Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank you Sir, Malaysians are Doing Well down here - in the well

Is Malaysia doing okay? Are we having problems? You see the global financial ratings and you listen to the budget report, you are sure that we are doing fine but then, you read the blogs and your blood pressure suddenly goes up.

If we summarized Malaysia’s problem in one sentence, it would have read:

“The Chinese don’t want to support government and hate the Malays because the government takes their money to do corrupted projects while pretending to help the Malays.”

Every Malaysian knows that this very sentence is the heart of all the problems in this country. It has since been so:

1. the Chinese arrogance,
2. the way the government spend the money, and
3. the Malays reckless struggle to keep pace with other races.

These are the real problems of the country - not Anwar Ibrahim. Not anymore. Anwar was once our biggest problem and that was in 1998/99. He ceased to be our biggest problem soon after the ‘99 election. His threat was short-lived and Malaysia was in the best shape in no time, regardless we were in the process of recovering from the asian economic recession at the time.

If only the leaders and the people of Malaysia can agree on this one thing that is ‘what are our actual problems, and what is no longer our problem’, then, we would be in a much steadier mode to achieve whatever we dream of achieving.

However, I see this as something as far as the sun, which is unreachable. Not with the way things are going. Not with the kind of leaders in the government or the in the opposition parties. How can these so-called ‘leaders’ solve the problems when they don’t even want to acknowledge the problems?

What is worse is that how do we expect them to acknowledge the problems when they are part of the problems, ie. leaders of DAP is the problem no. 1, and leaders in the government is the problem no. 2.

The DAP has been all out in making Malaysia looks like in deep ‘s**t’ – as if each and every particles in the Malaysian air is a problem. For DAP, Islam, the Sultans, the constitution are problems but DAP’s biggest problem is ‘the Malays’, simply because this race exists and happened to be the original settlers of the land.

The government, on the other hand, has been quite sure that there is no problem at all and that Malaysia is on the right track to Wonderland with everybody giggling and skipping happily.

Knowing my Chinese friends, I don’t think the Chinese (read: DAP) will ever changed. Arrogance and selfishness and racism, is in their blood, at least for the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. The Chinese don’t know any other way to live. You combine all these ‘traits’, and you get an irrational person where nothing you say can help them make sense of anything. All there is for a Chinese is money and profit. Humanity and compassion are just words in a dictionary from some land of make believe.

Therefore, hoping and telling the Chinese to change is like telling the dog to mew.

However, the Chinese arrogance has always been there just as long as the Malays’ existence. Only that their arrogance has never become so much of a problem until 1969. It was not a problem anymore later on, not even in 1998 when Anwar posted the biggest problem. The Chinese arrogance only started becoming a growing problem again in 2004.

How come? Simple:

In 1970 or 1988 or 1998 and up to 2003, the people have full trust and confidence and most importantly, respect towards the government. Now, even Malaysians who support the government are forced to question our trust, confidence and respect for the government. All because of money and the way it is spend. We see 1MDB, the consultants, the Khazanah office in Manhattan, the PEMANDUs and more consultants….and the list goes on and the spending is ongoing.

Yet, we don’t see new projects or vision to generate income except for digging it out from our pocket through taxes and cutting off subsidies.

Naturally, people start to get angry and lost respect towards the leaders. Thus, the enemies took advantage of the situation to provoke and challenge the government just to stir things up. This is where the ‘Allah’ issue and the COMANGO comes in.

The poor handling of the situation makes things worse.

Bottomline, it is money that is the root of all the problems. In this case, ‘where you spend it and how you are going to get it’. A right answer would earn the government the much needed trust and respect that eventually would push the problem of Chinese arrogance into the background where it has always been.

Unfortunately, trying to make the leaders admit that the way they handle things are the problems, is just as impossible as asking DAP not to be racist.

Today, we celebrate all the positive reports about Malaysia, but we go home to a negative bank account after deducting all the taxes. Malaysia seems to be doing well, but what are we doing in the well?


  1. I agree with you wrote.
    The people have lost respect towards the government since Dr.M resigned and I cried listening to him on the radio of his decision to quit in 2002.

    Keep on writing Sir.