Sunday, December 15, 2013

College Gay President Comes First Before Justice?

Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case appeal which was scheduled on the 11 and 12 of December had passed without his presence. Apparently, this guy doesn’t care much about justice or the law. Justice for him is when everything goes his way and injustice is when he didn’t get what he wants. Sounds like the Chinese eh?

And so, the victim, Saiful Bukhari, was left to wait some more for God knows how long. Obviously, justice for him has already been long denied while the ugly truth could be laid down in front of our eyes by Anwar Ibrahim himself, in his visit to Washington D.C, on the same date.

Yes, while Saiful Bukhari was waiting for justice to be served through the appeal, Anwar was away in Georgetown University Washington D.C.

Officially, Anwar was there to attend a Seminar organized by the ‘controversial’ International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).

IIIT is an organization said to be named after ‘Islam’ but has been known to be in close link to the CIA. The organization was set up by the Neo-cons to study Islamic thinking to be used against the Muslims and the Islamic countries in order to ‘curb’ Islamization, and eventually conquer the world. In other words, the word ‘Islam’ is merely used as cover-up to ‘help’ turn the Muslims against each other.

Anwar has always been known to have been very close to the ex-President of IIIT, the late Ismail al-Faruqi. The
In the Seminar, Anwar presented a paper entitled, ‘The Reform of Muslim Education and the Quest for Intellectual Renewal’. The presentation was based mainly on the thinking and studies of Ismail al-Faruqi, thus, evident of Anwar’s highest respect towards the man, whom was referred to by many, as his mentor.

Ismail al-Faruqi was murdered in 1987. A seven-month investigation concluded that a newly Muslim convert black student, Joseph Louis Young stabbed al-Faruqi to death with a 15-inch knife in their Cheltenham Township home because he suspected the man of having homosexual relationships with Malaysian students.

Macalester Islam Journal (MIJ), a journal by the Department of Religious Studies Macalester College, Minnesota, U.S.A confirmed the findings. Nicole Kligerman who studied the case, wrote in ‘Homosexuality in Islam: a Difficult Paradox’ summed up that AlFaruqi had been forcing the Muslims students to have homosexual relationships with him in return for scholarships.

The same was documented by Khalid Duran in “Homosexuality and World Religions”.

Al-Faruqi was replaced by Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Syeed but was soon ‘kicked’ out because he was not from the same ‘clique’ with al-Faruqi and the key players and founders of IIIT, namely Abdul Hamid Sulaiman (UIA Rector at the time), Dr Ahmad Totonji, Dr. Jamal al-Din Barzinji, Dr. Hisham Yahya al-Talib and Anwar Ibrahim.

While the question of homosexuality in IIIT remains till today, Georgetown University left no question unanswered. The University has been openly acknowledged gays or LGBT and only recently had elected its first Gay President, Nate Tisa.

Nate Tisa became the first gay president of Georgetown University Student Association (GSA) on March 17, 2013.

Justice may be denied here in Malaysia, but truth most probably has been told when Anwar chose to be in Georgetown University to support IIIT program and met up with Nate Tisa. Oh yes, Anwar did met Tisa. In fact, it could be the ‘excitement’ of meeting Tisa that made Anwar chose D.C over the court.

For Anwar, IIIT, Georgetown University and Nate Tisa come first, before defending his ‘innocence’ against Saiful Bukhari.

And this, should have answered all our questions over IIIT and Anwar Ibrahim’s homosexuality issues.

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