Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Herald Malaysia Online: Politically Catholic?

I took some time to read through The Herald online today just for curiosity sake. I think I don’t have to repeat that I am not a religious person. I read the Herald today just because I saw the link in some other blog that I read ealier. I must say that if it wasn’t for the web address or the title, I would have thought that I was reading Malaysiakini or Malaysian Insider and I wasn’t surprised.

If I were to hope for some enlightenment from The Herald, I was instead pulled over to the darkest corner. If I were to look for reconciliation, I only saw provocation.

If I was looking for the Lord, I am now confused! How can I not be when the Pope was recorded saying: “God is a father who never disowns his children - Pope affirms”

Pope says that God is a father. The Muslims says that Allah doesn’t have a son. And this Father Lawrence Andrew is saying that Allah is God.

Almost all of the news and articles in The Herald is about the fights of the Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ in Malaysia. If Catholic is really like what The Herald makes it look, then it must be a political party, not a religion and certainly not Christian.

We have long witnessed Islam being politicized by PAS and today, Christian too, has become a political tool, thanks to DAP. I doubt that DAP is doing this for the religion. Just like PAS, it is all about power and money. However, there is one thing more for DAP in this, that is ‘race’.

Which takes us to the difference between DAP and PAS: DAP is all about power of the race (Chinese), while PAS doesn’t mind sacrificing the race (Malays) for power.

Some Christians had actually disagreed with me that the whole ‘Allah’ name issue is mere political propaganda of a much bigger hand from the west. Some actually expressed concerned on why didn’t I support their fights to use ‘Allah’ in the Bible – for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak, so they say.

Well, I have a brother in Sabah and he doesn’t want to pray to the Muslim’s ‘Allah’, and he uses The Lord instead. Now that the things become a dispute, he feels even more uneasy when his congregation prays to ‘Allah’ in church.

I guess he would rather follow the Vatican and worships ‘the Lord’ instead of following Father Andrew and worships ‘Allah’. On top of that, he would rather follow what Jesus told us to do that is, to choose peace over war. We all know that the only way to maintain peace is to abide by the law and the ruler.

Abiding the Law and the Ruler, doesn’t make us a traitor to Jesus or the Lord. It also doesn’t mean that we must never criticize our leaders. It simply means to put peace and order above all, for our own sake.

It is disturbing to learn that some quarters in Sabah/Sarawak already call out for war against the Muslims.

Now, where does all these hostility come from?

This is why, there shouldn’t be a catholic-political news source in the first place. It is very irresponsible of The Herald to keep on pushing on the issue when the court has made a decision. Perhaps, it is not the use of Allah’s name by non-Muslims that is supposed to be banned, but it is The Herald’s license what has to be revoked.

Some Christians may say that I’m siding the Muslims or the government but I know that deep inside, they know that I’m saying things just as it is. No double standard, no lies, no hypocrisy -just plain-hurtful-truth. Ouch!

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  1. U're correct.The Catholic Herald's permit should be revoked.The core problem is The Herald. The Catholic father Lawrence insists that Allah is their Lord or God (should I spell it with a small "g"?). Even their Pope at the Vaican never use Allah to refer to Jesus/god.

    The correct translation of God in Bahasa Melayu is Tuhan not Allah.