Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Legacy Tunku Abdul Rahman Forum: Kit Siang’s Reliving the ‘Glory’ of 13 May?

Lim Kit Siang has never shown respect, what more appreciation towards any of UMNO leaders. For Kit Siang, all UMNO leaders are racists, idiots, bigots, corrupt, incapable, ineffective or simply useless.

However, Lim Kit Siang seems to have something good to say about Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Father of Independence. Believe it or not, Kit Siang even delivered a speech at a forum held in honour of the late Tunku last Monday 9 February.

The forum ‘Legacy of Tunku Abdul Rahman’, was held in New Era College in Kajang whereby Ambiga Sreevanesan was also among the speakers. In his speech, Kit Siang praised the Tunku as a leader who didn’t give any room for extremists and traitors and promoted peace, love, harmony and prosperity.

Why is Tunku ‘different’ from other UMNO leaders in Kit Siang’s eyes? Why does the Tunku deserve his respect that other UMNO leaders don’t?

Let’s not get confuse here. Kit Siang does not respect the Tunku. It was the days of the Tunku’s ruling that he longs for. It was, during the Tunku’s ruling that Kit Siang managed to show the people the power of the Chinese! Tunku didn’t give room for extremists and traitors but his ignorance or perhaps, ‘naivety’ had instead gave the racial extremists and traitors like Kit Siang, not just a ‘room’, but too wide a space in the country.

No wonder Kit Siang speaks very highly of Tunku’s leadership. It was Tunku’s leadership that led us to the 13th May tragedy.

Isn’t it ironic that Kit Siang keeps warning us about the possibility of another 13 May but at the same time longs for the leadership that was blamed for the tragedy?

13 May tragedy had forced Tunku to resign and the country was put back to order by Tun Abdul Razak.
Therefore, if Kit Siang was honest in his expression of regret over 13 May, then it only makes sense if he honoured Tun Abdul Razak and not Tunku.

Apparently, the only regret Kit Siang may have over the tragedy is that the Chinese had failed to take over the country. Kit Siang himself was caught for inciting hatred and sparking racial tensions.

History spells Kit Siang as a ‘racial-tension engineer’. He knows how to initiate it and generate it and eventually blow it up. If we look very closely, read his blog postings, follow his speeches and watch his actions, we could sense that he is repeating what he did in the days before the tragedy.

Only this time, he has learned his lesson as to not be blamed. So, in his pre-emptive measure, he hinted that UMNO and the Malays are on the brink of repeating 13 May, while his party continues to provoke, challenge and even call for war, using disguises as Christians, NGOs or independent individuals.

It seems that this very irresponsible man is waiting for the moment when the Malays would burst in anger. He doesn’t care if his own people (the chinese) be the subject of attack because that would mean ‘collateral damage’ in a bigger war to take over the country from the Malays.

It seems that Kit Siang’s ultimate goal is to see the country being ruled by the Chinese. He doesn’t care of the damage that could happen in the process. That is why he longs for weak and clueless leadership where he could plan and strategize without being suspected.

Do you know that after the 13 May tragedy, the authorities had found hidden places where the Chinese used to stock food - obviously for supply during their much anticipated 13 May? This is a proof that the Chinese had prepared and planned for the bloodshed all the while.

Now, can we guarantee that they are not preparing, or already prepared for it now? Let’s hope not.

Let’s hope that most of the Chinese are more rationale than Kit Siang and have more sense than to sacrifice their very comfortable lives just to put Kit Siang’s clan in power. The chinese should know for a fact what a dictator this man is.

A man who doesn’t feel guilty or regret over a bloody tragedy is never a kind-hearted and fair leader. Would you rather put a cruel dictator to replace a fair and democratic leader just for the sake of racial power?

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