Friday, March 21, 2014

Anwar-CNN: Lying To the Liar?

If you think that the western media is more reliable than ours, think again.   

A journalist friend of mine was once on duty in Peshawar, Pakistan where he learned the truth about western journalists.  One day, as he went back to his hotel panting after missing a bomb that killed a boy whom he just bought his food from at a market, he came across an American journalist on the stairs and had a chat.  He found out that the white guy had been updating progress and writing stories from the comfort of his little room.  

The white guy didn’t even have to leave the room for stories, while my friend had risked his life manipulating his way into the Taliban camp just to get some stories to send home. 

My friend lost his respect towards the western media there and then. 

If you have watched the video about Fox News that I posted below, you must already have some idea about the ignorance level of some of the western media.   Just because they are white, doesn’t mean that they are more reliable or knowledgeable.   Because the whites believe that they are ‘smarter’, they refused to do homework on the subject that they are supposed to be reporting.  They are confident that their audience is as ignorant as they are.

While Fox News doesn’t know that Malaysia is a Muslim country, the CNN doesn’t know that Kuala Lumpur is in Malaysia.   CNN actually thought that Kuala Lumpur is in Indonesia:
I don’t know why CNN chose to interview Anwar Ibrahim about MH370 unless they believe that he knows something that the team of 26 countries didn’t know.   I was laughing out loud when Anwar talked about radars and CNN passed his nonsense as factual information.   

Now, before the western media continue to make a fool of themselves while reporting on the missing MH370, let’s make some facts clear to them:   
1.      Anwar is not part of SAR team, so he doesn’t know what is going on
2.      Anwar is not leading the SAR team, so the team doesn’t report to him
3.      Anwar is not an M.A.S employee, nor is he on the board of company
4.      Anwar is not the Minister of Transport
5.      Anwar is not the Prime Minister of Malaysia
6.      Anwar is not an aviation expert

There, with these facts in mind I think the western media should at least have the common sense, if not the intelligence, to realize that they will not get any new or significant information from Anwar about the missing flight.  As for now, Anwar’s guess on what is happening to the missing flight is as good as any man’s on the streets.   So, why would anybody with the right mind, interview him? 

I assume that CNN is at least aware that the SAR team includes the FBI and a bunch of white experts including Colleen Keller, the American Scientist who had led the search mission for AF447 in 2009.   With that, the CNN should have also figured out that the Prime Minister’s knowledge about the missing flight is as good as the FBI’s or any of the white expert’s.  

Therefore, if the CNN insists on hinting that the Prime Minister might be holding back information from the world, then it must first question on whether the white experts are holding back any information from the Prime Minister.  If the CNN insists on hinting that Malaysia is slow and incompetent then they must also accused the whole team, including the FBI and American Navy as slow and incompetent. 

Why is Malaysia the only one to blame when it is obviously a team effort?

You see, the problem with the western media is that they not only like to assume and fail to study the subject thoroughly, but they could just lie in our face by making-up stories from a hotel room which would then be published as news and be taken as facts by the whole world.

Now, I don’t know what to make of this: 

Anwar admits that he knows the pilot and that the pilot is related to him in some distant way.  He also acknowledged that the pilot is a party activist.  In the same breath, Anwar is also saying that the pilot is a member of the ‘ruling party’. 

Well, as far as the world is concerned, the ruling party in Malaysia is Barisan Nasional.  How could the pilot be a fanatic of Anwar and an activist of PKR but a member of Barisan Nasional?  Malaysians know for a fact that the pilot has signed up as a PKR member for life.  That is how fanatic he is towards Anwar. 

So, what did Anwar mean by saying that the pilot is a member of the ‘ruling party’?  Is it a twist of tongue or a twist of mind or simply a downright lie? 
The picture below shows Anwar in action.  Well, what do you expect? Anwar is a drama king and a drama king needs to practice.


A drama king needs to be in the lime light. He needs to be a hero. Somehow, anyhow, Anwar wants to be a hero in ‘The Case Of The Missing Flight’. Clearly, he can only achieve that with the help from CNN.

Maybe CNN should stop doing the news and start doing soap operas instead?

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