Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MH370: Accident, Terrorism or Conspiracy?

Since modern airplane was invented, there had been quite a number of air disasters recorded. Every accident was thoroughly investigated in order to determine the cause. Most investigation takes years to conclude. The answers to each accident could save millions of lives. Even though airplanes are the safest way to travel, the fact that 50% of your life depends on ‘nature’ and 50% on the hands of the pilot, makes airplanes travelling somewhat ‘flimsy’.

Air accident could have happened because of one little tiny screw is out of specification by less than 0.01 mm. It could have happened because of what seems like harmless mistakes if happened on other transportation, such as insufficient lubrication of the jackscrew assembly as in the crashing of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 into the Pacific Ocean on 31 January 2000.

However, there has never been a case where a flight just gone missing without a trace even after half of the countries in the world is looking for it with hundreds of manpower and experts equipped with the most sophisticated rescue assets – as what is happening to MH370. The most similar incident could be the case of Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June 2009.

MH370 and AF447 were flying around the same height when they lost contact with air traffic controllers, that is, 35,000 ft and 38,000 ft respectively. Both lost contact suddenly at cruise altitude. Both never send any distress signal.

Bodies of some of the victims of AF447 were found after two days. The bulk wreckage was finally found after 2 years. While MH370 has been missing for 4 days with not a clue to begin with.

In the case of AF447, France requested two "towed pinger locator hydrophones" from the United States Navy to help with the search. The French nuclear submarine and two French-contracted ships trawled a search area with a radius of 80 kilometres (50 miles), centred on the airplane's last known position.

And right now there are 40 ships searching for MH370 with a radius of 100 nautical miles or 115 miles or 185 km, from the last known location of the flight, and they have so far found nothing.

I think everybody would agree with me that this is the most mysterious air disaster ever - which brings us to speculations and theories. Everybody is asking, is it a case of terrorism? Hijacking? A plain but strange accident?

Or is there a conspiracy?

I admit that I’m a spy-movie hardcore fan. But don’t worry, I’m not the crazy-conspiracy-theory weirdo. I don’t blame everything on the Jews and I don’t see Freemason in every pyramid shape thing and I don’t see illuminati in every ‘eye’.

Still, that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that the operations ‘covert affairs’, ‘regime change’ or ‘New World Order’ isn’t real. For the record, I do believe that the mission to create a totalitarian-one-world-government is ongoing.

How can it not be real when our NGOs are being financed by the OSI or NDI or NED (I’m not going into detail on this because I want you to go dig it yourself. And while you are at it, you may want to google King Faisal Foundation, Anwar Ibrahim and Youseff Nada).

SUARAM, BERSIH, COMANGO, whatever they call theselves, they are being represented by the same group of people and it looks like they are all here for one reason: To change the government. Their M.O: Demonize the government and create chaos. Their cause: Democracy, human rights and freedom.

The only problem is, Malaysia is already a democratic country. The only parties that are mocking democracy are the Oppositions, as we have witnessed in DAP CEC election and Kajang By-election.

Human rights is never a problem in Malaysia whereby even those who claimed to be ‘oppressed’, are the ones living above ordinary standard. One must be the greatest hypocrite to not see the common sense here.

Every Malaysians are free to say anything on the social media nowadays. You can provoke other religion or race and even challenge the constitution and the law, and no action will be taken against you. The only parties that don’t practice freedom of speech or freedom of press are the Oppositions. They burned newspapers and disallowed reporters to ask questions. Sometimes they banned journalists from the mainstream media from covering their events.

So, just because a theory is too complicated for your mind to figure out, doesn’t mean it is impossible. What happened to Bosnia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya etc…didn’t happened by fate alone. In order to understand it, we need to see who benefits the most from the fall of these nations.

Now, could the MH370 be the victim of a New World Order conspiracy too? Could it be the beginning of the end of our nation?

Some guy has laid out the conspiracy theory of MH370 disappearance for you here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/al-faedah/pesawat-mh370-red-flag-atau-false-flag/482901128498552

Here’s a summarized facts from his article:
1. A CNN reporter, Richard Quest had interviewed the young co-pilot, Fariq Abd. Hamid of MH370 just 17 days before the catastrophe, that is on the 19th of February 2014.

2. The interview took place on the very same flight MH370

3. Richard Quest covered detail information of every aspect of the flight during the interview, as he is supposedly an aviation ‘expert’.

4. Richard Quest’s background is Law, not aviation

5. Richard Quest had once been arrested for drugs possession on April 21, 2008.

6. He was caught red-handed with drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy inside his boot.

7. Richard Quest is gay

8. While reading the news on the missing MH370 on CNN, Richard Quest ‘slipped’ and said ‘Coordinated Attack’, instead of ‘Coordinated Attempt’.

9. Richard Quest was obviously trying to justify his presence on the cockpit of MH370 just 17 days before the tragedy, by stressing on the word ‘authorized interview’.

10. The co-newscaster was also seen as desperate in trying to justify the same, by stressing on the word ‘co-incidentally’ when referring to the interview.

11. As the news broke, CNN was fast to hint that the National Transportation Safety Board – NTSB, needs to step in.

12. MH370 tragedy will put Malaysia in between U.S and China, the two superpowers that don’t see eye to eye.

13. USS Navy Guided Missile Destroyers is in operations around the South China Sea during the incident.

14. US 7th Fleet Radar in the South China Sea could never have missed MH370 at any height.

15. The slow progress of the investigation is pushing China’s patience.

16. Malaysia-China relation might be shaky.

17. Malaysia will be forced to choose side.

CNN is famous for its conspiracy theory, only their theories never involved their own personnel.

Some years ago, CNN ‘happened’ to have posted an interview and video of a New York group, Revolution Muslim, in which Younes Abdullah Mohammed (a Jewish-American convert to Islam) spoke outside a New York mosque, saying that U.S. troops were "legitimate targets", and that Osama bin Laden was their model.

‘Co-incidentally’, hours later, Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S Army Psychiatrist opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center of Fort Hood, killing 13 people and wounding 29 others.

The Revolution Muslim group whose video was just published by CNN earlier, posted a support for Nidal on their website. They described American soldiers as "slain terrorists in the eternal hellfire”.

The word, ‘co-incident’ seems to be very synonym to CNN. Apart from these co-incidences, CNN was said to have interviewed the same witness in three different incidents: Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, and Boston Shootout. It could be just a ‘co-incident’ that the same person had witnessed all the three terrifying incidents but the Americans started questioning whether all the incidents were ‘staged’ by their government.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in so many co-incidences. You see, a country don’t become the world’s superpower by going through a series of co-incidences. To gain that much power, all things must be pre-planned and strategized. But first, they imagine.

They imagine ruling the world and they strived for generations to make it happen. The Malaysians, however, sadly, we don’t even imagine. And we brushed-off such ideas as impossible just because it is too damn complicated to even think about.

Our minds and their minds work differently, which is why we are a thousand steps behind them.

For example, when Newton saw an apple fell from a tree, he figured out gravity. But when Ahmad saw the apple fell, he can only think of eating it and when Ah Guan saw the apple fell, he only thinks of how to sell it.

When the Wright Brothers dreamed of flying, they invented a flying machine. The next and next and next generations of the Americans then improved their invention until one day, there is this super safe jet, Boeing 777, named MH370 that took 239 of innocent passengers away or at least, most of the passengers must be innocent.

If anybody can make such a jet disappear, it must be the same party who had built it. Therefore, how sure can we be that the controversial, questionable, Richard Quest, happened to be on the jet, interviewing its co-pilot, 17 days prior to the disappearing, was all just a co-incident?


  1. I wonder what Muthusamy will do when the apple fell?

    the best ever conspiracy theory from my son, he says air asia hide the plane so that their business grow better than mas. aiyo!

    1. You have a brilliant son. :)

  2. just to share an information with you, up to you to believe it or not, i have my own sources in the malaysia military commandoes (GGK) and expert aviation pilot (mas).

    1. As you are aware, there are 20 members of freescale company on board the plane. Before i go deeper in this conspiracy, just wanting to let you know 8 of them has invented a weapon, a deadly modern weapon. They are holding the shares of the patent for the weapon including the company itself. What is actually they invented? they invented a weapon that use Magnetic Pulse. For example, theres a block of concrete, a large concrete that can only be destroyed to pieces by explosive like C4. Magnetic pulse act the same like c4, but it is wireless because it use sound wave (sonar) as a weapon. It vibrate the atoms inside the concrete and caused it to explode, such a powerful weapon.

    2. A team of Malaysia commandoes board a commercial aircraft in a public figure and brought along a bag full of weapons and ammo (Subang airport) to Abu Dhabi right after the incident.

    3. Theres a Navy US 7th fleet during the incident occur, right beneath the path of the airplane. Let me justify again what is a "fleet". A fleet consist of a group of navy ships (destroyer,aircraft carrier,battleship) an aircraft carrier is a must in a fleet. It is like the hq in the fleet. Wait theres an aircraft carrier? a modern ship that is powered with nuclear and high modern satellite,sonar,radar system couldnt detect the plane? A fleet will protect the carrier in all cause because it is carrying the commander of the fleet and billions of jet fighter assets. The radius of 100 miles (if im not mistaken about the radius size, you could just google it) will be strictly prohibited for any aircraft or ships. If theres a UFO or unidentified ship within the radius, two fighter jet will be send out to check the situation. This is a standard procedure.

    3. The US military state that, they couldnt detect the aircraft because they off their transponder (GPS,satellite loc...). Wait! what??!! what is the relation of a sonar radar in this situation? sonar radar as you are aware, it use sonar wave to detect object. The sonar radar will fire a sonic soundwave and it will reflect the object. That is how a sonar radar worked.

    4. It is confirmed that the plane is hijacked by "orang putih gila kuasa" and "yahudi" well you know what i mean. so how they hijack the plane? have you heard about UAV? Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle? remote control? yes they control the plane wireless and this has been confirmed by my source. There are only 2 countries that have that kind of technology. One is where the boieng company situated and have high modern tech. And one is the yahudi country that have done the same thing to an arab aircraft years ago.

    5. so the question is why? well im in the office and my boss is coming, haha.