Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MH370: Collateral Damage?

In a grand conspiracy, there only needed to be a select few people at the top of the chain of command who knew exactly what was being carried out, where and how to create confusion, and why.-- (http://www.911hardfacts.com/)

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I have previously stated that I don’t believe in co-incidences, especially when it comes in a series. I only believe in co-incidence should it involved only the Malays. I’m sure the Malays who are reading this are all ready to give me a punch but I just can’t help it. I have to say it just as it is.

The Malays don’t think ahead. They live one step at a time. They believe that everybody else live the same way. They are good in politics and they too, can conspire but their conspiracy and politicking are short-lived. They can only focus on a plan that goes as far as themselves. And their focus is always about money, position and pathetically…women! Once they get there, all they did was made a fool of themselves, and proud of it.

Now, the missing of MH370 is obviously a conspiracy and the government had already made a clear statement on that. The question now is, who can pull a conspiracy so huge and perfect, and obviously, ‘EXPENSIVE’? Who can help a pilot fly across the oceans and the skies of so many countries and yet managed to avoid being detected by all the radars and satellites? Well, I’m sure we all, including the Malays, know the answer, but whether the Malays want to believe in the answer or not, is another question altogether.

The conspiracy theory of MH370 is based on the following points:
1. The pilot being Anwar’s fanatic
2. Anwar’s verdict
3. Anwar’s denial of having to know the pilot whereas the pilot is a family member of his daughter in-law
4. The pilot’s social network includes a few ‘stunning’ figures from SUARAM
5. The U.S seemed to be watching us a little too close regarding Anwar’s verdict as we can see in their Embassy’s official statement
6. The Opposition’s overly-eager and insensitive response towards the incident,
7. The integrated effort by the western and the Opposition’s media in belittling the government.
8. An interview with the co-pilot by CNN that ‘co-incidently’ took place just 17 days before the incident

From here, it looks like MH370 is not a very difficult puzzle to solve but yet we still do not have a clue of where the flight might be.

Still, the simple Malay minds would say, “not in Malaysia. People don’t kidnap or kill people for politics. Not 239 people!”

I say, oh yeah?

For your information, there is no such thing as Malaysian politics anymore. It is now called global politics. Malaysian politics only exist in the minds of the Malays. The politics today goes like this:

When we talk about DAP, we are actually talking about Singapore.
When we talk about Singapore, we are actually talking about the U.S of America.
When we talk about the U.S of America, we are actually talking about the Neo-Cons.
When we talk about Neo-Cons, we are actually talking about the New World Order.

Now, at the same time, back in our little tiny country:
When we talk about PKR, we are actually talking about the U.S of America.
When we talk about PAS, we are actually talking about DAP.
When we talk about MCA, we are actually talking about DAP.
When we talk about MIC, we are…well, we better wait and see.

But when we talk about UMNO…I don’t know what we are talking about already. And that’s the problem.

With that being said, I don't think I have to explain the theory of how the missing MH370 could be linked straight to the Neo-Cons.

Like it or not, UMNO is the one that can pace the way to wherever we are going. Should UMNO be lost, then we will all be lost. If we want to be safe, then we must first save UMNO. Unfortunately, I can’t do that because I’m not ‘qualified’ to be an UMNO member.

MH370 should be a wake-up call for all Malaysians that this is no longer the era where you can enjoy life and not use your brain. We have no choice but to be smart in order to survive. You may not see it, but we are under attack.

This is the time where we evaluate our strength and weaknesses. This is the time where we stop posting stupid jokes on social media. Politics could be fun but there is nothing funny about losing our sovereignty or maybe, our lives. And there is absolutely nothing funny about being stupid!

The Arab Springs was started by the social media. All that was needed was a few teams to mess up the peoples’ minds through their social media. Agents are planted into the government to help mess things up some more until the people don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore. It is only a matter of time when the confusion eventually takes the people to the streets.

It was the social media too, that led to the killings of the Rohingyas. The Modus Operandi was all the same. Mess-up the media, mess-up the minds, mess-up the country.

When the country is in a mess, people tend to forget what is important. The messier the country is, the more emotionally vulnerable the people would be.

Just when the emotion is at its peak, tell the Prime Minister to take his wife out shopping while a plane is still missing and the people will hate him for being ‘insensitive’ and ‘lavish’. Give it some time and launch an attack on the economy just to make things shake a little harder. Better yet, make it a terrorist attack, let the leaders sweat and let the emotions of the people run chaos.

From there, nurture the hate and anger through the social media and before you know it, Voila! What seemingly an innocent act of ‘shopping’ would turn into a bullet that shot straight through the head.

The only way to stop this from coming is to not fall into the trap. The leaders should start ‘assessing’ the people around him and start thinking ten steps ahead from the conspirators. In times like this, the leaders should trust no one, especially the ones closest to him.

The people too, must not fall into the trap. Remember that all the conspirators need to succeed is for the people to be divided. So, if we stick together, they will have a hard time achieving their objectives. In times like this, we can’t afford to be confused. We must stand our ground and know what is right.

Of course, this is just a theory, but this is exactly how conspiracy works.


  1. Just like i tell most of my friends both malays and non- malays but sadly those malay friends of mine who are hard core pkr or pas members think i am anti islam sometimes. For the non-malay friends they also are not convinced because of the propaganda being dished out by dap. I hate pakatan for wanting to destroy Malaysia.

  2. At first, I thought it was a covert operation by the US to distract attention away from the crisis in Ukraine.

    Putin had just said, "Russia is not the instigator".
    It seems, the US have been supporting the opposition in Ukraine, just like what they did in other parts of the world, including Malaysia. Now the opposition had gain power in Ukraine. The ex-President whose government was Russian ally, ran across the border to Russia. About 50% are Catholic Christian on the west, are allied to Europe/US, while the other 50% on the east are Orthodox Christian, allied with Russia. However, majority of the population in Crimea are of Russian origins and Russia have the obligation to safeguard its interest.

    What’s more interesting is that, China seems to be on the side of Russia. China have reiterated that sanction against Russia would bring about retaliation and escalate the situation.

    Sometimes I wonder, why Malaysians still support a leader or party which receive funds and moral support from a foreign country, to ruin their own. Can’t they see what happen in other parts of the world, where the US had a hand in it?

  3. Fazillah, RD,

    most malaysian netizen (I don't know how in real world) love to fight with each other. Remember the P.Ramlee movie. "pasal tahi pun nak gaduh ka?" - they'll fight for petty things and neglect to prioritize the most important issue. never admit own mistakes even if they eventually know the truth. most important issue here - we are under attack by 'alien', why attack each other. its the same strategy..., Kitul and Mendeliar will definitely sell the nation to the 'alien.' some people never learn. "Hard facts are too hard to be digested by donkey's stomach"

    Good write S.D Roswell. "When we talk about MIC, we are…well, we better wait and see." -- This shows m'sian Indians are smart people..., wait and see, Malay and Chinese are kalam-kabut...:)