Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doomed For Being So Dumb

Rome did not become a great civilization in 5 years time. China did not become a great empire in 10 years time. The Jews did not become a great power in a couple of years. Great successes take years and years of hardwork, planning and focus. In most cases, it surpasses few generations before the success is able to be materialized.

Every educated person knows this but yet not every educated person understands it.

Malaysia has always long to be a great nation and our leaders have been harping on it ever since. However, as leaders changed, the perception of a ‘great nation’ changes too. The terms of ‘hardwork’, ‘planning’ and ‘focus’ is being redefined in line with the changes.

Malaysia, at one time, had become an economic tiger and stood tall on our own two feet. We look east not because we were forced to, but because we chose to. We had the power to choose and to have our own opinions. We even had the power to say what we like, even if it means offending the superpowers.

We could have become a great nation should we stay focus and stay on the same path and not deviate from the plans. But we did just the opposite. Therefore, we are now back to zero and is again struggling to reach square one.

The lesson we never learn is that the successor must acknowledge the predecessor’s legacy and continue to build a bigger legacy from the same path. If a leader chose to build a new legacy from a whole new path then we will find ourselves going back and forth every time the leadership changes.

And every time we change the leader, is like taking three steps forward but five steps back.

Malays make the majority of Malaysians. Therefore, regardless of racial or religious sentiments, we have to accept the fact that in order for Malaysia to be strong, we need the Malays to be strong. Unfortunately, this, is the most difficult part.

While the Chinese hold on very tightly to their roots and stay focus on making their family, clan or race great throughout the generations, the Malays hold their roots very loosely and live by ‘one generation at a time’.

It is a well known but deniable facts that the Chinese in Malaysia, or DAP, particularly, has a plan to take over the country from the Malays - as seen in 13 May 1969. DAP failed then, but they learned the lesson well. They have never regretted that 13 May happened, they only denying the blame.

There is no guarantee that DAP has ceased to dream of taking over Malaysia and there is so much evidence that they are still working on it. With what is happening today, it seems very clearly that the plans, the hardwork, the focus to achieve this objective continue, only with different strategy after taking into consideration all the possible setbacks. All the while, they move in masses to persecute the plans, slowly, strategically and very patiently over centuries and generations. Every election counted and studied carefully to help them manipulate the Malays’ emotions and sentiments.

This theory of DAP’s grand design to take over the country is too much to digest by the simple Malays mindset. If only it remains a theory, which I doubt, then things will be alright for Malaysia.

The Malays in general didn’t learn anything from 13 May 1969. Except from grieving over it, many of them refuse to believe that DAP could be as ambitious and remains focus on the same objective after generations. This is nothing to be surprised about as we all know that the Malays are still having a hard time making sense of the Jews conspiracy to rule the world. All they know is that the Quran warns them to be careful of the Jews and the disbelievers… and so, that’s all they do - they ‘be careful’.

But they don’t know how to tackle or react to it except warning their children and their women to stay ‘clean’.

The Malay’s simple mind makes them unable to read between the lines and understand the strategies of the Jews or the Chinese. More often than not, the Malays use their hearts instead of their brains to figure things out.

The complicated conspiracies of the Jews to conquer the world as well as the twisting plots and strategies of the Chinese to conquer the country are simply too ‘difficult’ and ‘too long’ to even think about, what more to tackle it. And so the Malays decided that it is not true or even if it is, then it must be the fault of someone or something else which is beyond their control. As such, they would rather ignore it and get busy preparing to go to heaven. In more extreme cases, they believe that all the answers for the problems lies in the implementation of hudud law. Once they implement Hudud, Allah will save them from the cruelty of the enemies of Islam, so they thought.

Sadly, the Malay leaders have the same simple mindset as the ordinary Malays on the streets. They refuse to digest all these complicated conspiracies and strategies and prefer to assume that it is an exaggeration made up of wild-imagination over too much CIA movies on TV. They believe that the Chinese, the US, the Singaporeans are simple people just like them, who are happy enough just to have a country to rule.

Not for a slight moment did they stop and ponder how did we end up in such a mess when we had just celebrated our glory. How come the Christians are suddenly demanding this and that? Why are the non-Muslims provoking the Muslims when we have never had such problems before? Why the Malays are frustrated at the government? Why did these things happen today? How do we come to this?

Just like the rise or fall of all great civilizations, these things don’t happen overnight.

Any good leader would have seen it coming when these quarters asked the government to abolish the only Acts that could have screwed up their plans, that is, the ISA.

Then they demand for ‘openness’ until the government is forced to ‘invite’ them into the team by ‘helping’ and ‘assisting’ with consultations and advices where they managed to screw things up from the inside.

Meanwhile, their counterparts keep on provoking and challenging the majority just to keep the temperature at boiling point.

Again, let me remind you dear leaders that this is not an impromptu reaction nor is it a co-incidence. It is all ‘well-planned’ - step-by-step, and accordingly.

With all these plans already making impact, how do we be sure how thick, how deep or how high the plot is. How far have their plans been taking-off and succeeded? I think we should have some idea about how bad the situation is when we have Regina Lee among the people who have access or may be give opinions on where the country should be heading.

Now, I may sound crazy but I’m sure all of us have heard about the quote to better be safe than sorry. And, I’m sorry to say that the Malays are already in a ‘sorry’ state. Other people imagine, think, plans, plots, strategize and make it happen, while the Malays sit, look, listen, shrug it off and dream away.

I’m telling you that if the Malays want to survive in this era of ‘bright is right’, they cannot afford to be as simplistic-thinking as they have always been. Only the brightest minds survive nowadays. The fallen civilizations, the torn-apart countries, the slaughtered nations - they are all doomed because at some point, they have become dumb.


  1. Dear S.D Roswell

    I'm Malay, of-course Muslim, but I've to agree with everything you wrote.

    "......they believe that all the answers for the problems lies in the implementation of hudud law. Once they implement Hudud, Allah will save them from the cruelty of the enemies of Islam, so they thought.

    .....they are all doomed because at some point, they have become dumb".

    I think the reason why all this happen are due to greed for power & wealth, among the Malay Politicians, on both the divide. While the young have been fed with too much hatred towards it's own brethren during religious classes, especially in Primary schools. They teached nonsense too in school. Once my 14 year old exclaimed, "That Allah shooting iblis', when there was a roar of thunder. When I asked him where he picked that up , he said, Ustazah, Then I had to correct him scientifically.

    The Malays are lazy to read too. therefore they cannot realized the change in DAP's attitude, even in the last 8 years.

    In the past DAP’s politicians are somewhat honest when they refused to put on the songkok in Dewan Rakyat or at the Rulers’ ceremonial function. Now after most of them are Evangelist, on their own accord they donned the songkok and baju-kurung to dupe the Malay electorate, just like Lee Kuan Yew once did, to win election. Anyway, they don't realized it’s the only baju-kurung these politicians have, since we saw them wearing the same dress, every time.

    These Evangelist sure have something up their sleeves.

  2. Try telling the hardcore pas followers that ultimately DAP wants to be the leader.

    They are deaf, dumb and blind because until and unless nik aziz tells them to stop supporting both dap and pkr, it aint gonna happen.