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The Bible, The Quran and Science

The title above is taken from the book written by the late Dr. Maurice Bucaille, a French scientist who took the trouble to learn Arabic in order to make sense of the scientific information found in the Quran. He later spent the rest of his life studying and comparing the bibles and the Quran through science.

He concluded that the Quran could never have been written by man and that it is true that is it the words of God. However, he declined to state his beliefs until the day he died as to avoid biased judgment about his findings. He clearly stated that he wanted people to read and decide for themselves of what is the truth through the eyes of science.

Every educated man knows for a fact that it was the Muslims who first discovered or explored science, especially mathematics and astronomy. It was when the Muslims conquered science that they conquered the world or at least most of it. From Spain to China, Islam was the way of life then – modern, sophisticated life.

But those days were over like it never existed. The Muslims today take science as a distant-subject, synonym only to the westerners. Even though they know the history of the Islamic glory days very well, they choose to leave it as it is because they believe that it’s not science that is going to take them to heaven.

They long for the Islamic glory days and speak of it with pride but they insist that there is nothing wrong with how they live their lives today, how they think, how they treat their women and how they see the world. They believe that whatever is happening to the Muslims world today is not their fault but it’s the non-Muslims’ or other Muslims’ fault.

They believe that in order to repeat the glory, they need Hudud, not science. If they cannot implement hudud or syaria law, then they will demand for a separation, an autonomy and declare war on the government. They believe, this is how the Muslims go to heaven that is by inviting suspicion, hatred, prejudice, creating tension, and eventually initiating war!

Meanwhile, the more rationale Muslims, like here, in Malaysia, they spend days and nights reciting the Quran and sharing its words on FB and Whatsapp reminding each other to get prepared to go to heaven.

None of them are interested in the science in the Quran or know what to do about it.

My questions are, if science isn’t relevant for the Muslims, then why is the Quran full of it? How come the Muslims deny technology when the Quran is all about frequency, particles, atoms, neutrons and the like?

It took western scholars to provide the scientific truth of the Quran which makes me agree more with Dr. Bucaille, that is, the Quran couldn’t be written by man and certainly not a Muslim man of post-Islamic-glory-days. These Muslims don’t even know what it means. They follow the Quran blindly even when the Quran tells them over and over to use their ‘brains’.

No wonder the Muslims are in such a mess.

I would like to share some of Dr. Bucaille findings which you might find very similar to Prof. Stephen Hawkings theory. Here’s some summarized version of the findings:


The ‘Big Bang’ and the universe
The Qur'an presents in two verses a brief synthesis of the phenomena that constituted the basic process of the formation of the Universe.

--sura 21, verse 30: "Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, then We clove them asunder and We got every living thing out of the water. Will they not then believe?"

--sura 41, verse 11. God orders the Prophet to speak after inviting him to reflect on the subject of the earth's creation: "Moreover (God) turned to the Heaven when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth . . ."

The formation of the heavenly bodies and the Earth, as explained in verses 9 to 12, sura 41 required two phases. If we take the Sun and its subproduct the Earth as an example (the only one accessible to us), science informs us that their formation occurred by a process of condensation of the primary nebula and then their separation. This is exactly what the Qur'an expresses very clearly when it refers to the processes that produced a fusion and subsequent separation starting from a celestial 'smoke'. Hence there is complete correspondence between the facts of the Qur'an and the facts of science.

The Sun and the Moon
The Sun is a shining glory (diya') and the Moon a light (nur). This translation would appear to be more correct than those given by others, where the two terms are inverted. In fact there is little difference in meaning since diya' belongs to a root (dw') which, according to Kazimirski's authoritative Arabic/French dictionary, means 'to be bright, to shine' (e.g. like a fire). The same author attributes to the substantive in question the meaning of 'light'.

The difference between Sun and Moon will be made clearer by further quotes from the Qur'an.

--sura 25, verse 61: "Blessed is the One Who placed the constellations in heaven and placed therein a lamp and a moon giving light."

--sura 71, 15-16: "Did you see how God created seven heavens one above an other and made the moon a light therein and made the sun a lamp?"

--sura 78, verses 12-13: "We have built above you seven strong (heavens) and placed a blazing lamp."

The blazing lamp is quite obviously the sun. Here the moon is defined as a body that gives light (munir) from the same root as nur (the light applied to the Moon). The Sun however is compared to a torch (siraj) or a blazing (wahhaj) lamp.

A man of Muhammad's time could easily distinguish between the Sun, a blazing heavenly body well known to the inhabitants of the desert, and the Moon, the body of the cool of the night. The comparisons found in the Qur'an on this subject are therefore quite normal. What is interesting to note here is the sober quality of the comparisons, and the absence in the text of the Qur'an of any elements of comparison that might have prevailed at the time and which in our day would appear as phantasmagorial.

It is known that the Sun is a star that generates intense heat and light by its internal combustions, and that the Moon, which does not give of flight itself, and is an inert body (on its external layers at least) merely reflects the light received from the Sun

The vegetable kingdom
--sura 20, verse 53: "(God is the One Who) sent water down from the sky and thereby We brought forth pairs of plants each separate from the other."

'One of a pair' is the translation of zauj (plural azwaj) whose original meaning is: 'that which, in the company of another, forms a pair'; the word is used just as readily for a married couple as for a pair of shoes.

--sura 22, verse 5: "Thou seest the grounds lifeless. When We send down water thereon it shakes and grows and puts forth every magnificent pair (of plants)."

--sura 31, verse 10: "We caused to grow (on the earth) every noble pair (of plants)."

--sura 13, verse 3: "Of all fruits (God) placed (on the earth) two of a pair."

We know that fruit is the end-product of the reproduction process of superior plants which have the most highly developed and complex organization. The stage preceding fruit is the flower, which has male and female organs (stamens and ovules). The latter, once pollen has been carried to them, bear fruit which in turn matures and frees it seeds. All fruit therefore implies the existence of male and female organs. This is the meaning of the verse in the Qur'an.


I cannot possibly lay-out the whole findings or comparisons here. For those of you who are interested in the subject, you may google Dr. Maurice Bucaille. I’m still reading through his work but had to stop and write this article because my mind cannot stop asking how could the Muslims claim to be guarding and protecting the Quran while at the same time totally turning their backs on it?

But before that, let me make myself clear: Like Dr. Bucaille, I’m only interested in the science and this ‘reading’ is simply a selfish act to fulfill my curiosity. I’m neither writing this for the Muslims, nor the Christians. So save your arguments to yourself.

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