Friday, February 14, 2014

The Muslims' Dilemma: Dying to Live or Live to Die?

Mankind is always in search of The Creator. We try to find answers on how do we get here, who put us here, who made us. Some find the answers in religion, some decided to fulfill their curiosity by creating theories of evolution, some decided to not think at all. Some are able to accept the answers, some don’t, and continue searching.

Religions are associated with all the good things. No religion in the world tells us to do bad things. Although I heard that there are few beliefs that tell its followers that it’s okay to harm or kill the ‘unbelievers’ but I believe that such call is not the true teachings of that religion, and that the teachings were being ‘modified’ or changed by evil scholars. No one in the right mind should believe that such evil doings are good for the soul.

There are quite a number of religions in the world, but only two religions that have a real impact on the world, even shape the world, that is, Islam and Christian. There are about 32% Christians and 23% Muslims in this world. Islam and Muslims, however, becomes the most talk about subject of the world. If you noticed, unlike Muslims, the believers of other religions usually don’t talk much about their religion and just keep their beliefs to themselves but at the same time, seems to keep an ‘eye’ on Islam – either with suspicion or with interest.

Despite all the bad things that are said about Islam, the labeling and name callings, it remains as the fastest growing religion. More and more people in the west are converting to Islam. The more the religion is oppressed, the more people want to understand it. As for me, I keep an open mind to all religions but I certainly cannot swallow anything beyond logic. With so much attention that Islam is getting, the religion is surely worth learning and that’s what I’m doing. So far, I didn’t find anything illogical in the Quran.
Anyway, what I like to discuss here is why Islam has become the subject of hatred, thus, the Muslims, the object of oppression. The Thais are killing Muslims. The Russians are killing Muslims. The Bosnians had had their ‘chance’ of killing the Muslims. Burmese is killing their Muslims. In Syria, the Muslims are killing the Muslims. In fact, killing the Muslims is a ‘heritage’ of the Jews in Palestine.

It seems like the Buddhists, the Christians, the Jewishs, even the Muslims are all in war with Islam.

As ignorant as I may be, I don’t believe that this is the case. People fight for money, land, resources, power even women but people don’t just fight because of different beliefs, at least not those with fully functional brain in the head.

What happens is that these people with dysfunctional brains (yeap, there are too many of them) are made to believe that they are fighting for their beliefs when all the while they are being used by their leaders whose real objective is never the belief.

In ancient days, people might have fought for honour but today, the cause of fight is always materials.

Even racist don’t fight just because of differences and hatred but because the power that comes with the winning. The Chinese may hate the Malays but they won’t fight the Malays if there is no material gain to motivate them. In Malaysia’s case, it’s the political power and all the materials that come with it that could be the bet.

What I’m trying to say is that people may hate, but ‘hate’ alone isn’t enough to start a fight. There must be something in return that is worth it, in order for people to kill or willing to be killed.

Now, here comes the pathetic truth, the Muslims are willing to die for nothing in return! This means that many of the Muslims don’t have fully-functional brains. And because of their willingness to die for nothing, the Muslims have dropped their own rights to live.

In many parts of the world, we see more and more Muslims refused to live this life like the rest of mankind. Muslims prefer to be different, separated and away from the modern world. They want their own law altogether. They want autonomy. They don’t accept toleration. They don’t want to blend in with others, afraid of being sucked into the dark world of ‘entertainment’ because feeling or being entertained is a sin. They claimed that their fully-covered women who are pushed to the bottom corner of the house and never allowed to even ‘think’, are happy enough living that way. They believe that poverty and ignorance will be rewarded in the afterlife so they are happy living in poverty and ignorance.

The fact is, they are not happy. They are always angry. They are tired of the bullshit of pretending to be happy just by dreaming of the afterlife.

If you asked me, I doubt they will be happy there too. How can they be when the Quran says that mankind are put here on earth to explore and learn and do the very best to do good to as many people possible in this life. The Muslims never do that, do they?

If they didn’t do what the Quran says then how can they be rewarded in the afterlife?

No Muslims ever strive to explore the universe or to invent anything that could help mankind. They are selfish people who only live to die! So, how can they claim to be better than the rest?

Now, calm down. I’m not anti-Islam okay? I am only trying to tell the Muslims why they are the subject or object of hatred, oppression, and cleansing. Why?

Please digest this: Muslims are being killed everywhere NOT because they are devout Muslims that the evil hate them so much and whispered to the world to kill them. It is also NOT because they are terrible sinners that God punished them by sending the evil in the form of non-Muslims to kill them.

The Muslims often try to find easy answers for all their problems. That is why they don’t like mathematics or science because it’s hard, so they give excuses that math and science cannot take them to heaven. So, they become religious scholars and teach other Muslims about how to go to heaven. Don’t we all know that good people go to heaven? How else can you go to heaven?

The answer to the question of why the Muslims are being hated and massacred is because they are doing everything that the Quran says NOT to do. They refuse to live. When you refuse to live, it is more or less the same as asking to be killed. So, you get killed.

By ‘live’, I mean go out and learn, mix around, blend in, go to work as professionals, look clean and smart but keep to your limitation as Muslims. I’m not asking you to go and grab a beer, or have a one night stand with some chicks at the club. I’m not asking your women to strip naked. Just wear decently and not very differently from others because you are in no position to be demanding or stubborn. I’m telling you to look up and see the world – it’s a big, beautiful world, a great and amazing universe and a wonderful life to live - if only you start to read, learn, explore, discover and appreciate it. This is what the Quran asks you to do – the first and foremost, the ultimate reason to live. Meanwhile, be good, so you can go to heaven.

You know, you may stop the problem of baby dumping with Hudud Law, but that will only worsen the situation in every other way. It won’t make the Muslims superior. It won’t stop the killings but will only invite more prejudice and hatred. Baby dumping didn’t happen because the law is not good enough, it’s because the Muslims’ teenagers are too occupied with what’s NOT to do. Therefore, instead of telling them NO to unwed sex which will only make them more interested in it, why not take their minds away from it and tell them to read and explore the universe?

The point is, it’s not the law, it’s the low mentality caused by an almost empty head.

Well, I, for a fact, know many good Muslims who fit the teachings of the Quran. Sadly, and obviously, their numbers are way too small to make a difference. Majority of the 23% Muslims who represent the population of the world are busy preparing for the afterlife while whining about their lives on earth. Even sadder, some are feeling fulfilled, even in the absence of education and knowledge because the only education and knowledge they think they need are on the subjects of the afterlife.

So I’m telling the Muslims that if you want to stop the killing, you must first stop treating your women like animals or robots or slaves and stop that hollier than thou attitude when you know for a fact that you have NOTHING to boast or brag for. You can’t even guarantee a good afterlife even for Nik Aziz.

Now, stop pretending and start learning. Just think about it, how can there be an ‘after-life’ when there is no ‘before-life’? Ask yourself, just because you’re breathing, does that mean you have a life now?

That’s all I have to say to the Muslims and as brutal as it may sounds, I said it all with good intention.


  1. U failed to mention that the Muslims were disliked by the kafirs because they know Islam is real and a true religion.The kafirs envied the Muslims.

    U failed to mention that the bad situations in Iraq and Afghanistan (and many more Muslim nations) now are the results of Bush and the zionists grand design to destroy Islam.

    Why blame the Muslims ways of life for their "failures" as u called it.The muslims hated maths and science? Come on.wake up and be fairlah.The kafirs hate history lessons.Does it make them blind to our history?

    Pls be advised that we don't need your advice on how we live our lives.U can call it a freedom of choice.

  2. Vladimir Putin's statement that u pasted is a mirror for u to read between lines.
    "Minorities need Russia" and not the other round. Bacalah.

  3. I fully agree.

    You seems to have the same thought with OutsyedTheBox. Both of you, together, could change the Muslim mindset, especially in Malaysia. Syed too says that the Muslim does not follow the Quran anymore and that Islam have been hijacked by the religious people for worldly gains.