Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MH370: They Rest in Peace, We Live in Pieces?

The word ‘ended’ was chosen carefully by the PM as there is no better explaination to offer on what really happened. Nobody knows whether the flight crashed or glided and sunk into the ocean. There is also no way to tell whether it exploded or hit into something at mid air.

What is confirmed is that, the flight ended right in the middle of nowhere and went into the water. Taking into consideration of the time, the depth and location of the ocean where the 'debris' was detected , it is only logical to say that there are no survivors.

The only favouring news is that the search team now knows where to look for the wreckage. Finding the black box, however, could take years or perhaps, forever - which means that we may never find the answer.

The world mourns for MH370 but somehow, there are some who just don’t have the empathy or humanity to feel sad or sorry. I can understand frustration in times like this, but not rage. Not to the extent that you will make placards and t-shirts and curse the people who have done all they can to help.

Unfortunately, this is what happened in the case of MH370. The Chinese relatives of the passengers of the flight are now calling the Malaysian government, murderer. Talk about ungrateful people…

We were not born yesterday to not notice the obvious. We have seen too much of people marching down the streets to condemn the government. We have seen how the western media and our Oppositions have been consistent in turning the issue into the ‘weakness of the Malaysian government’ rather than the ‘whereabouts of the flight’.

If we had earlier brushed-off any suspicion towards the Malaysian Oppositions in the case of the missing flight, we may need to rub it on again because what we are looking at here smells so much like the work of the Oppositions.

Why would the families of the chinese passengers be accusing the Malaysian government of any hidden agenda for something that is handled wide-openly, with 26 countries involved? Why would they come to such conclusion when the government and every party involved is doing all they can to help – catering to their every needs when it was really not necessary? The MAS can always say no to bringing the families to Malaysia but it did, regardless of the cost and the ‘burden’ that they have become.

Why would Malaysia go through all the trouble if we are heartless murderers?

These people must have obviously been persuaded, manipulated or lied to, to be able to stage such a stunt when they are supposed to be mourning and praying. Who in the right mind would be thinking about placards and t-shirts and slogans in times like this?

Well, the Oppositions can, just look what Kit Siang and Khalid Samad have to say:

Kit Siang must point fingers to the government even though the investigation is done by the international team of experts. And can you believe it? Kit Siang is demanding for some evidence! How stupid can this guy be? Maybe the search and investigation team should throw Kit Siang into the Indian Ocean to grab the evidence for them. That way, there will be no more complains.

The AAIB, NTSB and the Australians are the ones doing the real search and investigation and whatever the PM announced was only based on their advice and information.

But I’m sure Kit Siang and Khalid Samad knows this as well. They pretended not to know simply because they breathe on hatred and aim for destruction.

Anyway, it is still Anwar who said it the loudest. It almost seems as if he is calling all western media to bash the Malaysian government. ‘Weak’ is the word of the day.

So, it is just too obvious that the Oppositions are the ones putting all sorts of negative ideas into the heads of the relatives of the passengers. Every word they say only hinting that Malaysian government has something to do with the missing flight.

But, why would the Malaysian government put itself in such a mess and gave the bullet to the Oppositions? Motive? None.

It would be more logical to look at it the other way around, that is: The missing of MH370 is the Opposition’s doing. Motive? To gain political mileage and foreign support to put the government under pressure. Why now? Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction.

Now, do we see foreign support and the pressure it is giving the government? Yes.

Therefore, things are going the Oppositions’ way, no? There…if we want to point fingers on this matter, it makes more sense to point it at the Oppositions, isn’t it?

Even though the western media is persistent in trying to show otherwise, MH370 has shown us the worst of the Oppositions, and the best of our Government.

I hereby would like to record my highest respect and gratitude to all Ministers, Officers and all that are involved in SAR and my deepest condolences to the families of passengers and crews of MH370.

While they rest in peace, we too, must be at peace and accept the closure.

Do not let the Malaysians Oppositions drive us overboard and don’t ask me why our Oppositions must do what they do because that is just what devils do; they will not let us be at peace, they want to tear us into pieces.

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