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Lim Kit Siang, Musa Hitam: Prisoners of the Past!

If you are a regular reader of Lim Kit Siang’s blog, you would come to realize that this guy has real problems of letting go of the past. Kit Siang relives 13 May tragedy again and again as if he couldn’t accept the fact that he was defeated, lost and found guilty. He couldn’t accept the fact that he had failed - that the Chinese had failed to conquer Kuala Lumpur and bring down the Malay-government.

Now, Kit Siang is ‘pestering’ for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to re-investigate the tragedy that happened 45 years ago. It is pathetic how this guy is fighting for the future by trying to change the past.

I didn’t know that this psychological problem of ‘unable-to-let-go-of-the-past’ is contagious until Musa Hitam brought back Memali onto PAS’s platform just recently. Now, Kit Siang is asking for RCI for Memali too.

Who knows wha’t’s next. Perhaps, next week, some PKR guy would get ‘infected’ with this psychological disease and bring back Sauk or Ops Lalang onto the headlines and demand for RCI also.

I don’t know what good will it makes for these people to bring back the past. Don’t we all have enough problems already? Why would we want to dig old graves when we need to build a nation?

You know, there’s a difference in ‘living in the past’ and ‘learning from the past’.

‘Learning from the past’ means you accept the past and try to not repeat the mistakes. ‘Living in the past’ means exactly the opposite. Denial of past failures will only lead to repeating the failures and eventually made the person, a loser.
“Winners learn from the past and losers live in the past.”

I am not a religious person, as many of you must have known. However, I believe that people with strong faith and firm stance will eventually win any battle just because they don’t have to deal with guilt and self-conscious. All they do is focus and move on. Whenever they make mistakes, they corrected it, learned from it and strive to do it right. They don’t get distracted with lust, greed, hatred or resentment. - They are the winners!

What is happening with Musa Hitam and Kit Siang is definitely a symptom of a ‘loser’. This Musa Hitam guy is definitely having ‘guilty-conscious’ over what happened in Memali. He tries to deny being the one who ordered the shot in the Memali incident. He tries to deny being the one responsible for the bloodbath.

This guilty-conscious plus the vendetta that he has against the other Tun must have blocked some of the blood vessels in his head and forgot that in 1985, though we didn’t have internet, we did have newspapers and that today, we can easily archive all the newspapers from the internet and share it with only one click.

What we found was not surprising. Musa Hitam was the Home Minister and also Acting Prime Minister at the time of the incident because the Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir was in China for an 8 day visit. The orders the boss had given on Memali, as Tan Sri Sanusi Junid recalled, was to catch Ibrahim Libya alive.

Still, it was Musa Hitam who was in-charged and he was even reported to ‘warn those who challenge law’ as spelled out boldly in the NST 20th November 1985.

Musa could have stand by his decision just as Tun Mahathir has stood by him then. The people accepted Musa’s decision well. We all, the majority of Malaysians, respect Musa’s firmness. We all agree that those who challenged the law must not be tolerated. That’s the way it should be and should always be.

But Musa has to demonize his ex-boss just to fulfill his hatred and he had to lie in order to do so.

Now, he is giving the shovel to Lim Kit Siang to dig old graves hoping to find or create something to bury his ex-boss. Almost ‘naturally’, the Oppositions media are fast to receive the call for RCI for Memali. My question is, for what? What’s in it for the country? Nothing!

Unless, the RCI dug as far into PAS’s Memali Fund, then at least, the widows and children of Memali may finally get their money back.

Musa Hitam hatred towards the Tun matched that of Lim Kit Siang’s. Try they must to demonize him, in every chance they get. Although the Tun has resigned, he still haunts them day and night.

This is understandable in the case of Lim Kit Siang since Tun Mahathir is like a fort that guards the Malays and the country. Tun is always fast in giving the warnings should any new policies are to be passed that may not be good for the country, or his race, especially.

He is the first to detect the cunning move made by the west in their quest to rule the world, and voice it out. And his voice is always heard. As much as he loves his ‘bangsa’, he believes in living harmoniously with all races. Therefore, he doesn’t need to pretend or lie like other politicians in their effort to win the hearts of everybody. All he does is call all races to learn to give and take and to accept that this is the only way to live harmoniously.

I think, Lim Kit Siang has realized that he needs to reduce Tun Mahathir’s influence in order to achieve his dreams of ‘Chinese Supremacy’. Other politicians may have a price, but not the Tun which makes him a hell of a problem. The Malays listen to him and look up on him for guidance and advice. Kit Siang knows that the Malays aren’t able to think on their own and without the Tun looking after them, they will never survive – not with the kind of leaders they have now – in PR and BN alike.

‘Get rid’ of the Tun, get rid of the Malays, so it goes for him. However, Lim Kit Siang can find no way to ‘get rid’ of the Tun. And this is why he is living in the past, hoping to paint a different picture, a different story and turn things around. He needs to make Tun the bad guy, and he and all the enemies of Tun, the good guys.

Well, here’s a quote for Kit Siang:
“The past is never there when you try to go back. It exists but only in memory. To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess." - Chris Cobbs

It’s 2014 now and Lim Kit Siang’s son is governing Penang. Musa’s buddies are all around in BN as well as in PR. Both of them have a chance to prove themselves as better leaders than Tun Mahathir. Therefore, instead of going back to the past, why not help the son and the buddies to build a better Penang or Selangor or Kelantan or the whole country?

Why not show us the real brains by offering great ideas or constructive criticisms towards the government? Or are there no real brains but only the mouth doing all the work?

If Musa or Kit Siang may admit, most policies now are the same as in Tun Mahathir’s era but there was also no problem of racial polarization during his time. Malaysia was at the top of the world while in his hands.

Only now that some of the policies or Acts have been changed or abolished altogether as per PR’s demands. With that in mind, isn’t the country should be in better shape now, than then? If Tun Mahathir was so bad, why are we going a step lower every day now that the Tun is no longer governing?

The reason is because, Musa and Kit Siang and their counterparts (which include some BN leaders) are trying to invent the present by changing the past, while believing that they are creating the future. The fact is, the present is already invented, the past cannot be changed and the future very much depends on the present. Unfortunately, Kit Siang and Musa and their counterparts are not living in the present so how can we expect them to create the future?

You see, besides going back to the past just to demonize Tun Mahathir, what else can these two losers do? Nothing!

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