Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“‘Lim Ah Guan’ Is Not Chinese, You Stupid Racist!”

Recently, a Minister, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup has come out with an idea to remove ‘race’ category in all forms and official forms. This way, he said, would help to truly unite all Malaysians whereby we don’t identify ourselves by race anymore.

The idea was received with a ‘slap’ by Perkasa, which I think the Tan Sri deserves.

As expected, MCA loves the idea and I bet so does DAP, since the same idea was raised by Hannah Yeoh not long ago when she couldn’t bring herself to register her newborn as an Indian - as per the father.

I really cannot imagine how does declaring one’s race would spark racial sentiment – unless, of course, for the hard-core racists.

And I honestly don’t think that Tan Sri Joseph is a racist, but I must apologize to the Tan Sri as I think that his idea is ‘delusionally-naïve’.

The only way to make the idea of removing ‘race’ in forms achieves its objective is by making sure that all Malaysians use Malaysian name, just like how Indonesians use Indonesian name regardless of their race. Our names identify our race that we don’t need the word ‘race:’ to divide us.

For example, there is no point in not stating the race if the name is Ahmad, Lim Ah Guan or Muthusamy. Everybody knows that Lim Ah Guan is not a Malay and Muthusamy is not a Chinese. Unless all Chinese and Indians are willing to be called Ali or Murad, then only the idea will make some sense.

However, I believe that the Chinese would be jumping up and down just hearing about my suggestion of using a Malaysian name. I can already hear them screaming ‘RACIST!’ hysterically and point out that Malaysian name must not necessarily sounds Malay. Well..well..so much of Malaysian first eh? Who is the racist here again?

So, how does a Malaysian name sounds like? Lim Ah Guan? Or Richard?

A true Malaysian must accept the fact that Malaysian identity is based on and revolves around Malay culture and tradition. A true Malaysian must embrace the country as it is – the roots and the routes it took to be what it is today.

If you refuse to acknowledge these facts, then not stating your race in official forms doesn’t make you a true Malaysian, but makes you the greatest hypocrite of all.

You see, removing ‘race’ in forms will not make a racist less racist, nor will it make the Chinese more patriotic and willing to let their kids join the army. Removing ‘race’ will not make DAP hates Malays any less.

However, I bet it will open more opportunities for the Chinese to climb the ladder to the highest posts in GLCs but will not guarantee the same opportunity for the Malays in private sectors. It will also help the Chinese conquer government projects, but it will not guarantee the Malay entrepreneurs to not be sabotaged by the Chinese wholesalers, manufacturers or shop-owners.

Now, be informed that ‘race’ is always the game here and I’m only helping the Malays and the Bumis to see it clearly. Don’t be so naïve ok? Don’t be delusional also. The only people who support Tan Sri Joseph’s idea of unity are the racists, disguised only in slogans of ‘Malaysian First’. These people are pathetic hypocrites of the worst possible kind.

If these people are sincere in striving for unity, then they must first let go of vernacular schools which is clearly ‘race-based’. Except for Malaysia, no other country in the world has vernacular schools as everybody knows that it would become the breeding ground of the racists.

In fact, I believe that we would not be talking about this stupid racial sentiments and Tan Sri Joseph wouldn’t come out with his stupid idea of removing ‘race’ in forms, and I, would not be writing this stupid article, if Malaysia didn’t have the stupid vernacular schools in the first place.

As stupid as the Tan Sri’s idea is, the people who is pushing for the idea are not that stupid, but only stupid enough to think that everybody else is as stupid. So, how stupid can you be?