Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slim Chance for BN in Kajang, Better Chance in Balingian

Tomorrow will be the polling day for Kajang by-election - an election that marks the lowest point for the Opposition in terms of integrity. By making the former Representative resigned for no good reason, the Oppositions are clearly mocking democracy, a ‘religion’ that they have been preaching.

As it turned out, the election is designed to fulfill Anwar’s lust as he tries to find ways to escape prison time. This is evident in last night’s grand campaign which carries the ‘theme’, Reformasi 2.0 instead of ‘For the People’ or ‘For Kajang’ or something like that.

Now, everything about Kajang by-election, smells Anwar Ibrahim.

I was told that during the grand Reformasi ceramah, Wan Azizah was ‘presented’ as a symbol, rather than a candidate.

She was sat down on a chair with spotlight showering her while all other lights were off, making it looked like a theatre play rather than a political campaign. The rest of the ceramah was all about Anwar, and Anwar’s dearest foreign media and the ‘evil’ BN. It was also about Anwar should have been the one handling the MH370 press conference, and heading the SAR. It was all about Anwar knows better about ‘radar technology’ and the economy. It was about Anwar and the reason why he should be in Putrajaya.

In short, this is what Kajang by-election is all about: Anwar.

As crazy as it may sounds, we must admit that Pakatan stands a better chance than BN in Kajang. With 41% Chinese serves as the winning factor, BN almost definitely will lose. Aas what we can see for ourselves, the Chinese can no longer be rationale and they will vote anything but BN.

Should PR puts a retard as candidate they will vote the retard against BN any time. The question on whether or not the retard can serve them, has never crossed their mind. That is how blinded by hatred the Chinese are, towards BN.

However, taking into consideration this what we called, a ‘chronic Chinese’s racism’, they might give their votes to Mei Fun, a respectable, well-mannered BN candidate. Not that they will vote her for her qualities, but simply because she is a Chinese.

There is also a chance that the Chinese are already tired of Anwar Ibrahim and his puppet wife and party President, Wan Azizah. The Chinese, as we know, are comfortable enough with Khalid Ibrahim as the Chief Minister who is more than happy to serve and defend them in thick or thin. I heard that all Chinese contractors are ‘thick’ in the pocket as long as Khalid Ibrahim is around.

If what I heard is right, then even if Mei Fun didn’t win, she might be able to reduce PR’s majority drastically. (The former PKR Representative, Lee Chin Cheh had won the GE-13 with a majority of 6,824).

BN is believed to be in a much comfortable position to win Balingian’s election which is scheduled on the 29th March. There are 13,366 registered voters in Balingian constituency, of whom 60 per cent are Melanaus, 30 per cent Dayaks and the rest Chinese and others. Balingian has always been a BN’s stronghold in the state and the party has successfully maintained the support of voters for many terms.

Former assemblyman Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, considered the Melanaus' paramount chief, was given that confidence with 6,210 votes in the 2011 state polls.

PR has been very open in stating their lack of confidence in Balingian. PR’s candidate Abdul Jalil Bujang, was said to have nothing to say during campaign and only ask for the people to give him a chance. I think, it would be wise for the party to not contest at all.

Although BN is almost certain to win big in Balingian, a setback that may cause the people to be cynical is the classic ‘BN goodies’ for election. I don’t know why only now that the BN can allocate some RM79 million to build a secondary school in the Balingian sub-district and rebuild the primary school at Kampung Tellian in Mukah. BN is also repairing a bridge in one of the villages, so I heard. The Balingian people must have appreciated this, and they should.

But then, the rest of the country, especially the urban voters are raising eyebrows and giggling at BN’s classic goodies. Therefore, in the long run, these last minuste election goodies may not be able to help BN as much.

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