Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Now, It's Human Rights Against Religion?

Like most Malaysians, my friends are a mix of all races and beliefs. I respect them all although I found some beliefs are silly. To tell you frankly I even have all sorts of unanswered questions on Christianity but I do notice that Christianity, Islam and Judaism share the same history and values in one way or another. Therefore, there must be some truths in either of them.

My Malay friends are no doubt Muslims, but my Chinese and Indian friends are a different story. The Chinese could be Buddhist or Christians and the Indians could be Hindus or Christians. There was one time when we can tell their religion just by their name whereby the Christian Chinese or Indians would use ‘Mat Salleh’s’ name. However, today, many of them like to use Mat Salleh’s name anyway, regardless of their religion. I think they don’t like to be Chinese or Indian and they must have regretted to not be born as Mat Sallehs.

Therefore, despite all that is said about Malays being the most confused and left behind, I respect the Malays more in terms of standing for who they are and not trying to be somebody else – not all of them, though.

The confused Malays are divided into two categories: One, who try their very best to imitate the Arabs and two, who try their very best to fit into the world of the Chinese or Indians aka the ‘Mat Salleh-wannabes’. Together they unite in their quest to turn Malaysia into a Mat Salleh-like country. They believe that everything Mat Salleh is good, even the name, and everything not, is bad, even the religion.

I’m not trying to defend Islam but I think this group has gone too far that they refused to accept where they come from and who they are. Today, they marched up to the UN telling the UN that Malaysia is a bad country with oppressing laws and biased constitutions. They do this by registering as many NGO as they can with the same persons overlapping each of the NGOs in the positions they hold. Then, they combined them all and called themselves Coliation of Malaysians NGOs (COMANGO) and serve their agenda to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the UN to change or abolish certain laws in order to be more Mat Salleh.

It is interesting to note that the laws that troubled them so much are the ones stating that sodomy is illegal and the use of Allah’s name in Christians printings and preaches. For them, this is oppression and injustice.

It may not be wrong to say that COMANGO wants Malaysia to be as free as Israel. I quote ‘Israel’ because apart from Israel, other Mat Salleh’s countries are not in unanimous agreement with the idea of total freedom. Still, not all Jews supports the idea as you can see from this picture:

For me, COMANGO is nothing more but misguided Christians (because most of the group leaders are Christians) who are misguiding others into believing that Christians support total freedom as promoted by Israel. Christians don’t support total freedom. Christians disapprove homosexuals and lesbians as much as the Muslims.

What is mind-boggling is why the hell do these people want to use the word ‘Allah’ to replace the word ‘Lord’ or ‘Father’? What significance does it make in their prayers? Why go all the way to the UN making all these deafening noise for something that will not affect the Christians community in any way, right now, right here or in the hereafter?

It seems like the group has make it their goal to change the country. I say, the people who represent COMANGO are no doubt rich, by looking at their favourite lepak place - Bangsar. Most of them stay in elite areas around KL. They go overseas for shopping and vacations. Therefore, I wonder why they don’t just stay overseas, or migrate to Israel in order to live the life that they see best.

Every country has its own identity and culture. Every race has its own tradition and beliefs. Every religion in this world tells us to do good. Every person has the right to choose.

On the other hand, every government in a democratic country has the right to rule as per the majority’s wish. And majority of Malaysians accepts Malaysia as it is – a Muslim country with its own laws. Should COMANGO uphold democracy and human rights as they say they do then they must respect the majority’s rights.

There is no perfect place in this world but each place is unique and different and that’s what makes the world so beautiful. COMANGO shouldn’t try to make it ugly.

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