Thursday, March 6, 2014

The End of Anwar Ibrahim?

I don’t like to give Anwar Ibrahim the limelight that he always craves for but I can’t help sharing my thoughts on the latest progress of his trial with you.

After Anwar was acquitted in 2008, I didn’t think he will ever be going back to jail again even if he was caught red-handed. I don’t know why I said this but I can sense something very complex about Malaysian politics that it is too unbelievable to discuss.

I hate politics, honestly.

Anyway, I must admit that Anwar is the center of it all and his story is too juicy to not follow through. DAP, PAS, PKR (PR) are bonded by and through him and UMNO, MCA, MIC (BN) are forced to play along with him. Kajang has to go through a by-election just for him and the government has to spend millions of ringgit just to ‘entertain’ him.

Malaysia is in a mess because of him. How can you not agree with his wife that he is truly a ‘Gift’ from God? Like it or not, we must admit that in a way, Anwar rules the country.

…Or is he? Have you ever asked, who rules Anwar?

The case of Sodomy II started in 2008, the trial started in 2010. Ever since, Anwar has always has his way. He treats the court like a game of make-believe.

And for God knows what reason, Anwar has been trying to disqualify the Lead Prosecutor, ‘the’ Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah - with no avail. And now, Anwar is forced to face ‘da man’ in court.

‘The’ Tan Sri Shafee had these pointed out in court yesterday:
1. The trial judge had made a crucial mistake by deciding that the tearing of the plastic bag containing the sealed samples amounted to tampering.
2. Not a whisper of an alibi was produced. The defence is dishonest when confronted with the video; they dropped the entire defence without a whisper.
3. Anwar’s statement was a bare denial like reading an Agatha Christie thriller.
4. It is only in the final two points, the judge decided to acquit.
5. There was no accusation of conspiracy. And if there was, where will Jude get the accused’s sperm? … I have never heard of raining semen.

As a loyal ‘spectator’ from this side of the PC since the very beginning, I agree with the Tan Sri that the evidence was overwhelming and I was surprised when Anwar was acquitted.

However, I must disagree with the Tan Sri on Agatha Christie’s thriller though, as I think that this is more like a Stephen King’s kind of thriller – ‘Living Dead Sperms’? Sperms finding their way out and into someone else’s rectum? Ugh..what a sick thriller novel would that be.
Only this thriller revolves around politics and where there is politics, there is always a mastermind. Now, who is the Mastermind of Malaysian politics? The US? or DAP? Or both, overlapping each other here and there?

I was made to understand that Karpal didn’t have much to say in court yesterday. It looks like Anwar is suddenly not so significant to anybody anymore and most likely he is going back to jail. Imagine, after years of getting away with all sorts of ridiculous reasons, finally, the judge can say ‘no’ to his attempt to postpone the trial again.

What a co-incidence that all these happen when DAP already has Khalid Ibrahim on one side, and Khairy Jamaluddin on the inside to count on, in their fights for Chinese political power. And of course, there is also Zahid Hamidi.

Well, we all know that the ISA was abolished as per DAP’s demand. Thanks to them, now everybody can provoke everybody in the name of ‘freedom of speech’. Just recently, the police already giving the Chinese special privilege. And it looks like Khairy is on the way to make sure that BTN no longer focus on ‘patriotism’.

Looks like the country is going exactly where DAP wants it to go. So why need Anwar Ibrahim anymore?

Now you know why Anwar is no longer ‘untouchable’?

You may and may not believe my theory but I’m warning you Malays, to better be paranoid than sorry.

Whatever it is, my theory could make a good political thriller novel, don’t you think? Without the ‘flying semen’, of course…. yucks!


  1. ftlying semen or not The Majlis Peguam said, “Majlis Peguam amat terganggu dengan hukuman penjara lima tahun ke atas Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim oleh Mahkamah Rayuan, atas apa yang jelas merupakan hubungan seks suka sama suka antara dua orang dewasa.”

    - Alamak! die la Anwar.