Saturday, March 15, 2014

MH370: How Deep is Too Deep Into Our Territory?

As stated by the PM himself, Malaysia has been putting MH370 first before national security. I’m sure he is referring to the fact that 14 countries having access to almost every corner of our sea and freely flying over our skies - using their best military assets, mostly designed to locate things. In a week, they could have a perfect map of all our military bases and a complete evaluation of our assets.

In fact, I have been silently and guiltily questioning whether it’s worth jeopardizing our national security and sovereignty for 38 passengers and 12 crews of MH370. At the same time, tens of thousands of us are forced to endure the suffocating haze because all the planes that could be used for cloud seeding are being used in the search mission.

I am not saying that we should relax on the search effort but this is a vital question that the leaders must be asking themselves, that is, how far is too far and how deep is too deep?

Some of us are still very reluctant to believe in conspiracy theory. Well, let me tell you one thing. When we say U.S could be behind it, it doesn’t mean that the U.S Navy, the NTSB or the British’s AAIB are all involved. They could be as innocent as we are. I believe most of them are honestly helping us.

Conspiracies must never involve so many people. All it takes are a few significant people with access to most significant assets.

The fact that China has the most to lose in this incident is a thing to ponder. In every intentional crime, the first thing to ask is who will benefit the most and who will lose the most.

Remember, ¾ of the passengers on MH370 are China’s citizens. The dispute over the territory of the South China Sea that saw China trying to push its side of the border further, could be what attracts its rival into the region. Now, who is China’s greatest rival? I’m sure we all know who.

Malaysia is clearly stuck in the middle whereby, we are, in a way, forced to show our stance between the two rivals. The way that the western media is playing us down and trying to bring China against us makes the theory even more believable.

The government has already stated that ‘hijacking’ is the most likely answer to the mystery. As we all know, Boeing 777 is a very sophisticated aircraft, equipped with all kinds of emergency signals that could be activated automatically. We also know that the US has the most sophisticated assets and a powerful satellite that could not have missed such a big plane. The fact that the plane was able to avoid satellites and radars only raised more suspicion over the world’s superpower.

With 153 China’s citizens on board, we expect China to do anything they can to save them. Naturally, China uses all the assets they have in order to find the aircraft.

However, China has failed, and that, must have given the U.S some idea of China’s capability.

U.S wanting to rule the world and China wanting to give them a challenge is a fact well known to all. Therefore, I just cannot understand why some of us still having a hard time digesting a conspiracy theory.

As long as we keep brushing off complicated and complex theories, we will never get to be a first world country. If we want to be a first world nation, we must think like a first world nation. No theories are brushed off. Nothing is impossible. Never underestimate the enemies. Better be paranoid than failed.

The pilot, Captain Zaharie is known to be a hard-core Anwar’s supporter, which takes us to the theory of his psychological state. He could have taken the plane away just to ‘punish’ the government over the court’s decision to convict his idol. But then, there is also a theory of the Uighurs hijacking the plane just to ‘punish’ their government.

For me, if ‘hijacking’ theory is true, then whoever is behind it cannot be doing it alone. Hijacking such a big and sophisticated aircraft for days without leaving a clue, is just too perfect even for the most brilliant pilot or a couple of terrorist.

A hijack like this will need the hijacker to plan way ahead. It can never be an impromptu decision because you will need to identify a place to land. And you cannot land the plane just anywhere without first, surveying the area and make necessary arrangements to hide it.

But most importantly, you must know how to avoid the satellites.

Remember, you have 239 people to control. If you plan to let them live, then you will need food and water. If you plan to not let them live, you will still need to get away and disappear. In order to do that, you will need people to help you with transportations and places to stay. You will probably need a fake passport.

All these need money – lots and lots of money…and assistance – professional assistance.

However, some Malaysians prefer to take it simply. They actually believe that the pilot or some terrorists could have pulled it off on their own. The theories are just too complicated for their little minds to digest.

And here I am, trying to tell these Malaysians that a bomb didn’t land on a hospital in Iraq by mistake. It was a mistake because it was planned to be a mistake.

As we are having a fun time with the social media, putting all sorts of craps in our peoples’ head and laughing it out as the blog ratings shoot up, they are planning and strategizing and implementing. As we are becoming ‘stupider’ by the day, they are becoming stronger. The next thing we realized, we are already gone and the Malays would be the first to go.

Fortunately, I am not a Malay.


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