Sunday, November 24, 2013

A More Islamic UMNO, A Less Islamic PAS

Malaysia is now officially divided into two – on one side the majority Malays and the other, the minority Chinese with the Indians as spectators and cheerleaders who are ever ready to jump into the winning side. The only problem is, there can never a winner in a country divided.

With PAS Muktamar resulted in the winning of pro-liberal or pro-Anwar/DAP candidate, Mat Sabu, who retained his position as Second in Command, I foresee Malaysia as becoming more divided than ever. The fact that the Chinese, Indians or more significantly, the Christians, seem to be celebrating his winning, confirms that Mat Sabu carries their hopes towards a less Islamic PAS.

The Sultan of Johor has just announced that the state will recognize Friday and Saturday as weekends and received an overwhelming compliment from the majority Muslims. Johor is an UMNO hard-core state and the announcement, though not a decision by the UMNO government is somehow taken as a sign of a more Islamic UMNO.

Politics shouldn’t be about race and religion. Politics comes with civilization where it spells the guidelines on life, economy, health, technology, education and peace. Sadly, Malaysian politics has dropped so low, almost at a third world country’s rock bottom low. Except from the lifeless objects in the parliament building that remind us that we are civilized people, there is nothing civilized about the MPs playing paper planes.

Malaysia has been governed by UMNO/BN all its life. Looking at where Malaysia is today, nobody has the right to deny that the party has done a really good job in taking care of the country and its people. This, puts UMNO/BN on the good side and the Oppositions on the bad side.

However, when life becomes so good, people tend to get bored with all the goodness. They started taking the good life for granted and even deny that their life is ever good. They believe that they could have a much better life. That’s how MCA and Gerakan get tempted with the Oppositions. Now that PAS is no longer as extreme as before, the Oppositions look even more seductive to these two Chinese parties.

The only reason MCA and Gerakan find the Oppositions seductive and tempting is because it is a Chinese dominated coalition. With the winning of Mat Sabu, it is almost a guarantee that PAS will soon do whatever the Chinese wants them to do.

All the talks about transparency and good governance are mere political mumblings that means nothing to the Chinese for they are the very race that ‘invented’ bribery.

I’ve lived through life under the rule of UMNO/BN, and the party has proven to be as un-racist as any political party in a multiracial democratic country could be. UMNO never stops me from doing anything just because I’m not a Malay. UMNO/BN could be anything from corrupt to dumb but racist is just not one of them.

Apart from that, UMNO has never been a religious extremist either and I don’t think it will ever be, unless the Chinese push it too far that the Malays began to retaliate, which I sense is happening now and I don’t like it one bit.

All the while, it was PAS who played the religious card but today, it is UMNO picking up the fight for Islam where PAS left off.

The Chinese has chosen to push UMNO away so hard that UMNO has no choice but to firm up its stand among the Muslims. Therefore, we now have a more Islamic UMNO and a less Islamic PAS as well as the forever racist Chinese.

Sitting on the bench are the Indians, not yet sure whose side to cheer for.

Whatever will happen next, one thing for sure is that should the Oppositions win the next election, it only wins in the name of Chinese racism in the fight against Malay racism.

Dude! Communists and Nazis are all about racism too, whether they admit it or not. And when the racists rule, there will be blood.


  1. You last sentence is spot-on.
    Thank You.

  2. Guy,
    Just stumbled on your blog today. Like what you wrote. Hardtalk indeed. fair and balanced..unlike FoxNews. Anyway i'm adding you to my fav. bookmark.
    Malaysian in Pittsburgh