Monday, April 7, 2014

Controls the Media, Controls the Minds

While Malaysia is trying its best to find MH370, the foreign media is having 'a good time' making speculations and creating stories for the sake of ‘ratings’. As days go by, the foreign media seems to be more and more concerned on the ‘government of Malaysia’, rather than the passengers and crews of the aircraft. While they try desperately to create news out of nothing, they make it a point to sum it up with a question of the credibility of the Malaysian government.

For the foreign media, it is not the whereabouts of the flight that is the issue, but it is about Malaysia-China relationship. It is not about MH370 at all, but about whether Malaysia can stand on its own.

Obviously, MH370 is a game for the foreign media. In order to understand the game, we must first understand the players:

Back in 1983, 90% of the American media was owned by 50 companies. However, in 2011, that 90% is controlled by only 6 companies:

1. NEWSCORP: Fox, WSJ, The New York Post etc..
2. TIME WARNER: CNN, HBO, Time, Warner Bros etc..
3. CBS: Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL, Jeopardy, 60 Min. etc..
4. GENERAL ELECTRIC: Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features etc..
5. DISNEY: ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, Marvel Studios etc..
6. VIACOM: MTV, Nick Jr., BET, CMT, Paramount Pictures etc..

We know for a fact that who controls the information, controls the world and who controls the media, controls the minds. Now, who controls all these media?

There are seven Jewish Americans who run the vast majority of US TV Network, printed press, Hollywood movie industry, book publishing industry and recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by these individuals:

• Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
• Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney
• Edgar Bronfman, Jr Presiden and CEO cum Sr. Chairman of Seagram Co. Ltd and Head of Universal Studios
• Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom Inc.
• Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
• Peter Chernin, Presiden and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited
(Source: John Whitley -

The amount of money these conglomerates make could easily reached USD300 billion, which would be enough to buy a small country. And if we look further, we would come to understand the link between these media conglomerates and how they help the US, or more accurately, the Neo-Conservative controls the world.

In order to do that, these media often ignore real issues and continue to fuel flames just to create the effect needed to flare up some political agendas in some countries. The M.O is always the same: If they cannot make the people in these countries believe them, they make them confused.

Now can you see why the Fox News is as cunning as the fox and why CNN is called the Cunning News Network?

Many governments in many countries had fallen to the ground as their people were unable to distinguish the truths from the lies, and eventually chose to fall for the lies.

One news channel may not be able to move masses, but with hundreds of channels with tens of millions of individual followers around the world, these foreign media have the power to make people believe in even the most ridiculous stories. Team the news up with films, TV programs and music as ‘supplementary food’ for the minds, the media can make all Muslims look like terrorists and can also make the Muslims themselves believe that Islam is all about terrorizing.

These media is now attacking Malaysia using the same M.O, by manipulating news on MH370 tragedy. Every day, they try to make us look weaker, incapable, thus, vulnerable. Rather than pointing fingers towards the useless U.S satellites technology, their ‘un-sophisticated’ assets and expertise, the media choose to point fingers towards the humble and sincere government of Malaysia who is focusing on only one thing that is, to find the missing flight ASAP.

They try to turn China against us and try to bring the people against the government. At the same time, they try to paint a picture of Malaysia being a possible breeding ground of extremists and terrorists. All these ugly pictures are painted by them as a pre-emptive measure to justify foreign interference when the time comes.

If there is any positive outcome from MH370’s missing, is that, it has helped exposed the game as well as the players and the back-benchers. We can see clearly now which media or which politicians or political party that are actually helping the foreign media tear us apart. By seeing this, we can save the country by not believing in everything we hear on the media.  The future of Malaysia is in our hands, not the media, if only we don't let them control our minds.

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