the country? Then start with the man in the mirror! You cannot be screaming out for others to do good when you can’t even say the truth.

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