Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hadi Awang and Marina Mahathir Have So Much in Common?

I don’t have anything ‘heavy’ to discuss today. So, here’s something ‘light’ to share with you in the spirit of ‘freedom of speech’.

I’m sure most of you know that PAS was once an extreme party. I can still remember back in the 80s where PAS really hated the non-Muslims - the kafirs, and those who befriended the kafirs, are considered as kafirs too. For PAS, whoever challenged their views are the enemies of Islam, thus, a kafir; fullstop.

Today, PAS not just tolerates, but embraces non-Muslims as brothers of heaven. PAS rallied behind the Goddess of Apostasy (as the Muslims call her), Ambiga Sreevanesan. PAS looked upon Lim Guan Eng as a true Caliph. And just a couple of days ago, PAS’s Mujahid Rawa, made a promise in a church in Kedah, to not be silent when Christians are being denied of using ‘Allah’ in bibles.

For PAS today, the enemies of Islam are the Muslims who denied Syaria Law. The enemy of Islam is a Muslim called Kassim Ahmad.

For PAS today, the kafirs are the Muslims.

There is really nothing new nor surprising about how PAS flipped and then flopped, turn around or doing the upside down summersault with their religion in their quest to stay relevant in the political game.

However, what struck me as interesting is the amazing similarity of PAS’s mentality and the liberalists’ mentality.

Let’s take Hadi Awang and Marina Mahathir as examples. Believe it or not while Hadi represents the Islamists and Marina represents the liberalists, they actually have the same mentality.

Why do I say that? Because both of them aren’t capable of reasoning and very quick in judging and condemning others who do not agree with them.

You don’t believe me? Have you seen how Hadi acted when criticized? If the critic is a Malay-Muslim, he will definitely call him a ‘lost and ignorant kafir’.

Now didn’t the liberalists like Marina act the same way when their ideas are rebutted? If the person who rebut is a Malay-Muslim, they will definitely call him an ‘ignorant and backward idiot’. Just go to their blogs or media network and you can see for yourself.

People like Hadi and Marina, they put themselves above knowledge because for them, they are the knowledge.

While Hadi thinks that all knowledge in the world lies in his turban, Marina thinks that the journey of pursuing knowledge ends at the United States of America. For people like Marina, the world revolves around the west and that everything the Americans does must be the right and the best thing to do. Their minds aren’t capable of going beyond or above the US’s sky and their sights can only reach as far as the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

They claim to be open-minded but they are not even close to it. Their minds only see what they want to see. Anything that they cannot see, doesn’t exist and simply untrue. If you tell them that it exists, they will get all emotional and call you ignorant, backward and stupid.

You see, there is really not much difference between the Ustazs of PAS and the liberalists. They both live in their own tiny little world, believing that they know it all.

Now, bear in mind that I’m not discussing Marina or Hadi as individuals, but rather the type of mindsets that they represent.

How do they come to this? So different yet so similar? My conclusion is that they are both extremists. The liberalists are extreme in their fights and liberal beliefs and PAS, though no longer an Islamic extremist, takes politics extremely.

The ‘extremism’ is what hindering them from seeing things from broader, deeper and different points of view.

The truth is, Hadi and Marina, Wardina or Nik Aziz, none is wiser than the other.

The liberalists might go berserk to know that I’m comparing them with the ‘low-class’ Ustazs of PAS. Surely, being compared to Malay-Muslims in turbans and robes is an insult to their ‘modern-sophisticated’ self.

But then, some of the Ustazs of PAS, especially those like Mujahid Rawa, may not mind being compared to people like Marina. In fact, he might consider it as an honour.

These two extreme groups now collided and intertwined with each other, smearing churches and mosques alike, with not a clue of how they got to be in the same boat when they are heading to opposite direction of each other.

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Just received this via whatsapp:

Point proven.


  1. the truth of the 'taksub'. well said.

  2. Taksub because they do not want to seek knowledge for themselves. terima bulat2 apa yang mereka ini cakap semua betul.

    bila beritau knowledge is power they cannot accept.

  3. Just a quick note to give you a thumbs up (but don't let it go to your head haha). Keep it up.