Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Malaysians VS Malays-ians?

DAP keeps on denying that there was a ‘Chinese Tsunami’ in the last General Election. According to DAP’s ‘common-sense’, the case of 97% Chinese rejected BN in the last election is supposed to be referred to as ‘Malaysian’s Tsunami’ not ‘Chinese’. In the same breath, DAP insists that they are not ‘Chinese’ but instead, ‘Malaysians’.

If ‘Malaysians’ rejected BN, then who were those people who voted for BN in the election? Aren’t they Malaysians too? Since UMNO’s vote had increased despite BN’s worst performance, then the answer to the question must be the ‘Malays’. The Malays are not Malaysians, eh?

With that, DAP is indirectly saying that Malaysia is divided into two: the ‘Malaysians’ on one side, and ‘Malays’ on the side.

And now, DAP is pushing for a National Reconciliation in order to tackle the racial polarization problems. And I thought that we have no racial problems? I thought it was just a case of some ‘Malaysians’ prefers PR over BN?

I’ve been reading Lim Kit Siang’s blog and I can tell you that almost every piece of material in it is about racial problems. Since there are no more ‘race’ in Malaysia (because we are all ‘Malaysians’, according to Kit Siang’s common sense), this racial problems must be started by the ‘un-Malaysian-Malays-who-voted-UMNO’.

Now, can you see how Kit Siang plays his racist card?

If you can’t see that, then let me explain it to you:

Kit Siang is telling us that the problem of this country is the Malays in UMNO and that the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of Malays and UMNO. Without Malays and UMNO, Malaysia would be a better country.

Now, let me tell you what ‘better country’ means for Kit Siang:

A better country for Kit Siang is where the Malays no longer hold the political power and the chinese can build properties on any kampung they like; Kampung Baru would be first and foremost. A better country for Kit Siang is when no Malays hold any top posts in any government agencies and GLCs anymore. A private company may pay double or triple to some stupid Chinese or expatriates, but never ever promote or hire even the most outstanding Malays for top posts. A better country for Kit Siang is when there are no more rooms for the Malays to compete with the Chinese – no UiTM, no GiatMara, no ASB, no government special bumi loans or grants to start a business, no nothing for the Malays! And there must also be no JAKIM and no Sultans to protect the needs of the Muslims in regards of their religion.

Again, the only thing that is holding ‘the Malaysians’ back from Kit Siang’s version of a ‘better country’ is UMNO and Malays! Am I right, Kit Siang?

There, I have laid it out to you loud and clear. If you like Kit Siang’s version of a better country, then it is your choice. However, I would like to point out to you that you should not call yourself a Malaysian if you agree with Kit Siang. What Kit Siang has in mind is a replica of Singapore with himself as Lee Kwan Yew. Therefore, it will only make more sense if you call yourself a Singaporean instead.

To save the trouble for all of you guys who love Kit Siang’s idea of a better country, I suggest that you migrate to Singapore because that way, you don’t have to get rid of the Malays and UMNO. The only setback would be, it won’t be Kit Siang that is holding the power, but Lee Kwan Yew. And this is why Kit Siang needs to turn Malaysia into Singapore so that he can be the power that be, and not any other guy from some other clans. Bottomline is, Kit Siang battle is all about power for himself or at least, his family.

As for me, I can never agree with Kit Siang. A person who refused to assimilate with the original settlers is simply arrogant and rude. History has proven that such a person is a definite tyrant. How does a tyrant make a good leader and create a better country?

In Malaysia, we have not one Kit Siang, but almost all these supposedly ‘Malaysians’ share Kit Siang’s dream of a better country where there is nothing Malaysian about it. They refuse to honour the national language, they choose to be separated from the national education system, want to abolish or change the constitution, history, identity and everything that spells Malaysian. In fact they want to create another ‘Singapore’ on Malaysian ground, complete with a taste of ‘China’ in it.

For your information, my relatives in Australia are beginning to get pissed off of the Chinese immigrants over there for the same reason – they refuse to assimilate and started to build their own ‘territory’ – even seem to want to conquer the country, part by part, town by town. I mean, who can tolerate such attitude?

For me, a better country is where the people live in harmony by respecting each other mutually and equally. A better country is where the people share the love of the country just the same, embrace history and accept it as it is, learn from it and strive to be better, together. You cannot claim to be a Malaysian until you can relate to Parameswara, Sultan Muzafar Shah, Hang Tuah, Tun Perak or Dato’ Bahaman or Mat Kilau or Kanang Anak Langkau…etc..

You see, although you have the rights to agree with Kit Siang about a ‘better Malaysia’, but that would mean that you have no rights to call yourself a ‘Malaysian’. And whatever you say will not change the fact that what happened in GE13 was definitely a Chinese Tsunami, not Malaysians.

It is not the ‘government’ that is a problem for DAP or Kit Siang, it is the ‘Malay-government’. It is not UMNO, but it is the fact that UMNO represents the Malays.

With DAP, it has always been the Chinese against the Malay-UMNO-government.

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